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1. "In any case, I was less unhappy than the teammate who wondered whether the purported tribute of being a "well-rounded detective" was a jibe around his weight."
Author: Edward Conlon
2. "His sensitive nature was still smarting under the lashes of an undivided and squalid way of life. His soul was still disquieted and cast down by the dull phenomenon of Dublin. He had emerged from a two years' spell of revery to find himself in the midst of a new scene, every event and figure of which affected him intimately, disheartened him or allured and, whether alluring or disheartening, filled him always with unrest and bitter thoughts. All the leisure which his school life left him was passed in the company of subversive writers whose jibes and violence of speech set up a ferment in his brain before they passed out of it into his crude writings."
Author: James Joyce
3. "Dad always said that he had enough trouble sorting the fiction out of so-called facts, without reading fiction. He always said that science was already too muddled without trying to make it jibe with religion. He said those things, but he also said that science itself could be a religion, that a broad mind was always in danger of becoming narrow."
Author: Jim Thompson
4. "John ignored her insult, recognizing it for what it was: a mindless jibe from one wounded animal to another."
Author: Julia Quinn
5. "Are you guys, like, in love?" Brian asked in a girl voice.Alexis and Jason locked stares because even though everyone had started laughing at Brian's jibe, the word was there, hanging between the two of them, waiting to be grabbed for their personal use."
Author: Lindsay Chamberlin

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