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1. "I say sister because we were never too alike, too competitive with one another, ever to bond as friends: like the projecting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, our characters, by reason of their similar cuts, could never really lock."
Author: A.P.
2. "The two of them carefully stepped around the crime scene, picking up Nick's arms, legs and organs, and brought them back to his head. They placed his extremities into position, and then pieced in the gorier bits, assembling a gruesome jigsaw puzzle. In a few moments, most of Nick's body was in place.The healing process took about twenty minutes. Elphaba and John stood spellbound as they watched a bloody collection of body parts reintegrate into a human form. As Nick's sinews, nerves, and muscle knit back into place, the gaping wound in Esperto's body also closed, completing a few minutes before Nick's healing. The panther form quickly shrank back to housecat just as Nick sat up. Esperto jumped in his lap and licked the remnants of blood off his face."Thank you Esperto," Nick said. He looked at Elphaba and John. "Well, that could have gone better."
Author: Abramelin Keldor
3. "Da se napiše loša knjiga, treba isto toliko truda kao i da se napiše dobra."
Author: Aldous Huxley
4. "Kad sam bio dijete, nadao sam se da cu kad odrastem postati knjiga. Ne književnik, nego knjiga. Ljude se može pobiti kao mrave, pa ni književnike nije teško ubiti. Ali za knjigu, cak i ako je sustavno unište, postoji šansa da se neki primjerak spasio i da ce nastaviti živjeti na polici, živjeti nijemim životom na nekoj od zaboravljenih polica u nekoj zabacenoj knjižnici, u Rejkjaviku, Valladolidu ili Vancouveru."
Author: Amos Oz
5. "They went to the tree. Daemon dismounted and leaned against the tree, staring in the direction of the house. The stallion jiggled the bit, reminding him he wasn't alone. "I wanted to say good-bye," Daemon said quietly. For the first time, he truly saw the intelligence—and loneliness—in the horse's eyes. After that, he couldn't keep his voice from breaking as he tried to explain why Jaenelle was never going to come to the tree again, why there would be no more rides, no more caresses, no more talks. For a moment, something rippled in his mind. He had the odd sensation he was the one being talked to, explained to, and his words, echoing back, lacerated his heart. To be alone again. To never again see those arms held out in welcome. To never hear that voice say his name. To… Daemon gasped as Dark Dancer jerked the reins free and raced down the path toward the field. Tears of grief pricked Daemon's eyes. The horse might have a simpler mind, but the heart was just as big."
Author: Anne Bishop
6. "You know why I like to talk to you, Delia? You never interrupt with your experiences. Not jiggling your foot till you get a chance to jump in with your life history."
Author: Anne Tyler
7. "But in the meantime, as a temporary measure, I hold what I call the doctrine of the jig-saw puzzle. That is: this remarkable occurrence, and that, and the other may be, and usually are, of no significance. Coincidence and chance and unsearchable causes will now and again make clouds that are undeniable fiery dragons, and potatoes that resemble eminent statesmen exactly and minutely in every feature, and rocks that are like eagles and lions. All this is nothing; it is when you get your set of odd shapes and find that they fit into one another, and at last that they are but parts of a large design; it is then that research grows interesting and indeed amazing, it is then that one queer form confirms the other, that the whole plan displayed justifies, corroborates, explains each separate piece."
Author: Arthur Machen
8. "No man is fit to educate unless he feels each pupil an end in himself, with his own rights and his own personality, not merely a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, or a soldier in a regiment, or a citizen in a State. Reverence for human personality is the beginning of wisdom, in every social question but above all in education."
Author: Bertrand Russell
9. "Heaven. The biggest waste of our time we ever invented, outside jigsaws."
Author: Caitlin Moran
10. "Ovo je mjesto tajna. Svetište. Svaka knjiga, svaki svezak koji vidiš, ima dušu. Dušu onoga tko ju je napisao i dušu onih koji su je procitali i proživjeli i sanjali je. Svaki put kad neka knjiga prijede iz ruku u ruke, svaki put kad netko prijede pogledom preko njezinih stranica, njezin duh naraste i ojaca. Na ovome mjestu knjige kojih se više nitko ne sjeca, knjige koje su izgubljene u vremenu, žive zauvijek, u išcekivanju dolaska ruku novog citatelja, novoga duha..."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
11. "Svaka knjiga, svaki svezak koji vidiš, ima dušu. Dušu onoga koji ju je napisao i onih koji su je citali, proživjeli i uz nju sanjarili. Svaki put kada knjiga prijede iz ruke u ruku, svaki put kad netko pogledom preleti njezine stranice, njezin duh raste i snaži se."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
12. "Malo stvari citatelja može obilježiti onako kako to cini prva knjiga koja pronade put do njegova srca. Te prve slike, odjek rijeci za koje mislimo da su ostale za nama, prate nas cijeloga života i u našem sjecanju klešu palacu kojoj cemo se, ranije ili kasnije - koliko god knjiga procitali, koliko god svjetova otkrili, koliko god naucili ili zaboravili - jednom vratiti."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
13. "?Bejah zauzet citanjem i pisanjem, kad grunu u moju sobu velik broj tih ljudi naoružanih neznanjem tupim kao batina i mržnjom oštrom poput noža. To ne bejahu moje svile od kojih im se zakrvaviše oci, no moje knjige poredane po policama; svilu smotaše pod ogrtace, a knjige pobacaše na pod i stadoše ih gaziti nogama i cepati ih na moje oci. A knjige te bejahu u kožu povezane i obeležene brojevima i bejahu napisane od ucenih ljudi, i u njima bejaše, da su ih hteli citati, hiljade razloga da me smesta ubiju i bejaše u njima, da su ih hteli citati, leka i melema za njihovu mržnju. I rekoh im da ih ne cepaju, jer mnoge knjige nisu opasne, opasna je samo jedna; i rekoh im da ih ne cepaju, jer citanje mnogih knjiga dovodi do mudrosti, a citanje jedne jedine do neznanja naoružanog mahnitošcu i mržnjom."
Author: Danilo Kiš
14. "Što je bilo, bilo je. Prošlost živi u nama i ne možemo je izbrisati. Pošto su snovi slika onoga sveta, i dokaz njegovog postojanja, susrecemo se u snovima; kleci kraj furune u koju trpa vlažna drva; ili me doziva promuklim glasom. Tada se budim i palim svetlo. Kajanje i bol se polako pretvaraju u sumornu radost secanja. Naš dugi, strasni i strašni roman ispunio je moj život, osmislio ga je, i ja ne tražim nikakve nadoknade. Mene nece biti u indeksu knjiga Mendela Osipovica, u njegovim biografijama ili u fusnoti uz neku pesmu. Ja, gospodine, jesam delo Mendela Osipovica, kao što je i on moje delo. Ima li lepšeg providenja?"
Author: Danilo Kiš
15. "Well into adulthood, writing has never gotten easier. It still only ever begins badly, and there are no guarantees that this is not the day when the jig is finally up."
Author: David Rakoff
16. "There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle."
Author: Deepak Chopra
17. "My mother's been living alone for over ten years. She gets up at six every morning. She makes herself a coffee. She waters her plants. She listens to the news on the radio. She drinks her coffee. She has a quick wash. An hour later, at seven, her day is over. Two months ago a neighbour told her about your blog, and she asked me to buy her one of those thingummyjigs – by a thingummyjig she meant a computer. And since then, thanks to your trimmings, your ribbon bows, your tie-backs for curtains, she's rediscovered the joys of life. So don't tell me you don't know any answers."
Author: Grégoire Delacourt
18. "Everyone rushes wherever his instincts impel him, the populace swarms like insects over a corpse, poets pass by without having the time to sculpt their thoughts, hardly have they scribbled their ideas down on sheets of paper than the sheets are blown away; everything glitters and everything resounds in this masquerade, beneath its ephemeral royalties and its cardboard scepters, gold flows, wine cascades, cold debauchery lifts her skirts and jigs around…horror! horror! and then there hangs over it all a veil that each one grabs part of to hide himself the best he can. Derision! Horror – horror!"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
19. "A pettos speckled with gold ajiggle with a fremitus from the heart touches me like Athena's hoolet mewing in uncertain dark. So much is nature, whereon we build our particulars fastidious and critical. Your every arrow O Eros has hit me, as the song goes. O girls, girls. This arrow is Timo's curls, this is Heliodora's shoes, this the smell of quinces that blows from Demo's door, flowers plaited into Dorothea's hair and ox-eyed Antikleia's smile that is music from the islands, summer's stars."
Author: Guy Davenport
20. "He found on the spot the image of his recent history; he was like one of the figures of the old clock at Berne. THEY came out, on one side, at their hour, jigged along their little course in the public eye, and went in on the other side. He too had jigged his little course--him too a modest retreat awaited."
Author: Henry James
21. "Jiggery pokery!" said Harry in a fierce voice. "Hocus pocus — squiggly wiggly —""MUUUUUUM!" howled Dudley, "He's doing you know what!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
22. "He seems to me to be headed for his ideal fate, which is compulsive psychosis dashed with a jigger of psychopathic irresponsibility and violence"
Author: Jack Kerouac
23. "Having done film, TV and theatre, the nicest final bit of the jigsaw is to do live comedy, because you can talk to the audience. It feels really natural to be able to laugh with them, but at the same time still be within the framework of a play."
Author: Jessie Cave
24. "Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product. attr to Buthan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck"
Author: John Robbins
25. "I see Dr. Johnston at the end of the hall, walking toward us. He stops talking to the other doctors and gestures for me to wait. He holds up his hand: Stop. His face is eager yet unsmiling. I look in the other direction then back at him. His steps quicken, and I squint, for some reason pretending I don't recognize him. And I think: What if I'm wrong? What if Joanie doesn't make it out of this?"Scottie," I say. "This way."I walk in the other direction, away from Dr. Johnston, and she turns and follows me."Walk quickly," I tell her."Why?""It's a game. Let's race. Walk fast. Run."She takes off, her backpack jiggling on her back, and I follow her, walking quickly then breaking into a slow jog, and because Dr. Johnston is my friend's dad and was a friend of my father's, I feel like I'm fourteen again, running from the patriarchs."
Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
26. "For me, it started as a child with one of those little wooden jigsaw maps of the U.S., where's there's crocodiles on Florida and apples on Washington state. That was my very first map."
Author: Ken Jennings
27. "Llamar a Vikki una cualquiera o una perra era como llamar a alguien la Duff. Era insultante y doloroso, y era uno de esos títulos que solo alimentaban un miedo interno que toda chica debió tener de tiempo en tiempo. Sucia, perra, mojigata, idiota. Eran todos lo mismo. Toda chica se siente como si una de estas etiquetas sexistas la haya descrito hasta cierto punto."
Author: Kody Keplinger
28. "Cijeli svoj život Klaus je vjerovao da ako citaš dovoljno knjiga, možeš riješiti bilo koji problem, no sad više nije bio siguran."
Author: Lemony Snicket
29. "We weren't friends[...]We were more like jigsaw pieces, each of us part of the same big picture. There are people like this wherever you go. They are part of the same mystery as you are, but you can't quite tell how you fit together. The world is a puzzle, and we can't solve it alone."
Author: Lemony Snicket
30. "You've got to jiggle the knob hard then bump with your hip."A low cackle of laughter sounded from the other side of the door. "That's what he said. What? Hold on a sec. I got this."
Author: Louisa Edwards
31. "He stood for everything a girl like me didn't deserve, and worse, he pierced himself and urged me in until he bore the track lines of an addict. Though never perfect- far from it, the boy was flawed- that lent him a teasing vulnerability. I had a spare piece of the jigsaw and he had an empty space."
Author: Lucy V. Morgan
32. "Isabel was squeezing the girl to her, sobbing at the touch of her, the legs fitting snugly around her waist and the head slotting automatically into the space beneath her chin, like the final piece of a jigsaw. She was oblivious to anything and anyone else....The woman and child were knitted together like a single being, in a world no one could enter."
Author: M.L. Stedman
33. "She goes off to see a shrink, to see if she can improve herself, make herself over into a new woman, one who no longer gives a shit. She would like that. The shrink is a nice person; Roz likes her. Together the two of them labor over Roz's life as if it's a jigsaw puzzle, a mystery story with a solution at the end. They arrange and rearrange the pieces, trying to get them to come out better. They are hopeful: if Roz can figure out what story she's in, then they will be able to spot the erroneous turns she took, they can retrace her steps, they can change the ending. They work out a tentative plot."
Author: Margaret Atwood
34. "They're the ones I can't stand to look at, although on occasion I still fail. I deliberately seek out the colors to keep my mind off them, but now and then, I witness the ones who are left behind, crumbling among the jigsaw puzzle of realization, despair, and surprise. They have punctured hearts. They have beaten lungs."
Author: Markus Zusak
35. "Also, I think I felt something come loose back there. I'm not trying to overreact or anything but I think it was my uterus. Honest. I think my uterus jiggled free. My uterus is just going to come out between my legs and I'm going to look like I'm walking around with an enormous load in my pants."
Author: Meg Cabot
36. "Mi možemo govoriti o ljubavi i o njoj napisati tisucu knjiga, ali ljubav ce bitisasvim drukcija za svakoga od nas, jer je moramo iskusiti. U ljubavi nije rijec onacelima, nego o djelima. Ljubav na djelu može stvarati samo srecu. Strah nadjelu može stvarati samo patnju."
Author: Miguel Ruiz
37. "Ne znam s kim se vi družite, ali ja vec više meseci, kako sednem za neki sto, cujem kukanje. Žale se ljudi na dinar, na cene, na penzije, na situaciju ovde ili tamo, na mlade, na stare... I kukaju... Sve mi je dosadnije, zato, da se vidam i da se srecem. Pa mi je lepše da se zatvorim u svoju sobu...da prelistam neku poštenu knjigu i da još malo verujem, davo ga odneo, da na svetu ima i lepih stvari... A ima ih. Verujte"
Author: Miroslav Antić
38. "Now that it was safe to drag their relationship out into the light and examine it mercilessly it was fantastic on what a thin basis they had proposed to build their life. Apart from physical attraction, there was nothing between them but fun and parties, and that was not entirely a taste in common.Life was like a jigsaw, but if you tried to fit the pieces together yourself, you generally got them wrong."
Author: Monica Dickens
39. "This is how we piece together our past. We do it like a jigsaw puzzle, where there are missing pieces. But so long as we have enough of the pieces, we can know what belongs in the gaps."
Author: Nathan Filer
40. "Pocinjao sam i sebe da doživljavam kao satkanog od one svetlosti koja je navirala iz knjige. I to me je smirivalo."
Author: Orhan Pamuk
41. "Jigga, Kells, Not Guilty"
Author: R. Kelly
42. "And I love being with you. Your giggle, your silly grin, how you apply you personality in paste. The ambitions that I share. The way of thinking that I understand. The unconventional person, you are. You are the odd-shaped jigsaw puzzle that I'm looking to fit. And you completed me"
Author: Raditya Dika
43. "Jigsaw Lady is the working title of a science fiction novel I've had in my head for darn near 15 years. I think I'll start work on it next year (in all my spare time) but I'd like to get it finished some day."
Author: Raymond E. Feist
44. "Get this jiggaboo away from me!"
Author: Shawn Wayans
45. "Dupa ce-l invatase sa judece si sa nu se lase amagit de vorbe goale, uitase sa-i spuna ca, pentru un om de rand, obiceiul acesta e o crima; caci orice judecata sanatoasa jigneste."
Author: Stendhal
46. "The stuff of life turned out to be not a quivering, glowing, wondrous gel but a contraption of tiny jigs, springs, hinges, rods, sheets, magnets, zippers, and trapdoors, assembled by a data tape whose information is copied, downloaded and scanned."
Author: Steven Pinker
47. "Oh shit, the jig is up! HIDE THE COOKIES!"
Author: Tara Sivec
48. "That's what Jesus meant," whispers the ghost of Slothrop's first American ancestor William, "venturing out on the Sea of Galilee. He saw it from the lemming point of view. Without the millions who had plunged and drowned, there could have been no miracle. The successful loner was only the other part of it: the last piece to the jigsaw puzzle, whose shape had already been created by the Preterite, like the last blank space on the table.""Wait a minute. You people didn't have jigsaw puzzles.""Aw, shit."
Author: Thomas Pynchon
49. "I'm an actor. The fact that I'm involved in Jigsaw, I don't approach Jigsaw any differently than I approached The Nordic in 'The Firm' or FBI Agent Stokes in 'Mississippi Burning.' It's the same deal. It's just that the effect is sometimes different. So I say, people ask me, 'How does it feel to be a horror icon?' I'm thrilled. It's great."
Author: Tobin Bell
50. "I have heard of your paintings too, well enough; Godhas given you one face, and you make yourselvesanother: you jig, you amble, and you lisp, andnick-name God's creatures, and make your wantonnessyour ignorance. Go to, I'll no more on't; it hathmade me mad."
Author: William Shakespeare

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