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1. "Just as Jimmy Stewart and Tyrone Power get 50 percent of the profits, so do I."
Author: Alan Ladd
2. "In 1940 I came across a record by Jimmy Yancey. I can't say how important that record is. From then on, all I wanted to do was play the blues."
Author: Alexis Korner
3. "Fortunately, as we all know, it's impossible for anybody but Jimmy Smith to really sound like Jimmy Smith."
Author: Benmont Tench
4. "My trainer Jimmy Tibbs and my promoter Frank Warren told me that I had to be patient and get the jab going."
Author: Billy Joe Saunders
5. "¿Qué es lo peor que te ha pasado, Jimmy?", lee fuera de cuadro alguien que hace el papel de una chica llamada Claire. "El amor incondicional", responde el chico, y el personaje de Jimmy se vuelve con fingida vergüenza, pero el chico lee mal la frase, poniendo el énfasis donde no toca, sonriendo cuando debería haberse puesto totalmente serio, convirtiéndolo en el remate de un chiste cuando nunca lo ha sido."
Author: Bret Easton Ellis
6. "NBC's priorities are Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno, and then there's me."
Author: Carson Daly
7. "I never listen to Led Zeppelin. But, I mean, I don't think Robert Plant or Jimmy Page listen to Led Zeppelin, either. We all probably obsessed over the same old blues records growing up."
Author: Dan Auerbach
8. "A method of schooling founded by the Italian educator Maria Montessori that emphasizes collaborative, explorative learning, and whose alumni include Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page; Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales; video-game designer Will Wright; Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos; chef Julia Child; and rap impresario Sean Combs."
Author: Daniel Coyle
9. "I love Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik."
Author: Danielle De Niese
10. "Is this Jimmy Redstone?" the male voice at the other end of the line inquired. I couldn't identify the voice. I didn't recognize the number and the used car salesman tone didn't do anything to reduce my annoyance at being interrupted during breakfast. "Who the hell you think would be answering his phone?" I snarled."
Author: David Harry
11. "Beckett grabbed Billy by the jaw. "If you ever touch Jimmy again, I'll kill you. It's that simple."
Author: Debra Anastasia
12. "Give parents the tiniest of confidences and they'll use them as crowbars to jimmy you open and rearrange your life with no perspective. Sometimes I'd just like to mace them. I want to tell them that I envy their upbringings that were so clean, so free of futurelessness. And I want to throttle them for blindly handing over the world to us like so much skid-marked underwear."
Author: Douglas Coupland
13. "We had a party with the rest of the skaters in our trailer and then the next day we were off to see Jimmy Carter. And then we had the World Championships the next weekend, so not a lot of chance to catch up."
Author: Eric Heiden
14. "Europeans have always thought of U.S. presidents as either naive, as they did with Jimmy Carter, or as cowboys, as they did with Lyndon Johnson, and held them in contempt in either case."
Author: George Friedman
15. "It seems whenever we get too high hat and too sophisticated for flag-waving some thug nation comes along and decides we're a pushover all ready to be blackjacked. And it isn't long before we're looking up mighty anxiously to be sure the flag is still waving over us. Jimmy Cagney as George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy"
Author: George M. Cohan
16. "The old movie stars like Bogart, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, they weren't this gorgeous, striking six-foot man who's rippled with muscles."
Author: Jack Huston
17. "Ah bet she's a dirty wee minx in the scratcher. Y'see that "butter wouldnae melt" expression she's goat goin on? That's jist a smokescreen – ah guarantee she goes like a train.' Jimmy belched, considerately turning his head away to exhale."
Author: Jamie Holoran
18. "If I'm going to do blues, it's going to be a typical Jimmy Rushing record."
Author: Jimmy Rushing
19. "My mom would have liked it that I patterned myself more after Jimmy Reed."
Author: Jimmy Smith
20. "You're hurt because everything is changed. Jimmy is hurt because everything is the same. And neither of you can face it. Something's gone wrong somewhere, hasn't it?"
Author: John Osborne
21. "I always felt Jimmy was trapped in Hollywood. He felt it himself. He loved aviation so much and he wanted to be able to do more of that. He somehow just got stuck here."
Author: Kim Novak
22. "There's a whole psychological reason for those cartoons about good against evil. We have "Superman" and all those other hero people, so that we can go out into life and try to be something. I've got most of Disney's animated movies on video-tapes, and when we watch them. Oh, I could just eat it, eat it. […] Jimmy Cricket, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse – these are world-known characters. Some of the greatest political figures have come to the United States to meet them."
Author: Michael Jackson
23. "Prince decided to move from Minneapolis to Toronto. Jimmy Jam told me that they were living there now."
Author: Rick Dees
24. "If you look at movies with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart and all the rest of it, none of them looks like a boy. They always looked like mature men. The audience didn't want to go and see kids."
Author: Tom Conti

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