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1. "Brothers didn't make life easier, not even the jinxed sort of life we'd found ourselves in, I decided. They were tailored by evolution to be annoying."
Author: Caitlin Kittredge
2. "You're not standing on your head! Have a cookie. - Grimspite in Jinx on the Divide"
Author: Elizabeth Kay
3. "Her eyebrows lifted up. "You came here to seduce me armed with just one condom? What were you thinking?"He breathed out hard. "Oh come on, Tate, don't be nasty. I wasn't sure whether you'd talk to me. I didn't want to jinx it by being cocky and coming here with a string of latex. You know you would have had mt arrogant, self-centered ass for it," he muttered."
Author: Elle Aycart
4. "Autumn. It's crispness, it's anticipation, it's melancholia, it's cool breezes replacing summer's heat. It's long days in the field, a harvest festival when work's done, a cheering crowd in a football stadium, chrysanthemums punctuating a somber landscape. It's Halloween highjinx, pumpkins grinning toothy smiles, the crack of pecan pressed against pecan. It's the first curls of woodsmoke, fresh blisters from pushing a rake. It's crisp and fresh and mellow and snug, solemn and melancholy. And it's very, very welcome."
Author: Good Housekeeping Magazine
5. "It's so easy to focus on the anguish and the misery; it's harder, somehow, to acknowledge the positive, maybe for fear of jinxing it, bringing the nightmare back down on our heads."
Author: Harriet Brown
6. "Obey?" Eyes bugged in raw amazement, she looked at the minister and then Jinx. "Listen fruit loop, I do love you but if you want obey, go buy a dog."
Author: Inez Kelley
7. "Hello, Minister!" bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort. "Did I mention I'm resigning?"
Author: J.K. Rowling
8. "I hate to say it because I feel like it might be a jinx, but yes - knock on wood - I have never broken a bone."
Author: Jennifer Carpenter
9. "Apparently I am pushing a jinx about the streets. I am certain that I can do better with some other wagon. A new cart, a new start."
Author: John Kennedy Toole
10. "Hang on. We're leaving grass for road," Breeze warned."Remind me to drive next time," Jinx grumbled. "Slow down!""Did you lose your yarn balls, kitten?" Breeze laughed. "This is fun!"(Jinx is part panther)"
Author: Laurann Dohner
11. "Another mistaken notion connected with the law of large numbers is the idea that an event is more or less likely to occur because it has or has not happened recently. The idea that the odds of an event with a fixed probability increase or decrease depending on recent occurrences of the event is called the gambler's fallacy. For example, if Kerrich landed, say, 44 heads in the first 100 tosses, the coin would not develop a bias towards the tails in order to catch up! That's what is at the root of such ideas as "her luck has run out" and "He is due." That does not happen. For what it's worth, a good streak doesn't jinx you, and a bad one, unfortunately , does not mean better luck is in store."
Author: Leonard Mlodinow
12. "Talking about relationships is a surefire way to jinx them."
Author: Maggie Grace
13. "Diana used to tell me she had a travel jinx, something I only really started to believe when the plane door fell off."
Author: Neil Gaiman
14. "Cliare: "You know what? I need you right now."Shane:"Now?"Claire: "Right now."Shane: "Oh, that's so exactly what I was going to say." *dropping C. to the bed.*Claire: "Jinxies"
Author: Rachel Caine
15. "I didn't hang any pictures in my office for a year because I thought that I would be jinxing myself and have to take them down the next day."
Author: Rob Corddry
16. "I'm not sure how people drink out of skulls," Jinx added. Calvin had too many holes in him to make a good cup."
Author: Sage Blackwood
17. "Hm. Didn't you use to be a lot smaller?""Yes," said Jinx. "Because I used to be six."
Author: Sage Blackwood
18. "Who was he?" "A magician who took me in after I left the Bone-master. On his good days, he tried to teach me everything he knew." "What about his bad days?" "On his bad days, he generally thought he was an onion." "That's awful," said Jinx. "No, it's not. What was awful was when he thought he was a potato masher." "Oh." "He always said to me, ‘Mildred, one day this will all be yours.'" Simon made a wide gesture, encompassing books, cats, and the door to Samara. "Er, he called you Mildred?" "Often as not." "Maybe he really meant to leave everything to Mildred," said Jinx. "If she ever shows up, we'll talk," said Simon. "But I think she may have been a dog he once had."
Author: Sage Blackwood
19. "I'll accompany you too, fair lady," said Reven. "I would fain meet your grandmother.""You would what?" said Elfwyn."He means he'd like to," said Jinx. Some of the books in Simon's house used old-fashioned words like that."
Author: Sage Blackwood
20. "I was banished," said Reven proudly."What for?" Elfwyn pressed."The king said I was anathema.""He doesn't like athemas?""Anathema means, like, accursed," said Jinx. "Probably it was for robbing people."
Author: Sage Blackwood
21. "Robert Todd Lincoln, a.k.a. Jinxy McDeath."
Author: Sarah Vowell

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