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1. "Out all of these zillions of letters, one of the first ones that came was, as it turned out from Johnny Carson within the last five or six weeks of his life. I had worked with him. He lost a son who had worked for me."
Author: Dick Ebersol
2. "He was a very private person, but then, you know, he belonged to the whole United States. The United States thought they owned Johnny Carson."
Author: Doc Severinsen
3. "In 1980, when I graduated from high school, my goal was to be on 'The Tonight Show' with Johnny Carson at least once before our ten-year class reunion. Our class reunion was in June of 1990, and I was on 'The Tonight Show' in April 1990, so I made it by a few months."
Author: Jeff Dunham
4. "According to Johnny Carson, I was the guy who Marlon sent out to do all the dirty work."
Author: Jim Fowler
5. "Johnny Carson started the jokes about me and Marlin in his monologues."
Author: Jim Fowler
6. "It's funny, I remember doing the Johnny Carson show, and, uh, I couldn't afford my rent."
Author: Natalie Merchant
7. "There really is no Johnny Carson anymore. There is no one place a comedian can appear and explode."
Author: Tom Leykis
8. "By a twist of fate rather than anything approaching journalistic enterprise, I did the last major interview with Johnny Carson."
Author: Tom Shales
9. "I cried when I heard Johnny Carson died."
Author: Victoria Jackson
10. "Thought Experiment: Imagine that you are Johnny Carson and find yourself caught in an intolerable one-on-one conversation at a cocktail party from which there is no escape. Which of the two following events would you prefer to take place: (1) That the other person become more and more witty and charming, the music more beautiful, the scene transformed to a villa at Capri on the loveliest night of the year, while you find yourself more and more at a loss; or (2) that you are still in Beverly Hills and the chandeliers begin to rattle, a 7.5 Richter earthquake takes place, and presently you find yourself and the other person alive and well, and talking under a mound of rubble.If your choice is (2), explain why it is possible for a true conversation to take place under the conditions of (2) but not (1)."
Author: Walker Percy

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