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1. "The group of people in front of her was jovial and paid her no attention. The group behind was much the same. She was alone without being alone."
Author: Andre Alexis
2. "Well, to tell you the truth, I've thought of it often and often before, but he's such devilish good company is Huntingdon, after all - you can't imagine what a jovial good fellow he is when he's not fairly drunk, only just primed or half-seas-over - we all have a bit of a liking for him at the bottom of our hearts, though we can't respect him.''But should you wish yourself to be like him?''No, I'd rather be like myself, bad as I am."
Author: Anne Brontë
3. "I'm also staring at the fortune cookie. Its got a lot of blood on it and I shrug and say, as jovially as I can, "Oh, you know me."
Author: Bret Easton Ellis
4. "Christmas time! That man must be a misanthrope indeed, in whose breast something like a jovial feeling is not roused— in whose mind some pleasant associations are not awakened— by the recurrence of Christmas."
Author: Charles Dickens
5. "Toby Keith writes songs like 1993's "Should've Been a Cowboy," and what's compelling is that you can't deconstruct its message. "Should've Been a Cowboy" is not like Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive," where Jon Bon Jovi claimed to live like a cowboy; Toby Keith wants to be a cowboy for real."
Author: Chuck Klosterman
6. "Perry, the manager, had come up with him, in trousers and bathrobe. He was a stout, jovial-looking man ordinarily, but right now he was only stout.("The Room With Something Wrong")"
Author: Cornell Woolrich
7. "A zombie apocalypse isn't the most jovial situation."
Author: Danai Gurira
8. "One can spot a fellow musician in any context, even amongst policemen. The craziest-eyed, unruliest-haired one, either hungry-skinny or jovial-portly."
Author: David Mitchell
9. "Ah, this delicious night air,' she said, luxuriously sniffing in the coolness. 'Night air and gardening are the great tonics. There is nothing so stimulating as bare contact with rich mother earth. You are never so fresh as when you have been grubbing in the soil - black hands, black nails, and boots covered with mud.' She gave her great jovial laugh.'I'm a glutton for air and earth,' she said. 'Positively I look forward to death, for then I shall be buried and have the kind earth all round me. No leaden caskets for me - I have given explicit directions. But what shall I do about air? Well, I suppose one can't have everything.'("Mrs. Amworth")"
Author: E.F. Benson
10. "If everything gets too serious for me on the album, I get kinda bored. I've got to have some kind of jovial things in there."
Author: Earl King
11. "Jon Bon Jovi is remarkable."
Author: Eddie Trunk
12. "Neku vecer razgovarali smo o izrazima koje koristimo dok tješimo nekoga ocajnog. Rekla sam mu kako na engleskom katkad kažemo "Been there." Objasnila sam mu da je duboka tuga kao tocno odredeno mjesto, sa svojim koordinatama na zemljovidu vremena. Kad se nadete u toj šumi tuge, ne možete ni zamisliti da cete ikada više pronaci put prema boljem mjestu. Ali, ako vas netko uspije uvjeriti da je bio na tom istom mjestu, ali ga je napustio, to katkad može donijeti nadu."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
13. "He remembered enthusiasm, hope, and a kind of jubilation or exultation. Cheerfulness, yes, and joviality, and the brief gratification of sex. Gladness, too, fullness of heart, appreciation, and many other emotions. But not joy. No, that belonged to simpler minds."
Author: Evan S. Connell
14. "... she took her husband's jokes and joviality as patiently as everything else, considering that "men would be so", and viewing the stronger sex in the light of animals whom it had pleased Heaven to make naturally troublesome, like bulls and turkey-cocks."
Author: George Eliot
15. "Your Kentuckian of the present day is a good illustration of the doctrine of transmitted instincts and peculiarities. His fathers were mighty hunters, - men who lived in the woods, and slept under the free, open heavens, with the stars to hold their candles; and their descendant to this day always acts as if the house were his camp, - wears his hat at all hours, tumbles himself about, and puts his heels on the tops of chairs or mantel-pieces, just as his father rolled on the green sward, and put his upon trees or logs, - keep all the windows and doors open, winter and summer, that he may get air enough for his great lungs, - calls everybody "stranger", with nonchalant bonhommie, and is altogether the frankest, easiest, most jovial creature living."
Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
16. "Y el artista no es, como el vulgo piensa, una persona jovial que esparce por aquí y por allá obras de arte por mera exuberancia, sino que infortunadamente es por lo general una pobre alma que se sofoca con riquezas excedentes y que por lo tanto tiene que obsequiar algunas de ellas."
Author: Hermann Hesse
17. "It must be eight years since I last saw Joseph Taboys. How pleasant it would be to meet his jovial face again, to clasp his strong hand, and to hear his cheery laugh once more! He owes me 14 shillings, too."
Author: Jerome K. Jerome
18. "Ogres were wyldfae--they could work for either Winter or Summer, and they could have a range of personalities and temperaments running the gamut from jovially violent to maliciously violent."
Author: Jim Butcher
19. "It's just cool to me that Bon Jovi knows my name!"
Author: Josh Hopkins
20. "Al was standing a bare three feet away, his mood almost jovial as he took the paper and it vanished in a wash of black sparkles. "Thank you, Rachel," he said, carefully reaching for my hand as Trent stiffened. "Welcome back, my itchy witch."
Author: Kim Harrison
21. "A jovial man can be happy with anyone, but when a sad one laughs, he treasures that one who brings him the sunshine. (Cat)"
Author: Kinley MacGregor
22. "It's a little bit more like I want to give this to the people that are really into it first - I don't have a lot of desire to be like Bon Jovi or something like that, I really want to concentrate on the music."
Author: Kip Winger
23. "No le fue fácil meter en la maleta el dia en que hicieron su primera cumunión las tres juntas.La vela, el libro y la foto afuera de la iglesia cupieron muy bien, pero no así el sabor de los tamales y del atole que nacha les había preparado y que habían comido después en compañia de sus amigos y familiares. Cupieron los huesitos de chabacano de colores, pero no así las risas cuando jugaban con ellos en el patio de la escuela, ni la maestra Jovita, ni el columpio, ni el olor de su recámara, ni el del chocolate recién batido. Lo bueno es que tampoco cupieron las palizas, los regaños de Mamá Elena, pues Tita cerró muy fuerte la maleta antes de que se fueran a colar."
Author: Laura Esquivel
24. "Holy Bon Jovi, the queen of darkness actually had a soul."
Author: Lynn Mitchell
25. "Bon Jovi's trick is to use heavy-metal chords and still sound absolutely safe. Rock & roll used to be rebellion disguised as commercialism; now so much of it is commercialism disguised as rebellion."
Author: Michael Azerrad
26. "She pictures his jovial figure, dressed up in his T-short, shouting that Kafka was born in Prague, and she feels a desire rising through her body, the irrepressible desire to take a lover. Not to patch up her life as it is. But to turn it completely upside down. Finally take possession of her own fate."
Author: Milan Kundera
27. "The first consequence of love is pain—whether it is the fascinating jovial pain of love or the excruciating pain of a torn and tormented heart; it is pain, nonetheless."
Author: Nely Cab
28. "I've got my old favorites like The Eagles and Bon Jovi."
Author: Niall Horan
29. "But the mood wasn't jovial. There was no laughing. There was only tension that could have been sliced with a tweet and sadness, even among the winning team."
Author: Nick Bilton
30. "So, that sucked," I said, trying to sound as jovial as possible. "Side effect of dating in the magical world, I guess."He made a sound of amusement, his shoulders jerking slightly. But he still didn't look at me. "You think those guys ever had these kinds of problems?" he asked, nodding toward the picture. It was the one depicting the very first class at Hecate Hall, back in 1903. There had only been a few students that year, back when the school hadn't been used for punishment but as a kind of safe house."Probably," I said. "That chick in the straw hat seems kind of skanky."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
31. "This is insane," I said blankly. "I'm the instrument of an all-powerful primordial deity's wave of chaos and destruction.""That's kind of extreme" said Dante jovially. "It's not like you work for Google or anything."
Author: Richelle Mead
32. "We've been around for almost three decades now - there's about three generations of Bon Jovi fans."
Author: Richie Sambora
33. "That got me thinking. Bon Jovi kills in Jersey. Just kills. We did Atlantic City this past winter and man, you wouldn't believe the intensity in that crowd. Can I just talk for a minute about how amazingly hot Heather is?"
Author: Richie Sambora
34. "It was great to be the rock comic, the shock comic. But after you've played Giants Stadium with Bon Jovi in front of 82,000 people, after you've done the 'Wild Thing' video with Jessica Hahn and every rock band from hell, you're not gonna top that."
Author: Sam Kinison
35. "The last time Ranulf had run into Sulien, the older man had called him a misbegotten English Judas and spat onto the ground at his feet. Yet now that same man was approaching the bed with a jovial smile, so apparently pleased to see the Judas again that Ranulf half-expected him to announce that a fatted calf had been killed in his honor."
Author: Sharon Kay Penman
36. "Honest good humor is the oil and wine of a merry meeting, and there is no jovial companionship equal to that where the jokes are rather small and laughter abundant."
Author: Washington Irving

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