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1. "I was doing judo before anybody knew it existed in this country."
Author: Charles Durning
2. "I discovered martial arts, first judo and then karate, and I became quite good at it, because I had something to prove. And more than anything, I needed to feel safe."
Author: Dolph Lundgren
3. "Find a judo solution, one that delivers maximum efficiency with minimum effort. When good enough gets the job done, go for it."
Author: Jason Fried
4. "I was a judo athlete, while taking modeling as my side job, before I eventually quit my professional sports career over a knee injury."
Author: Joe Taslim
5. "His dark blue shirt was plastered to his chest, covered with werewolf goop and tears. "Now we both need a bath," I said."That can be arranged.""Please, Jean-Claude, now sexual innuendo until after I'm clean.""Of course, MA PETITE. It was crude of me tonight. My apologies."I started at him. He was being far too nice. Jean-Claude was a lot of things, but nice wasn't one of them."If you're up to something, I don't want to know about it. I can't handle any deep, dark plots tonight, okay?"He smiiled and gave a low, sweeping bow, never taking his eyes off me. The way you bow on the judo mat when you're afraid the person may pound you if you look away.I shook my head. He WAS up to something. Nice to know that not everyone had suddenly become something else. One thing I could always depend on what Jean-Claude. Pain in the ass that he was, he always seemed to be there. Dependable in his own twisted way. Jean-Claude dependable? I must have been more tired than I thought."
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
6. "Somos o avesso um do outro. Quando duvidas, paras, e eu sigo em frente. Quando tens medo, eu tenho vontade; quando sonhas, eu pego nos teus sonhos e torno-os realidade, quando te entristeces, fechas-te numa concha e eu choro para o mundo; quando não sabes o que queres, esperas e eu escolho; quando alguém te empurra, tu foges e eu deixo-me ir.Somos o avesso um do outro: iguais por fora, o contrário por dentro. Tu proteges-me, acalmas-me, ouves-me e ajudas-me a parar. Eu puxo por ti, sacudo-te e ajudo-te a avançar. Como duas metades teimosas, vivemos de costas voltadas um para o outro, eu sempre à espera que tu te vires e me abraces, e tu sempre à espera que a vida te traga um sinal, te aponte um caminho e escolha por ti o que não és capaz."
Author: Margarida Rebelo Pinto
7. "Pour occuper la scène il faut en repousser les autres. Ce qui suppose une technique de combat spéciale. le combat que mène le danseur, Pontevin l'appelle le judo moral ; le danseur jette le gant au monde entier : qui est capable de se montrer plus moral (plus courageux, plus honnête, plus sincère, plus disposé au sacrifice, plus véridique) que lui ? Et il manie toutes les prises qui lui permettent de mettre l'autre dans une situation moralement inférieure."
Author: Milan Kundera
8. "The magician stood erect, menacing the attackers with demons, metamorphoses, paralyzing ailments, and secret judo holds. Molly picked up a rock."
Author: Peter S. Beagle
9. "This is Annabeth," Jason said. "Uh, normally she doesn't judo-flip people."
Author: Rick Riordan
10. "Much to be preferred to boxing are fencing and revolver-practice, judo and study of poisons."
Author: Robert Aickman
11. "I am shocked to find that some people think a 2 star 'I liked it' rating is a bad rating. What? I liked it. I LIKED it! That means I read the whole thing, to the last page, in spite of my life raining comets on me. It's a good book that survives the reading process with me. If a book is so-so, it ends up under the bed somewhere, or maybe under a stinky judo bag in the back of the van. So a 2 star from me means,yes, I liked the book, and I'd loan it to a friend and it went everywhere in my jacket pocket or purse until I finished it. A 3 star means that I've ignored friends to finish it and my sink is full of dirty dishes. A 4 star means I'm probably in trouble with my editor for missing a deadline because I was reading this book. But I want you to know . . . I don't finish books I don't like. There's too many good ones out there waiting to be found. Robin Hobb, author"
Author: Robin Hobb
12. "I lost a lot of judo matches because of points fighters. It was extremely frustrating for me."
Author: Ronda Rousey
13. "I will remain active in judo."
Author: Ryoko Tani

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