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1. "I just think we shouldn't judge her, or anyone, without tryo g to understand them first. That maybe we should get the full story before jumping to conclusions. Crazy notion, I know."
Author: Marissa Meyer
2. "In fact, there is no such thing as character, something fixed and final. The real thing is something that novelists don't know how to write about. Or, if they tried, the end result would never be a novel. Real people are strangely difficult to make sense out of. Even a god would have his hands full trying. But maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, presuming that other people are a mess just because I'm put together in such a disorderly way. If so, I should apologize."
Author: Natsume Sōseki
3. "Davy,Didn't you realize that the only thing I wanted from Mark was his version of the night you, well, removed him from the party? I know Mark is a sleaze. I'm not involved with him in any way, but when you vanished from in front of me, what was I to think?I don't know if you're even human. For all I knew you fly around in a flying saucer kidnapping humans left and right. If this sort of jumping to conclusions bothers you, think how much alternative explanation you offered.I know you're hurt, and I guess you were hurt even more when you thought I was getting involved with Mark again. But, dammit, you are doing your share of lashing out, yourself.MillieP.S. I still don't know if you are human, but I know that I care for you enough that you can hurt me. You did."
Author: Steven Gould

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