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1. "Do you know who Karl Marx is? He is this strange little man, long dead, who lived his narrow little life, and somehow managed by the power of his wayward brain to lay hold upon millions of human lives!"
Author: Anchee Min
2. "Evrendeki en bol elementin, hidrojen ile helyumun, ayni zamanda en hafif iki element olmasi her seyi açikliyor zaten. Böyle hafif bir evrende anlam ne arasin? Anlam agirdir… Dibe çöker. Falcilar bu nedenle kahvenin telvesine bakarlar."
Author: Baris Biçakçi
3. "But I am scared. Everybody's scared.""You know what I mean, like scared scared. Like coward scared, like if you never went to begin with. But with everything you've done nobody's going to doubt you." Then she made a somewhat frantic speech about a website she found that listed how certain people had avoided Vietnam. Cheney, Four education deferments, then a hardship 3-A. Limbaugh,4-F thanks to a cyst on his ass. Pat Buchanan, 4-F. Newt Gingrich, grad school deferment. Karl Rove, did not serve. Bill O'Reilly, did not serve. John Ashcroft, did not serve. Bush, AWOL from the Air National Guard, with a check mark in the "do not volunteer" box as to service overseas."You see where I'm going with this?'"Well, yeah.""I'm just saying, those people want a war so bad, they can fight it themselves. Billy Lynn's done his part."
Author: Ben Fountain
4. "Footman. Karl Marx, living in chronic indebtedness in Soho and often barely able to put food on the table, employed a housekeeper and a personal secretary."
Author: Bill Bryson
5. "Calvin:"It says here that 'religion is the opiate of the masses.'...what do you suppose that means?"Television: " means that Karl Marx hadn't seen anything yet"
Author: Bill Watterson
6. "Karl Marx: "Religion is the opiate of the masses."Carrie Fisher: "I did masses of opiates religiously."
Author: Carrie Fisher
7. "A democratic state begins from the assumption that most of those who gravitate toward power are mediocre and probably immoral. It assumes that we must always protect ourselves from bad government. We must be prepared for the worst leaders even as we hope for the best. And as Karl Popper wrote, this understanding leads to a new approach to power, for "it forces us to replace the question: Who shall rule? By the new question: How can we so organize political institutions that bad or incompetent rulers can be prevented from doing too much damage?"
Author: Chris Hedges
8. "Ömrüm boyunca kendimi karsi oldugum seyle ifade ettim.Her seye karsi savastim; ama zamanla aslinda hiçbir seyin yaninda olamadigimi da anladim. Ah evet, her seyi elestirebilirim, yakinip yargilayabilirim ama bu bana ne kazandirir ki?Bir seyi kavramakla, yaratmak ayni sey degildir. Isyan çikarmak yapici olmak degildir...Dünyayi parçalara ayirdik ama parçalarla ne yapacagimizi bilemiyoruz.Benim kusagim ve her seyi alaya alisimiz dünyayi daha iyi bir yer yapmadi. Vaktimizin çogunu baskalarinin yarattigi seyleri yargilayarak geçirdigimizden, kendimiz hiçbir sey yaratamadik. Ben isyankarligi bir kaçis yolu olarak kullandim. Elestiriyi sahte bir katilim olarak kullandik. Sanki bir seyler basarmisiz gibi gösterdik. Dünyaya katkisi olan hiçbir seye katilmadim ben."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
9. "Russian Communism is the illegitimate child of Karl Marx and Catherine the Great."
Author: Clement Attlee
10. "Karl Malone's too high-class for a bum like me."
Author: Dennis Rodman
11. "In this respect the differences between the USA and the USSR are those of evangelical dinosaurs competing for domination on one small planet: the first deifies Jesus Christ, the other Karl Marx. Neither has much practical interest in what those two sincere and hard-working fellows actually preached."
Author: Edward Abbey
12. "Graças a Karl Kraus comecei a compreender que cada indivíduo tem uma configuração lingüística própria, que o distingue de todos os demais. Compreendi que embora os homens falem uns com os outros, não se entendem; que suas palavras são golpes que ricocheteiam nas palavras dos outros; que não existe ilusão maior do que a opinião de que a língua é um meio de comunicação entre seres humanos. Fala-se com a outra pessoa, mas de uma maneira que ela não entende. Continua-se a falar, e ela entende ainda menos. Um grita, o outro grita também: a exclamação, que tem uma vida miserável na gramática, apodera-se da língua. Como bolas, as exclamações saltam para lá e para cá, chocam-se e caem pelo chão. Raramente algo que se diz consegue infiltrar-se nos outros; e, quando isso afinal acontece, é entendido às avessas."
Author: Elias Canetti
13. "The family trees of Karl and Paula Bonhoeffer are everywhere so laden with figures of accomplishment that one might expect future generations to be burdened by it all. But the welter of wonderfulness that was their heritage seemed to have been a boon, one that buoyed them up so that each child seems not only to have stood on the shoulders of giants but also to have danced on them."
Author: Eric Metaxas
14. "Mr Martinek turned back to Jana. 'Thirty-eight per cent alcohol, sixty-two per cent fire - all the way from Karlovy Vary."
Author: F.C. Malby
15. "Lors d'un des procès politiques des années 70, au Maroc, le greffier lisait l'acte d'accusation lorsqu'il arriva à la phrase suivante : "... ils possédaient des textes de Karl Marx et de Ho Chi Minh", qu'il lut ainsi : "... ils possédaient des textes de Karl Marx et 'ceci est une partie de cela'." Ho Chi Minh peut se lire huwwa chayy'un minh, qui veut dire effectivement "ceci est une partie de cela". Après quelques secondes de flottement, les prisonniers éclatèrent de rire au grand dam de la cour qui ne comprenait pas ce qui se passait..."
Author: Fouad Laroui
16. "Insanoglu -her zaman, her yerde, kim olursa olsun- mantiginin ve çikarlarinin buyurdugu gibi degil de, gönlünün çektigi gibi davranmistir; çikarlarimizda çatisan seyler de istenebilir, hatta bazen bütünüyle böyle olmalidir."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
17. "Baylar, belki de gerçekten, her insan için en yüksek çikarindan bile degerli ya da (mantik çerçevesi içinde kalmak için) daha yararli olan (ama demin bahsettigim listeye girmeyen), bütün çikarlarinin üstünde, gerektiginde insanin ugruna bütün kurallari çignemeye hazir oldugu, yani akla, serefe, huzura, refaha, kisacasi tüm güzel ve faydali seylere karsi gelebilecegi bir çikar vardir baylar."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
18. "The real trick in life is to want nothing, and to succeed in getting it.- Karla"
Author: Gregory David Roberts
19. "Heaped up on the blankets, our bodies bound by weariness and her deep slumber, surrounded by sickness and hope, death and defiance, I touched the soft surrendered curl of Karla's sleeping fingers to my lips, and I pledged my heart to her forever."
Author: Gregory David Roberts
20. "People imagine I am always in a Bentley with pearls and diamonds and black glasses and Karl Lagerfeld next to me."
Author: Ines De La Fressange
21. "The world would not be in such a snarl, had Marx been Groucho instead of Karl."
Author: Irving Berlin
22. "A legjobb abban a múzeumban mégis az, hogy minden mindig ott marad a helyén, ahol van. Semmi nem mozdul. Százezerszer is odamehetsz, és az eszkimó mindig éppen akkor fogja ki a két halat, a madarak még mindig délre repülnek, a szarvasok isznak a tócsából, a szép kis agancsukkal és a sovány lábukkal, és az indián no, meztelen mellével, még mindig ugyanazt a takarót szövi. Semmi nem változik; ami változik: az ember saját maga. Nem az, hogy idosebb lesz, vagy ilyesmi. Nem éppen azért. Csak éppen megvál­tozik. Mondjuk, most kabátban megy. Vagy az, aki legutóbb a párja volt, skarlátot kapott, és most más a párja. Vagy a Miss Aigletinger helyettese viszi az osztályt. Vagy az ember hallotta, hogy a szülei reggel állati nagy parádét rendeztek a fürdoszobában. Vagy az ember csak elment az utcán egy pocsolya mellett, amin szivárványszínu benzinfoltok úsznak. Úgy értem, az ember kicsit mindig más, nem tudom ezt pontosan megmagyarázni. És még ha tudnám is, nem biztos, hogy akarnám."
Author: J.D. Salinger
23. "Karl ached to stroke her, to explore her delicate features with his hand and reveal what the paltry candle light could not; the feel of her hair, the curvature of her neck, the warmth of her skin."
Author: Jack Croxall
24. "Karl looked to the far side of the platform and saw the approaching engine. It was immense, a bulky cylinder of metal spewing great plumes of grey smoke from its chimney. With several gleaming carriages stretched out behind it, the train looked like some oversized metallic serpent."
Author: Jack Croxall
25. "Boyfriend?" He was smiling slightly.Karl rolled his eyes. "Not if you're going to be like that about it.""What, happy?" Aiden teased. "You supposed to want your boyfriend to be happy, you know.""I want you to be happy," Karl muttered. "I just don't want you to be a smug little bastard about it."
Author: Jane Davitt
26. "Allan Emmanuelle Karlsson closed his eyes and felt perfectly convinced that he would now pass away for ever. It had been exciting, the entire journey, but nothing lasts for ever, except possibly general stupidity."
Author: Jonas Jonasson
27. "Ich hörte, dass Karl May der Öffentlichkeit so lange als guter Schriftsteller galt, bis irgendwelche Missetaten aus seiner Jugend bekannt wurden. Angenommen aber, er hat sie begangen, so beweist mir das nichts gegen ihn - vielleicht sogar manches für ihn. Jetzt vermute ich in ihm erst recht einen Dichter!"(Neues Wiener Tagblatt, 20 November 1935)"
Author: Karl May
28. "Jeg er hans sønn. Historien om ham, Kai Åge Knausgård, er historien om meg, Karl Ove Knausgård. Den har jeg fortalt. Jeg har overdrevet, jeg har lagt til, jeg har trukket fra, og det er mye jeg ikke har forstått. Men det er ikke ham jeg har beskrevet, det er mitt bilde av ham. Det er ferdig nå."
Author: Karl Ove Knausgård
29. "Oddly enough, I find the best hostages are the live ones. - Karl"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
30. "The two men's eyes widened when they saw me charging toward them. One of them dropped his hold on Grey, letting him sway dangerously over the edge. Both men reached for their guns, but it was too late. I was nearly on them. Fortiter.I slammed into Grey, my momentum carrying us over the low edge. I briefly heard Karl shout, before the wind filled my ears. We were falling fast, and the pavement rushed up at us at an alarming speed."
Author: Kirby Howell
31. "Karl Marx got a bum rap. All he was trying to do was figure out how to take care of a whole lot of people. Of course, socialism is just "evil" now. It's completely discredited, supposedly, by the collapse of the Soviet Union. I can't help noticing that my grandchildren are heavily in hock to communist China now, which is evidently a whole lot better at business than we are. You talk about the collapse of communism or the Soviet Union. My goodness, this country collapsed in 1929. I mean it crashed, big time, and capitalism looked like a very poor idea."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
32. "Iki tip ögretmen vardir: Kati olanlar ve yumusak olanlar. Yumusak ögretmenler içtenlikle yardim etmek isteyebilir ya da ezilirler. Genellikle heyecanlidirlar ve çocuklardan korkarlar. Özellikle de lisedeki erkek ögrencilerden. Kati olanlar ise bambaska bir hikâyedir. Onlar köpekbaligi gibidir. Sudaki kan kokusuyla sizi yemeye hazirlanan makinelerdir.(syf. 12)"
Author: Lili St. Crow
33. "It was actually an Israeli cartoonist, Nurit Karlin, who made me think that I could draw for 'The New Yorker.' I saw her work published in the magazine in the early 1970s - she was the only woman working as a cartoonist at 'The New Yorker' at the time."
Author: Liza Donnelly
34. "Hier kommt nun meine Theorie, warum die Menschen die Erde beherrschen und nicht die Pferde", fährt es fort."Gelangen Pferde nämlich zu einem Bewusstsein, kommt ihnen natürlich erst mal das große Kotzen über die Welt, und die Pferde sterben, weil sie kotzen müssen, es aber ja nicht können. Das ist der simple Grund, warum sie folglich niemals zu einem Bewusstsein ihrer selbst gelangen können, warum sie niemals denken werden und warum sie folglich niemals ihren rechtmäßigen Platz an der Spitze der Schöpfung einnehmen, sondern weiterhin nur als lebende Dekoration bei den Karl-May-Festspielen im Sauerland dienen werden. Auf ewig beherrscht von einer Abnormität der Natur, einer fatalen Mutation der Schimpansen-DNA, einem kranken Tier: dem Menschen."
Author: Marc Uwe Kling
35. "The place Joanne is building inside [herself] has rooms for all of this. Not just rooms. Beautiful ones. For Karl and Jerry and Karen and Nate in his cowboy hat and the hot-tub guy and movie directors and old-lady healers and people trying to love their asses and people who think they're stupid for it. In these rooms, each thing that looks crazy or stupid will be like a drawing you give your mother, regarded with complete acceptance and put on the wall. Not because it is good but because it is trying to understand something. In these rooms, there will be understanding. In these rooms, each madness and stupidity will be unfolded from its knot and smoothed with loving hands until the true thing inside lies revealed."
Author: Mary Gaitskill
36. "Religions are metaphorical systems that give us bigger containers in which to hold our lives. A spiritual life allows us to move beyond the ego into something more universal. Religious experience carries us outside of clock time into eternal time. We open ourselves into something more complete and beautiful. This bigger vista is perhaps the most magnificent aspect of a religious experience.There is a sense in which Karl Marx was correct when he said that religion is the opiate of the people. However, he was wrong to scoff at this. Religion can give us skills for climbing up on onto a ledge above our suffering and looking down at it with a kind and open mind. This helps us calm down and connect to all of the world's sufferers. Since the beginning of human time, we have yearned for peace in the face of death, loss, anger and fear. In fact, it is often trauma that turns us toward the sacred, and it is the sacred that saves us."
Author: Mary Pipher
37. "The rule apparently is – once a social revolution takes place there'sno need to stoke the boiler. But I ask you: why, when this whole business started, should everybody suddenly start clumping up and down the marble staircase in dirty galoshes and felt boots? Why must we now keep our galoshes under lock and key? And put a soldier on guard over them to prevent them from being stolen? Why has the carpet been removed from the front staircase? Did Marx forbid people to keep their staircases carpeted? Did Karl Marx say anywherethat the front door of No. 2 Kalabukhov House in Prechistenka Street must be boarded up so that people have to go round and come in by the back door? What good does it do anybody? Why can't the proletarians leave their galoshes downstairs instead of dirtying the staircase?'‘But the proletarians don't have any galoshes, Philip Philipovich,' stammered the doctor." Chapter 3"
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
38. "Masumiyetle gücün tuhaf karisimini kendine yakin tutabilmek için, ölümsüzlügünden bir parça fedakarlik etmesine degmez miydi? sy.379"
Author: Nalini Singh
39. "Here was a man who wanted what no one had wanted before: he wanted to get to know the inner workings of the doll-like woman who was me. Karl wasn't interested in me; neither was Johnson. But Kijima's father liked me for who I was. The realization left me feeling numb. I was touched. But being touched is not the same as feeling desire. And I didn't exist without desire. If I didn't exist, then what?"
Author: Natsuo Kirino
40. "Kapidan çikarlarken üstlerine semsiye tutuluyordu; zaten arabaya kadar iki adimlik bir yoldu. Bu nedenle ince pabuçlar giyebiliyorlardi. Nedense bizim ince pabuçlarimiz, hemen nasir yapiyordu ayaklarimizda; üstelik bulutlarin yagmuruna ve sokaklarin tozuna dayanmiyordu. Bizler, birer zengin karikatürü gibi dolasiyorduk ortalarda. ( Onlar görünmeden dolasiyorlardi.) Ayakkabilardan nasirlarimiz, gömleklerden killarimiz, daracik pantalonlarimizdan mendillerimiz ve paralarimiz ve cep defterlerimiz firliyordu. Ayakkabilarimizin burnu taslara takiliyordu. Onlar, kapidan arabaya, arabadan kapiya, rihtimdan motora bir rüya gibi kayarak gidiyorlardi. Sanki bir tünelin içinde, bize görünmeden dolasiyorlardi."
Author: Oğuz Atay
41. "Ne var ki dünyada "sizi anliyorum" gözlerinin sahteleri türemisti;gerçegi sahteden ayirmak çok zordu."Sizi anliyorum konusmaniza ihtiyaç yok" ya da "siz onlara bakmayin yalniz gözlerime inananin" bakislarini çogu aslinda "bugünü geçirmek için birine ihtiyacim var" kalibindan ibaretti.Insanin böyle sahtekarlari görünce basi agriyordu."
Author: Oğuz Atay
42. "I hate vodka. It is the second worst thing to have come out of Russia, after communism - which isn't Russian anyway, Karl Marx was Russian."
Author: Param Vyas
43. "Kelimelerde sahtekarlik yaparak huzursuzluk yaratmak ustalik isteyen bir sanattir. Sahtekarlik, inanilir seviyede olmalidir, kelimelerle oynayarak karsinizdakini kiskirtip konusmayi dramatik bir doruga ulastirmak istiyorsaniz bunu temkinli bir sekilde, agir agir saglamalisiniz."
Author: Pascal Mercier
44. "The reason this resolution was delayed had nothing to do with anything Karl did or failed to do."
Author: Robert Luskin
45. "Çünkü azinlikta kalanlar, çok olanlara nedense tepeden bakarlar."
Author: Sabahattin Ali
46. "What does Karl Marx put on his pasta? Communist Manipesto!"
Author: Stephen Colbert
47. ". . . and what are you exactly, my friend? Their subordinate? Their employee? Or, I would suggest, their equal? That's what young Karl would certainly have said, and probably still does. Unless he's no longer alive.' Dodger gave Solomon and strange look and Solomon hastened to clarify. "'Mmmm, as I recall, if you go around telling people that they are downtrodden, you tend to make two separate enemies: the people who are doing the downtreading and have no intention of stopping, and the people who are downtrodden, but nevertheless -- people being who they are -- don't want to know. They can get quite nasty about it.' (205)"
Author: Terry Pratchett
48. "Librarians are wonderful people, partly because they are, on the whole, unaware of how dangerous knowledge is. Karl Marx upended the political landscape of the twentieth century sitting at a library table. Still, modern librarians are more afraid of ingnorance than they are of the potential devastation that knowledge can bring. (p. 192)"
Author: Walter Mosley
49. "I was walking up and down the rows of books at the antiquarian bookseller's in Karlova Street. Now and then I would take a look out the shop window. It started to snow heavily; holding a book in my hand I watched the snowflakes swirling in front of the wall of St Savior's Church. I returned to my book, savoring its aroma and allowing my eyes to flit over its pages, reading here and there the fragment of a sentence that suddenly sparkled mysteriously because it was taken out of context. I was in no hurry; I was happy to be in a room that smelled pleasantly of old books, where it was warm and quiet, where the pages rustled as they were turned, as if the books were sighing in their sleep. I was glad I didn't have to go out into the darkness and the snowstorm."
Author: Wiesław Myśliwski
50. "What's the story here, Karl?' Kevin asked.'Hard as it is to believe, these people are slaves,' Karl explained.'Slaves?' I asked skeptically.'Well, you might not call them that but they are virtual slaves. They don't receive any pay. They are dealt with harshly. They don't have anywhere else to go''What about the government? Don't they help?' Marcus asked.'The government?' Karl laughed. 'The government my eye! Those generals stay in power several years, make a bundle smuggling drugs, and once they're millionaires, they retire. Some other lousy generals take over from them, and history repeats itself. You think they give a shit what happens to a few lousy Indians?"
Author: Yossi Ghinsberg

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