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1. "I believe in fate and I believe that things happen for a reason but I don't think that there's a high power, necessarily. I believe in karma very much though."
Author: Amy Winehouse
2. "The ramdomness of events in the world is so lacking in logic that we give it names like destiny, fate, karma and kismat to deal with the irrationality of its sequence"
Author: Anirban Bose
3. "Bu bagimsiz, kendi kendine yeten zihinsel varolus tarzinin bir örnegini Goethe'nin hayatinda görürüz. Champagne'daki savas esnasinda, harbin bütün kargasasi ve kesmekesi ortasinda o renk teorisi için gözlemler yapiyordu ve bu savasin sayisiz felaketleri kisa bir süre için Luxemburg satosuna çekilmesine izin verir vermez Renk Ögretisi'ni yazmaya koyulmustu. Böylece o bizlere takip etmemiz gereken bir örnek, bir ülkü birakmisti: Yeryüzünün tadi tuzu olarak bizler dünyanin selleri firtinalari, yanimizi yöremizi istila etse de, zihinsel hayatimizin gereklerinin pesinde kosarken bizi asla hiçbir seyin rahatsiz etmesine izin vermemeli ve köle kadinin degil, özgür kadinin çocuklari oldugumuzu hiçbir zaman aklimizdan çikarmamaliyiz. 'Sallanmis, sarsilmis fakat meyveleri dalinda' özdeyisiyle birlikte kalkanlarimiza islenmek üzere bir arma olarak rüzgarin alabildigine sarsip salladigi, fakat her seye ragmen kipkirmizi meyvelerini dallarindan dökemedigi bir agaci öneriyorum."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
4. "Neden bir de rüya görürüz? Her sey olup bittikten sonra neden bir de rüya görürüz? Karmasanin,kesmekesin, hayatin yorucu zenginliginin içinde eksik kalan nedir ki,uykunun kuytusunda ille de tamamlanmasi gerekir?Rüyamizda,biririyle ilgisiz gibi görünen ayrintilari bilincimiz önden gürültülü bir lokomotif gibi çekip bir yere, örnegin bir anlama mi götürür?Yoksa o ayrintilar bilincimizin balonuna batan igneler midir?"
Author: Baris Biçakçi
5. "Someone should have mentioned to him that Karma was a venomous witch."
Author: Courtney Cole
6. "My old chief taught me three lessons: Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Never go into debt because you will never get out. And never pat yourself on the back because karma will bite you in the ass.Karma, I think, meet ass."
Author: David Macinnis Gill
7. "Do I believe in reincarnation? Well, let's say that I believe in karma. I think you make your own karma."
Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
8. "KarmaWhen people insult you, don't take offense, don't take it personally, but do listen to their words. They are telling you how they see the world, and they are telling you the exact negative qualities that they possess. "The Law of Mirrors" states that one can only see what's in them, regardless if it is what is actually present in reality or not. Release the need to defend or try to explain to them that you're not being whatever-nasty-insult-they've-thrown-at-you, but evaluate instead all of these insults, and realize that this is who they are.Then, decide if a person with those qualities is one who you'd like in your life or not."
Author: Doe Zantamata
9. "Not only is there often a right and wrong, but what goes around does come around, Karma exists, chickens do come home to roost, and as my mother, Phyllis, liked to say, "There is always a day of reckoning." The good among the great understand that every choice we make adds to the strength or weakness of our spirits—ourselves, or to use an old fashioned word for the same idea, our souls. That is every human's life work: to construct an identity bit by bit, to walk a path step by step, to live a life that is worthy of something higher, lighter, more fulfilling, and maybe even everlasting."
Author: Donald Van De Mark
10. "Hazmedememisti Iskender bu ihaneti. Sevip de kandirmayi. Insanin cani kadar sevdigi birini oyuna getirebilecegi aklinin ucundan dahi geçmemisti. O güne dek bilmezdi, birine bütün kalbinle muhabbet besleyip yine de onu incitmek istemenin mümkün olabilecegini.Sevginin ve askin karmakarisik halleri üzerine aldigi ilk hayat dersiydi bu."
Author: Elif Shafak
11. "She waved good-bye and hurried down the street towards her family's house, thinking again that some nights had good karma and some nights were cursed, and for a few moments, tonight had seemed like the former, but it had ended up the latter."
Author: Elin Hilderbrand
12. "You and I have been physically given two hands and two legs and half-decent brains. Some people have not been born like that for a reason. The karma is working from another lifetime."
Author: Glenn Hoddle
13. "[Pertaining to The Law of Free Will and Karma]: Disputing traditional cause and effect karmic doctrine, Kuan Yin maintains that it is the accumulated beliefs from parallel realities creating "made-up stories" about oneself and, thus, reality. Because of this quantum factor, we have absolute Free Will to attract optimum realities from infinite, simultaneous Evolutionary Potentials. Thus, according to Kuan Yin, where and how skillfully one focuses their intention and attention can determine an outcome."
Author: Hope Bradford
14. "I am a road man for the lords of karma."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
15. "«Karma es el principio del conocimiento. Después, está la paciencia. La paciencia es muy importante. Los pacientes son fuertes, Anjín-san. Paciencia significa dominar nuestra inclinación hacia las siete emociones: odio, adoración, gozo, ansiedad, irritación, dolor y miedo. Si las resistes, eres paciente, y pronto comprenderás todas las cosas y estarás en armonía con la Eternidad.»"
Author: James Clavell
16. "Positivity can be a negative," I tell her, "if it's used to diminish events that should be cause for concern. Saying 'bad things happen to good people' or "God doesn't give anyone more than they can handle', for instance, isn't necessarily helpful to the person to whom something bad happened--it is much more beneficial to those who wish to be dismissive- who don't really care to think about the why or how or who. And if we cease to see the real human part in events--if instead, we relegate human experiences to some sort of mystical concept like karma, destiny or everything happens for a reason, and consider more realistic views to be negative--then we diminish compassion and empathy, as well as the possibility of positive change."
Author: Jane Devin
17. "We are wearing Karma everyday..sewed by our past nor yesterday"
Author: Jaycynth
18. "Karma was a bitch and a half."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
19. "Cennet, cehennem ya da benzer kavramlara gelince, dogrusu ölümünden sonra ne oldugu konusuyla sanildigi kadar ilgili degilizdir,din sayin düsünür,dünyevi bir konudur aslinda,öbür tarafla ya da gögün yedi katiyla hiçbir ilgisi yoktur. Duymayi alisik oldugunuz sözler bunlar degil tabii ama biz de sattigimiz malin daha çekici olmasi için bir seyler yapmak zorundayiz. O halde bu söylediklerinizden sonsuz yasama inanmadiginiz sonucunu mu çikarmaliyiz? Inanirmis gibi yapiyoruz.."
Author: José Saramago
20. "Karma, continuing the Screw Dez kick it seemed to be on lately..."
Author: Jus Accardo
21. "As jolaha ka maram na jana, jinh jag ani pasarinhh tana;dharti akas dou gad khandaya, chand surya dou nari banaya;sahastra tar le purani puri, ajahu bine kathin hai duri;kahai kabir karm se jori, sut kusut bine bhal kori;No one could understand the secret of this weaver who, coming into existence, spread the warp as the world; He fixed the earth and the sky as the pillars, and he used the sun and the moon as two shuttles; He took thousands of stars and perfected the cloth; but even today he weaves, and the end is difficult to fathom.Kabir says that the weaver, getting good or bad yarn and connecting karmas with it, weaves beautifully."
Author: Kabir
22. "I must have killed a lot of cows in a past life for Karma to hate me this much."
Author: Katie McGarry
23. "The first sign that Karma was now in cahoots with the Devil Incarnate to ruin her existance should've been before sunrise and pre-coffee."
Author: Kelly Moran
24. "Karma is a tricky thing. To serve Karma, one must repay good Karma to others. To serve Karma well, one must sometimes deliver bad Karma where it is due."
Author: M.R. Mathias
25. "Mas existe uma teia... uma teia de escuridão tecida em torno de todos nós. E enquanto o tempo continuar a existir, nunca poderá ser desfeita ou destruída. É o karma."
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
26. "I would have done anything for him. But these days, I don't want to do anything. I don't want to get drunk or go to a wild party or make out with random boys-not that I've ever wanted to. I don't want to watch chick flicks or eat ice cream or get a haircut or buy out half of the mall. I don't want cold, cruel revenge. I don't want to see him suffer when karma catches up with him and kick his ass. I don't even want to talk to him right now, simply because it would be awkward and pathetic and I wouldn't know what to say to him. Yes, there is self-control, preventing me from being stupid and acting like a desperate doofus in the manner most heartbroken people do. But there is also a weary numbness threatening to consume every inch of me: Isn't there a way for me to skip straight to the part where I'm fine again?"
Author: Marla Miniano
27. "When the devil wants to punish his worshippers, he uses the trick of karma."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
28. "This is our sacred land, Bharat, a land whose glories are sung by theGods, a land visualized by Mahayogi Aurobindo as the living manifestationof the Divine Mother of the universe, the Jaganmaataa, the Aadishakti,the Mahaamaayaa, the Mahaadurgaa, Who has assumed concrete form toenable us to see Her and worship Her,...a land worshipped by all our seers andsages as Maatrubhoomi, Dharmabhoomi, Karmabhoomi and Punybhoomi, averitable Devabhoomi and Mokshabhoomi" -"
Author: MS Golwalkar
29. "Ellerime sarilir beni bir gün unutacaksan bir gün birakip gideceksen bosuna yorma derdi bos yere magaramdan çikarma beni aliskanliklarimi özellikle yalnizliga aliskanligimi kaybettirme bosuna tedirgin etme beni bu sefer geride bir sey birakmadim tasimi taragimi topladim geldim neyim var neyim yoksa ortaya döktüm beni birakirsan sudan çikmis baliga dönerim"
Author: Oğuz Atay
30. "Dear Karma, I really hate you right now, you made your point."
Author: Ottilie Weber
31. "Hurting the person who hurt you won't heal your pain. Let them go. Karma will deal with them you don't have to write the script for the universe."
Author: Paula Heller Garland
32. "Be grateful to everyone" is about making peace with the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected... If we were to make a list of people we don't like - people we find obnoxious, threatening, or worthy of contempt - we would discover much about those aspects of ourselves that we can't face... other people trigger the karma that we haven't worked out."
Author: Pema Chödrön
33. "You can't get there alone. People have to help you, and I do believe in karma. I believe in paybacks. You get people to help you by telling the truth, by being earnest."
Author: Randy Pausch
34. "Nije bila rijec o ostvarenju vaših snova, vec o tome kako cete živjeti život. Ako ga živite na pravi nacin, karma ce se pobrinuti sama za sebe. Snovi ce doci vama."
Author: Randy Pausch
35. "Insan yasadigi yerlerde beraber bulundugu insanlara görünmez ince tellerle baglanirmis; ayrilik vaktinde bu baglar gerilmeye, kopan keman telleri gibi aci sesler çikarmaya baslar, hep birinin gönlümüzden kopup ayrilmasi bir ayri sizi uyandirirmis. Bunu yazan sair ne kadar hakliymis!"
Author: Reşat Nuri Güntekin
36. "The columns of mounted men moved forward, passed out through the gates of the Palace of Karma, turned off the roadway and headed up the slope that lay to the southeast of the city of Mahartha, comrades blazing like the dawn at their back."
Author: Roger Zelazny
37. "Self belief, Wise choice and Karma are the three main ingredients of Winners."
Author: Sandeep Kakkar
38. "Karma's a bitch with a broken heart. But she wears a smile on her face because she's the queen of revenge."
Author: Sandra Golden
39. "I have this system where if I buy three or four new things, I give away three or four things. Sometimes, it's a very painful system, but shopping is even better when you know that someone else who needs it will be getting. Keep the clothing karma going, I say."
Author: Sara Blakely
40. "Did you really believe I was Toby? Puh-lease. I would have killed myself too. I mean, honestly - ew. He totally had it coming. Karma's a bitch, and so am I - just ask Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer...."
Author: Sara Shepard
41. "Someone please tell me that we're not seriously having a friggin' debate over the genius of ‘Karma Chameleon' at seven o'clock in the morning? (Xypher)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
42. "If I hear ‘Karma Chameleon' one more time, I swear I'm going to find Boy George and make him eat Jesse's record. What does red, gold, and green have to do with anything anyway? (Gloria)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
43. "Karma, simply put, is an action for an action ... good or bad."
Author: Stephen Richards
44. "But we didn't, not in the moonlight, or by the phosphorescent lanterns of lightning bugs in your back yard, not beneath the constellations we couldn't see, let alone decipher, or in the dark glow that replaced the real darkness of night, a darkness already stolen from us, not with the skyline rising behind us while a city gradually decayed, not in the heat of summer while a Cold War raged, despite the freedom of youth and the license of first love—because of fate, karma, luck, what does it matter?—we made not doing it a wonder, and yet we didn't, we didn't, we never did."
Author: Stuart Dybek
45. "There's a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone."
Author: Sylvester Stallone
46. "Karma is quite a resilient fellow. No matter what...he'll come back time after time and bite you right back in your assets!:)Timothy Pina"
Author: Timothy Pina
47. "I don't share your luxury. I believe in karma. I make karma happen. I rain down karma on my enemies.""We are the progeny of ancient myths, so we attempt to write our own.""I see the killing fields of the innocents crying out for justice while we hold our ranks.""You have ventured into deep waters, leaving your wading pool of shallow pragmatism.""Divine intervention is not without its own pain.""When all seems lost, don't confuse this with the end, rather this is the beginning.""Your redemption is at the gate of your conscience. You have been granted the power of a choice.""What say you, image bearer? Have you come to save us?"
Author: Todd D. Boddy
48. "Life does not mean mere karma or mere bhakti or mere jnana."
Author: Vinoba Bhave
49. "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours."
Author: Wayne Dyer
50. "On one hand, we know that everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes or coincidences. On the other hand, we learn that we can never give up, knowing that with the right tools and energy, we can reverse any decree or karma. So, which is it? Let the Light decide, or never give up? The answer is: both."
Author: Yehuda Berg

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