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1. "Katarina Bishop bir suçluydu. Ama o güne dek eline hiç silah almamisti. Kimseye vurmamisti. O ana kadar birinin canini yakmak nasil bir sey, bilmiyordu. Hale'in yüzündeki ifadeyi gördügünde, sözlerini geri almak istedi. Ayni zamanda bu sözlerin onun canini daha fazla acitmasini da istedi.(syf. 181)"
Author: Ally Carter
2. "When his phone rang, he had to dig through his pocket to find it, and his fingers brushed against a pair of tiny earbuds he and Kat had last used in Monte Carlo. Hale smiled a little, realizing he hadn't worn the tux in ages. It was just one of many ways his life had change in the years since a girl named Katarina Bishop crawled into his window and into his life."— Double Crossed by Ally Carter"
Author: Ally Carter
3. "I came back, Uncle Eddie. Last year, after the Henley, I could have gone to any school in the world -- I could have done anything, but I came back." "You ran away, Katarina." "And now I'm back." "You're still running."
Author: Ally Carter
4. "Kuhang-kuha natin ang mga katarantaduhan ng hollyeood, pero hindi ang kaunting pagiging responsable ng mga kanluraning bansa sa isyu ng pagtayo sa sariling paa."
Author: Bob Ong
5. "Kancia ateina be katarsio ar apsivalymo, be heroizmo ar siaubo. Dvidešimt pirmame amžiuje miršta tiek daug žmoniu ir nuo tiek daug dalyku, kad niekam neberupi."
Author: Gabija Grušaite
6. "Isa rin akong Espanyol, pero bago ang pagiging Espanyol ay tao ako at bago ang Espanya ay sa ibabaw ng Espanya ay ang kanyang dangal, ang matataas na prinsipyo ng moralidad, ang mga walang-hanggang prinsipyo ng hindi nagbabagong katarungan!"
Author: José Rizal
7. "Ilang dantaon po mula ngayon, kapag naliwanagan at natubos na ang sangkatauhan, kapag wala nang mga lahi, kapag malaya na ang lahat ng mga bayan, kapag wala nang nang-aalipin at napaaalipin, mga kolonya at mga metropolis, kapag naghahari na ang iisang katarungan at ang bawat isa'y mamamayan na ng daigdig, tanging ang pagsampalataya po sa siyensiya ang malalabi. Magiging singkahulugan ng bulag na pagsamba ang patriyotismo at sinumang magmagaling na nagtataglay ng katangiang ito ay walang alinlangang ibibilanggo na tulad ng isang may nakahahawang sakit, isang manliligalig sa kaayusang lipunan."
Author: José Rizal
8. "Sebastian," Katarina said, turning to her nephew. "You've grown." "It happens," Sebastian quipped, flashing her his usual lopsided grin."Goodness," she said with smile, "you'll be a danger to the ladies soon."Harry very nearly rolled his eyes. Sebastian had already made conquests of nearly all the girls in the village near Hesslewhite. He must give off some sort of scent, because the females positively fell at his feet.It would have been appalling, except that the girls couldn't all dance with Sebastian. And Harry was more than happy to be the nearest man standing when the smoke cleared."
Author: Julia Quinn
9. "I like fire and water. You are lucky to have both right here."From " Desperate Pursuit in Venice" Chapter Two. Kataryna's response to Luca."
Author: Karynne Summars
10. "Zavalli insanlarimiz -kendimi de içlerine katarak- diye üzüldüm. Bütün meseleleri birbirine karistiriyorduk. Hele ben, en Batili müzikçiler arasinda onlardanmisim gibi yaptiktan sonra, kirmizi mini etekli kadinin dansini seyrederek raki içiyordum susuz. Fakat meselelerimizde ne kadar zavalliydi. Kara suratli halk türkücüsü ne kadar zavalliydi. Hatta bu zavallilik ortaya çikmasin diye, onunla yakinlik kurmak bile istemistim: Kadin dansederken, çay fincanimi ona dogru kaldirarak, içelim kardes gibi beni simdi bile bunaltan bir takim sözler söylemeye çalismistim."
Author: Oğuz Atay
11. "I have had the following thought: what if God were not a mathematician? What if He had been working, like Katarina and August and me, without actually having defined either questions or answers? And what if His result had not been exact, but approximate? An approximate balance perhaps. Not something that had to be improved upon, a springboard to further achievement, but something that was already more or less complete and in equilibrium. Like two trees and the sun and the moisture from the earth, between which all you had to do was to spin your web to the beat of you ability, and that would have been enough, no more would be expected. And if any development should take place, then it would take place partly by itself, there would be no need for you to achieve anything extreme, you could just remain true to your nature, and it would take place. Now what if that were the intention?"
Author: Peter Høeg
12. "My Katarina is dead."
Author: Pittacus Lore
13. "Katarina Witt. She was the ultimate competitor. She would just stare down people before competition. She was relentless on the ice."
Author: Sarah Hughes
14. "Katar," said Britta, "I thought you would want to stay with your friends from home while they were here, so I had your things moved from your room in the delegates' wing." "You can have my things brought in too," said Peder, throwing himself onto the nearest bed. He sighed as he sank into the soft mattress and rolled onto his side. "Um... I don't think boys are-" Britta began. "Don't you mind me!" Peder pulled a blanket over his head. Miri didn't know how he could even pretend to fall asleep. She could barely keep from pacing. "Don't worry, Britta," said Esa. "We'll kick him out before night. Off to your fancy apprenticeship, big brother." She nudged Peder's shape under the blanket. Peder made an exaggerated snoring noise."
Author: Shannon Hale
15. "Sebab manusia mampu menterapi dirinya sendiri, ketika ia menemukan tempat berbagi cerita. Qur'an adalah katarsis hebat bagi mereka yang tak menemukan tempat berpijak di bumi"
Author: Sinta Yudisia

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