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1. "At daybreak on the first day, thousands of Cambodians are already calmly waiting outside my polling station. They squat on the ground, silent and patient. We didn't expect this at all. We thought they would fail to understand how democracy works. We thought they would be afraid of the Khmer Rouge. We thought they would passively accept their fate. We were wrong."
Author: Heidi Postlewait
2. "The trial organized with U.N. participation of some kind will be for crimes committed by Khmer Rouge leaders from 1975 to 1979. That's it."
Author: Hun Sen
3. "I'd have to, if on Sunday I wanted to runoff with some "slack-jawed Suzy," some "invertebrate," a "post-pubescentwasteoid who imagines the Khmer Rouge to be makeup and Guerrilla Warfareto be that rivalry which occurs between apes."
Author: Marisha Pessl
4. "Long time I been on my own, but now really I'm alone. I survive the killing, the starving, all the hate of the Khmer Rouge, but I think maybe now I will die of this, of broken heart."
Author: Patricia McCormick
5. "My own reaction from a distance is that Pol Pot's demise as the leader of the Khmer Rouge was inevitable, and that his own paranoia did him in as much as anything else."
Author: Sydney Schanberg

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Quotes About Khmer Rouge
Quotes About Khmer Rouge
Quotes About Khmer Rouge

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