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1. "Now and then I find a kitschy series I love."
Author: Adam Pascal
2. "In 1979, postmodernism lost its understanding of the meaning of ornament. It degenerated into kitsch applique."
Author: Charles Jencks
3. "Before pop art, there was such a thing as bad taste. Now there's kitsch, schlock, camp, and porn."
Author: Don DeLillo
4. "I did my homework and didn't go out much, and had a very highly developed kitsch fantasy life where I dreamed of being a dancing girl."
Author: Emily Mortimer
5. "If I'd had a friend next to me, I would have squeezed her arm and said, Can you believe this? - but kitsch wasn't kitsch if you were alone."
Author: Emma Straub
6. "The maker of kitsch does not create inferior art, he is not an incompetent or a bungler, he cannot be evaluated by aesthetic standards; rather, he is ethically depraved, a criminal willing radical evil. And since it is radical evil that is manifest here, evil per se, forming the absolute negative pole of every value-system, kitsch will always be evil, not just kitsch in art, but kitsch in every value-system that is not an imitation system."
Author: Hermann Broch
7. "(...] Reklameobjekt, Basis für Schwindelunternehmungen, beliebtester Boden für Kitschfabrikation. (...)Ersatz und Talmi-Nachahmung eines Gefühls. Wir tun einmal im Jahre so, als legten wir großen Wert auf schöne Gefühle, als ließen wir es uns herzlich gern etwas kosten, ein Fest unserer Seele zu feiern. (...) Dies Gefühl trägt alle Merkmale der Sentimentalität. Denn Sentimentalität ist das Sich-Erlaben an Gefühlen, die man in Wirklichkeit nicht ernst genug nimmt, um ihnen irgendein Opfer zu bringen, um sie irgend je zur Tat zu machen."
Author: Hermann Hesse
8. "Bitte keine magischen Zwergentrommler mehr', flehte er sie in einem Brief an, nachdem er seine Tirade abgelassen hatte. 'Keine Gespenster, Engel, Teufel oder Verwandlungen mehr. Wenn alles passieren kann, ist alles gleichgültig. Für mich ist das nichts als Kitsch.' / 'Du Dussel', tadelte sie ihn auf einer Postkarte, 'Du Erbsenzähler. Das ist Literatur, keine Physik!"
Author: Ian McEwan
9. "I'm not too fond of really cool design. I've got quite kitsch taste really, in things like tableware. I'm quite a sucker for 1930s pressed glass."
Author: Kevin McCloud
10. "Architectural kitsch is most common in the commercial pop vernacular - typified by the Big Duck of 1931 in Flanders, New York, a Long Island roadside poultry stand resembling a duck, which Venturi and Scott Brown made a cult object through their writings."
Author: Martin Filler
11. "Tout est kitsch, si l'on veut. La musique dans son ensemble est kitsch; l'art est kitsch; la littérature elle-même est kitsch. Toute émotion est kitsch, pratiquement par définition; mais toute réflexion aussi, et même dans un sens toute action. La seule chose qui ne soit absolument pas kitsch, c'est le néant."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
12. "Kitsch is the inability to admit that shit exists"
Author: Milan Kundera
13. "Kitsch causes two tears to flow in quick succession. The first tear says: How nice to see children running on the grass!The second tear says: How nice to be moved, together with all mankind, by children running on the grass!"
Author: Milan Kundera
14. "The senator had only one argument in his favour: his feeling. When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object. In the realm of kitsch, the dictatorship of the heart reigns supreme."
Author: Milan Kundera
15. "It follows, then, that the aesthetic ideal of the categorical agreement with being is a world in which shit is denied and everyone acts as though it did not exist. This aesthetic ideal is called kitsch."
Author: Milan Kundera
16. "What remains of Beethoven?A frown, an improbable mane, and a somber voice intoning "Es muss seine!" ….And so n and so forth. Before we are forgotten, we will be turned into Kitsch. Kitsch is the stopover between being and oblivion."
Author: Milan Kundera
17. "Lorsque le cœur a parlé, il n'estpas convenable que la raison élève des objections. Au royaume du Kitsch s'exerce la dictature du cœur."
Author: Milan Kundera
18. "… kitschul este, in esenta, negatia absoluta a cacatului; atit in sensul propriu cit si in cel figurat al cuvintului; kitschul exclude din cimpul sau vizual tot ce-i esential inacceptabil in existenta umana."
Author: Milan Kundera
19. "Her kitsch was the image of home, all peace, quiet, and harmony, and ruled by a loving mother and a wise father. It was an image that took shape in her after the death of her parents. The less her life resembled the sweetest of dreams, the more sensitive she was to its magic, and more than once she shed tears when the ungrateful daughter in a sentimental film embraced the neglected father as the windows of the happy family's house shone out into the dying day."
Author: Milan Kundera
20. "Kitsch" is a German word born in the middle of the sentimental nineteenth century, and from German is entered all Western languages. Repeated use, however, has obliterated its original metaphysical meaning: kitsch is the absolute denial of shit, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word; kitsch excludes everything from its purview which is essentially unacceptable in human existence."
Author: Milan Kundera
21. "I'm a plethora of stolen jokes and kitschy references."
Author: Nathan Fillion
22. "Manga is virtual. Manga is sentiment. Manga is resistance. Manga is bizarre. Manga is pathos. Manga is destruction. Manga is arrogance. Manga is love. Manga is kitsch. Manga is sense of wonder. Manga is … there is no conclusion yet."
Author: Osamu Tezuka
23. "NOBREZA SILENCIOSA. SILENT NOBILITY. It is a mistake to believe that the crucial moments of a life when its habitual direction changes forever must be loud and shrill dramatics, washed away by fierce internal surges. This is a kitschy fairy tale started by boozing journalists, flashbulb-seeking filmmakers and authors whose minds look like tabloids. In truth, the dramatics of a life-determining experience are often unbelievably soft. It has so little akin to the bang, the flash, of the volcanic eruption that, at the moment it is made, the experience is often not even noticed. When it deploys its revolutionary effect and plunges a life into a brand-new light giving it a brand-new melody, it does that silently and in this wonderful silence resides its special nobility."
Author: Pascal Mercier
24. "Kitsch is the most pernicious of all prisons. The bars are covered with the gold of simplistic, unreal feelings, so that you take them for the pillars of a palace."
Author: Pascal Mercier
25. "It was as if the entire day, the entire vacation even, were leading up to a single moment. he felt certain then that stan lee was in some direct communication with the universe - in a way, say, that the watcher, the most mysterious marvel character, was content like some gnostic entity merely to know of machinations of creation - and that through lee's spiritually advanced vision, paul's own destiny was entrapped in the monthly serializations of these kitschy superheroes. he seemed both influenced and influencer in the world of marvel."
Author: Rick Moody
26. "There were icons of the Magdalen on the walls and paintings in the Western manner, all kitsch, trash. Mary M., Lucas thought, half hypnotized by the chanting in the room beside him; Mary Moe, Jane Doe, the girl from Migdal in Galilee turned hooker in the big city. The original whore with the heart of gold. Used to be a nice Jewish girl, and the next thing you know, she's fucking the buckos of the Tenth Legion Fratensis, fucking the pilgrims who'd made their sacrifice at the Temple and were ready to party, the odd priest and Levite on the sly."Maybe she was smart and funny. Certainly always on the lookout for the right guy to take her out of the life. Like a lot of whores, she tended towards religion. So along comes Jesus Christ, Mr. Right with a Vengeance, Mr. All Right Now! Fixes on her his hot, crazy eyes and she's all, Anything, I'll do anything. I'll wash your feet with my hair. You don't even have to fuck me."
Author: Robert Stone
27. "What is 'camp'? A much misunderstood word, everyone has their own feel for it. Here is mine:Camp is not in rugby football.Camp is not in the Old Testament.Camp is not in St. Paul.Camp is not in Latin lessons, though it might be in Greek.Camp loves colour.Camp loves light.Camp takes pleasure in the surface of things.Camp loves paint as much as it loves paintings.Camp prefers style to the stylish.Camp is pale.Camp is unhealthy.Camp is not English, damn it.But …Camp is not kitsch.Camp is not drag.Camp is not nearly so superficial as it would have you believe.Camp casts out all fear.Camp is strong.Camp is healthy.And, let's face it …Camp is queer."
Author: Stephen Fry
28. "Je me demandais si c'était blasphémer que dire à Dieu que les arcs-en-ciel sont kitsch."
Author: Steve Toltz
29. "The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun."
Author: Sting
30. "Unlike kitsch, moral clarity is hard to come by. It means working to make sense of things you do not even want to acknowledge. It often means not knowing if you ever get it right."
Author: Susan Neiman
31. "Kitsch is much more than a question of style; it's a preference for consolation over truth. Disney's version of reality is not just cleaned up, it's pernicious. Unlike the best forms of art and philosophy, it undercuts the possibility of transformation because it portrays a world that's just fine as it is--or as it will be by the time the credits come up."
Author: Susan Neiman
32. "A taste for kitsch among the well-to-do is a sign of spiritual impoverishment; but among the poor, it represents a striving for beauty, an aspiration without the likelihood of fulfilment."
Author: Theodore Dalrymple
33. "True art is thoughtful, emotional examination of how human themes impact the overall experience of existing. The rest is kitsch."
Author: Tiffany Madison
34. "It felt like religious kitsch, as tacky as a black velvet painting, the kind of fantasy that appealed to people who ate too much fried food, spanked their kids, and had no problem with the theory that their loving God invented AIDS to punish the gays."
Author: Tom Perrotta
35. "Music, together with certain sorts of majestic landscape, had a well-known tendency to induce such faux-sublime moments: artificial intimations of transcendent truths, grandiose hunches about the nature of the universe. It was all nonsense. Her tears had been no different from the ones people cried at sentimental television commercials. They represented nothing but a momentary and regrettable submission to kitsch."
Author: Zoë Heller

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