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1. "Around us I can sniff out a savagery in the noisy southern air. It knifes it's way into my nose, but I do not bleed blood. It's fear I bleed, and it gushes out over my lip. I wipe it away, in a hurry."
Author: Markus Zusak
2. "A black dog, tall and wide as a full grown man, took a couple of steps toward them. It bared sharp, yellow fangs big as Bowie knifes. Drool dripped from them to the dried grass below. Unable to help it, Lee wet his pants when he saw the animal's eyes. It had four glowing orbs that burned with a smoldering red light like the fires of Hell."
Author: Pamela K. Kinney
3. "He'd had enough knifes planted in his spine to make a stegosaurus envious.' – Aiden"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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