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1. "So you'll be my bodyguard for any guys who want to introduce me to anal?' I joke.'I will defend your virtue and your ass to the death,' he says with a knightly vow."
Author: Bianca Giovanni
2. "What a hell of a welcome. I'm sorry. But there's so much still to do outside before the weather closes, and we have to tackle all the dreary minutiæ on weapons and theory where all your knightly warriors start losing their tempers and you have to go through a deadly routine of light relief with competitions and war jokes and community singing, and long, long stories of rape and battle and Generals I have Known."
Author: Dorothy Dunnett
3. "Dear Diary, Today I tried not to think about Mr. Knightly. I tried not to think about him when I discussed the menu with Cook... I tried not to think about him in the garden where I thrice plucked the petals off a daisy to acertain his feelings for Harriet. I don't think we should keep daisies in the garden, they really are a drab little flower. And I tried not to think about him when I went to bed, but something had to be done."
Author: Jane Austen
4. "PatiencePatience is a whimsical weather,a scenery beneath a pale moonlit night;somehow a velvet rope,which binds memories between the lines.Patience gains that trustrare in a world of waiting,a knightly sacrificethat only someone's words can end.It should not be talked about,it has its own voice to speak for itself,it means no boundaries,no time, no conflicts.It is a bizarre blossom,a man could ever hold in his hands.And patience is a kind of love,explained in every bewildered circumstance."
Author: Jelord Klinn Cabresos
5. "Sirrah, my companion chooses to engage you in knightly combat!" Halt said. The horseman stiffened, sitting upright in his saddle. Halt noticed that he nearly lost his balance at this unexpected piece of news.Nightly cermbat?" he replied, "Yewer cermpenion ers no knight!"Halt nodded hugely, making sure the man could see the gesture.Oh yes he is!" he called back. "He is Sir Horace of the Order of the Feuille du Chene." He paused and muttered to himself, "Or should that have been Crepe du Chene? Never mind."What did you tell him?" Horace asked, slinging his buckler around from where it hung at his back and setting it on his left arm.I said you were Sir Horace of the Order of the Oakleaf." Halt said to him, then added uncertainly, "At least, I think that's what I told him. I may have said you were of the Order of the Oak Pancake."
Author: John Flanagan
6. "But to guide nations in the way of TruthBy saving Doctrine, and from error leadTo know, and knowing worship God aright,Is yet more knightly, this attracts the Soul,Governs the inner man, the nobler part,That other o'er the body only reigns,And oft by force, which to a generous mindso reigning can be no sincere delight."
Author: John Milton
7. "The Winter Prince was before me, with his noble, knightly bearing and the impossible beauty that is paralytic at close range. And I wanted nothing more than to vanish into his arms, and his embrace, but I saw the look on his face and I remembered then that he was my enemy and that there was only one thing to do.Run."
Author: Kailin Gow
8. "King Arthur was one of my heroes - I played with a trash can lid for a knightly shield and my uncle's cane for the sword Excalibur."
Author: Lloyd Alexander
9. "Well, it doesn't sound particularly noble and knightly to say you've rescued the Chief Cook and Librarian, does it? And it has cut down on the number of interruptions. I used to get two or three knights a day, and now there's only about one a week. And the ones who do come are at least smart enough to figure out that I'm still a princess even if the dragons call me Chief Cook"
Author: Patricia C. Wrede
10. "How can you have boundaries if you fly? Those ants of yours—and the humans too—would have to stop fighting in the end, if they took to the air." "I like fighting," said the Wart. "It is knightly." "Because you're a baby."
Author: T.H. White
11. "This war no longer has anything to do with knightly conduct or with the agreements of the Geneva Convention."
Author: Wilhelm Keitel

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