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1. "North Dakota State. What do you have to do there to graduate? Milk a cow with your left hand?"
Author: Bobby Heenan
2. "My hands shot up over my head, grabbing his ears. I yanked, bending forward.North sailed over me. I gasped, stunned by what I just did."Holy shit," Nathan uttered."Kota," Gabriel whined. "Mommy and daddy are fighting again."
Author: C.L. Stone
3. "Are you going to take Sang to the football games, Dakota? It'd make a nice date."(...) "Holy shit," Gabriel said. "The first time Sang gets asked out and it's by Kota's mother."
Author: C.L. Stone
4. "I'm not saying you didn't deserve it, O." Dakota laughed. "But I'm restocking the karma bank and you're at the top of my list."
Author: Carolyn Mackler
5. "I'm Lakota Sioux."
Author: Chaske Spencer
6. "I imagine I should have told it to you before? I love you, Sejal.I wish for you to become my wife.Recently I've also opened a shop in North Dakota and thinking that, just maybe, you love me too."
Author: Chayada Welljaipet
7. "Sebuah kota mampu mematahkan hatimu, tapi juga mampu melahirkan cinta untukmu."
Author: Dian Nafi
8. "Belum lagi pulang meninggalkan kota nabi.rasa ingin datang kembali ke tempat indah ini. untuk mengunjungi kembali masjid Nabawi"
Author: Dian Nafi
9. "Dunia kehidupan telah dikotak-petakan oleh kesimpulan yang telah dibeku-bakukan. Padahal tiada yang abadi, termasuk kepada setiap keputusan masa lalu. Selalu ada kemungkinan baru."
Author: Dian Nafi
10. "Tate practically raised you from what I hear. You love him, don't you?"Her face closed up. "For all the good it will ever do me, yes," she said softly."He won't have the excuse of pure Lakota blood much longer," he advised."I'm not holding out for miracles anymore," she vowed. "I'm going to stop wanting what I can never have. From now on, I'll take what I can get from life and be satisfied with it. Tate will have to find his own way.""That's sour grapes," he observed."You bet it is. What do you want me to do to help?""It's dangerous," he pointed out, hesitating as he considered her youth. "I don't know…""I'm a card-carrying archeologist," she reminded him. "Haven't you ever watched an Indiana Jones movies? We're all like that," she told him with a wicked grin. "Mild-mannered on the outside and veritable world-tamers inside. I can get a whip and a fedora, too, if you like," she added."
Author: Diana Palmer
11. "In 1988, as an unknown candidate, totally unknown, I won Iowa, came in second in New Hampshire, won South Dakota. I was ahead in every Super Tuesday state the day after South Dakota. The only problem was I didn't have enough money. I had a million dollars left, and Al Gore had three and Michael Dukakis had three and it was lights out."
Author: Dick Gephardt
12. "I remember as a little girl going down to the beet fields in the Dakotas and in Nebraska and Wyoming as migrant workers when I was very, very small, like, I was, like, 5 years old, I believe. And I remember going out there, you know, traveling to these states and living in these little tarpaper shacks that they had in Wyoming."
Author: Dolores Huerta
13. "Majka pak, bez prethodne najave, otvara poklopac na NJENOJ glavi, rukom samouvjereno poseže unutra i pocinje pre¬kapati i rovati. Sve razbaca i ništa ne vrati na svoje mjesto. Nakon kraceg vremena izvuce nešto što joj se svidjelo, promatra to pod povecalom, a zatim odbaci. Inace majka dru¬gacije postupa i dijelove koje je izvadila najprije snažno išcetka, a zatim ocisti spužvom i krpom. Potom energicnim pokretima osuši kotacic i, ocišcenog, ponovo ga vraca u glavu. Kao da je nožic u stroju za mljevenje mesa."
Author: Elfriede Jelinek
14. "Dakota Fanning is my favorite actress."
Author: Elle Fanning
15. "So blieb [den individuellen Aufsteigern aus dem Arbeitermilieu] allein die Imitation der Verhaltensweisen und Ideologien von der mindestens heimlich bewunderten privilegierten Schicht, in die einzutreten schließlich Ziel des langen Weges war. Doch das Original mag den Nachahmer nicht, verhält sich bestenfalls gönnerhaft-spöttisch, von oben herab. Der Kopierende gibt sich alle erdenkliche Mühe, wird oft gar zum aggressiven Apologeten des Vorbildes, was – so Norbert Elias – »zu ganz spezifischen Verkrümmungen des Bewußtseins und der Haltung« führt. Der sozialdemokratische Kotau vor den Imperativen der Privatisierung, der finanzkapitalistischen Entgrenzungen, der Steuerbefreiung für Kapitalinvestoren in den Jahren 1999-2005 – er mag damit zu tun haben."
Author: Franz Walter
16. "Montana A great many small failures have brought me to thisDark room where, against the teachings of the church,I lie in the forgiving dark with you and we kissAnd loosen our clothing and feel the hot urgeToward nakedness, man's natural destination,The slow unbuttoning, unclasping, until at lastWe lie revealed. The fine sensationOf you on my skin. A slender woman as vastAs Montana and I am now heading westOn a winding road through the dark contoursOf mountains and into a valley, coming to restIn a meadow that I recognize as yours. This is what I drove across North Dakota to find: This sweet nest. And put all my failed life behind."
Author: Gary Johnson
17. "Di bulan April 1978, di Aiglemont, Gouviuex, Prancis sebuah seminar diadakan oleh Aga Khan untuk membahas arsitektur Islam. Banyak pembicaraan menyesali hilangnya "ciri Islam" dalam kota dan bangunan baru di Timur Tengah kini. Hanya seorang ahli sejarah dari Turki, Dogan Kuban, yang memenangkan debat itu dengan mengingatkan, bahwa "arsitektur adalah sebuah profesi yang berorientasi kepada klien". Jika klien yang di Riyadh itu suka gedung model New York, mau apa?"
Author: Goenawan Mohamad
18. "Congressman Berg will repeatedly talk about Harry Reid and Barack Obama, and I find it interesting, because this morning, when I woke up and brushed my teeth, I looked in the mirror and I did not see a tall, African-American, skinny man. So let's make it clear that my priorities are North Dakota priorities."
Author: Heidi Heitkamp
19. "We should show Washington how we do it in North Dakota. I'm running to stop the over-regulating of our economy and start growing it."
Author: Heidi Heitkamp
20. "Sampai di sini, air mataku mengalir. Tak hanya mengalir, aku bahkan menghujan. Kenangan mereka berembus kencang menghantam pagi menjelang siang di kamarku. Sendiri. Kumatikan televisi yang dari tadi memang tak kulihat. Hujan mengempas kota kecil ini. Membuat pagi semakin melankolis. Angin berembus, menyibak korden putih yang tipis. Aku tak kuasa lagi meneruskan tulisanku."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
21. "Le, kamu sekarang sudah mandiri. Udah punya uang. Terus hati-hati ya. Jaga diri. Ibuk gak tahu kotamu itu seperti apa. Hatimu harus dijaga. Tetap seperti yang dulu," pesan Ibuk yang selalu menjaga Bayek, di kota yang selalu menggoda ini."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
22. "I met two twins, each named Dakota. I nicknamed the older one North, and the younger one I called—you guessed it—Cock Tease."
Author: Jarod Kintz
23. "Our single greatest challenge is the ability to move power to markets outside North Dakota."
Author: John Hoeven
24. "Since 2006, we have surpassed Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and California in oil production to become the second largest oil-producing state in the nation, trailing only Texas. In 2012, North Dakota produced more than 245 million barrels of oil and provided nearly 11 percent of all U.S. output."
Author: John Hoeven
25. "Ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign sources of oil and is an important weapon in the War on Terror. By investing in South Dakota's ethanol producers, we will strengthen our energy security and create new jobs."
Author: John Thune
26. "And failure, if you want to know, Dakota, is just another opportunity to try again."
Author: Kate Jacobs
27. "I used to send my characters into a fire that necessarily consumed them, but I have learned, a little, how to send them through the fire to a new place. The characters who do not change — most notably Nakota in Cipher, Bibi in Skin, and Lena in Kink — are motivated by an essential selfishness or self-centeredness, an unwillingness to relinquish control to the process, a refusal to become."
Author: Kathe Koja
28. "For me, walking in a hard Dakota wind can be like staring at the ocean: humbled before its immensity, I also have a sense of being at home on this planet, my blood so like the sea in chemical composition, my every cell partaking of air. I live about as far from the sea as is possible in North America, yet I walk in a turbulent ocean. Maybe that child was right when he told me that the world is upside-down here, and this is where angels drown."
Author: Kathleen Norris
29. "I've just made a cancer drama, called 'Now Is Good,' directed by Ol Parker and starring Dakota Fanning. We filmed in Brighton and it's about a girl dying of leukemia, although it's not as depressing as it sounds."
Author: Kaya Scodelario
30. "The song Dakota was first written in Paris. I was doing a promo trip. It was snowing and the hotel room was really cold and boring and for some reason I just had a go of the guitar and the song came pretty quick."
Author: Kelly Jones
31. "Anybody who has stood on the prairie in North Dakota has felt the force of the wind and knows that our state has an inexhaustible supply of wind power. The potential here to create jobs and draw millions of dollars in new investment to North Dakota is enormous."
Author: Kent Conrad
32. "Incredible that liberals aren't more concerned about the monopoly of information in South Dakota."
Author: Laura Ingraham
33. "She was like John Rambo meets Polly Pocket; Dakota Fanning crossed with Death Wish 4."
Author: Mark Millar
34. "My grandmother raised five children during the Depression by herself. At 50, she threw her sewing machine into the back of a pickup truck and drove from North Dakota to California. She was a real survivor, so that's my stock. That's how I want my kids to be too."
Author: Michelle Pfeiffer
35. "Pikirkan 'nihareem' padang pasir, bidadari-bidadari iblis ini membingungkan pelancong yanh letih, membelokannya dari jalannya dengan lampu-lampu terang mereka pada malam hari. Tertipu, mengira dia telah menemukan sebuah kota atau penginapan, pasir yang luas, mati kehausan atau tenggelam dalam pasir hisap - Hakim Mehdad"
Author: Mike Carey
36. "Skoro tylko kot doprowadzony zostal do komisariatu, stwierdzono tam, ze rzeczony obywatel intensywnie wonieje spirytusem, w zwiazku z czym jego zeznan nie przyjeto za dobra monete. Tymczasem staruszka, dowiedziawszy sie od sasiadów, ze jej kota przymkneli, popedzila do komisariatu i zdazyla na czas. Wystawila kotu jak najpochlebniejsze swiadectwo, zeznala, ze zna go od pieciu lat, od malego kociaka, ze reczy za niego jak za sama siebie, udowodnila, ze nigdy jeszcze sie nie zdarzylo, by przylapano go na czyms zdroznym, oraz ze nigdy nie wyjezdzal do Moskwy. W Armawirze sie urodzil, tu sie wychowal, tu sie ksztalcil w lowach na myszy.Kot zostal uwolniony z wiezów i zwrócony wlascicielce, acz, co prawda, ciezko doswiadczony przez los – przekonal sie bowiem na wlasnej skórze, co to znaczy falszywe posadzenie i oszczerstwo."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
37. "Milo mi slyszec, ze sie pan tak uprzejmie zwraca do kota. Nie wiadomo, dlaczego wszyscy mówia do kotów „ty", choc jako zywo zaden kot nigdy z nikim nie pil bruderszaftu."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
38. "Wealthier Mennonites even though they're not technically supposed to be wealthy do their drinking in North Dakota or Hawaii. They are sort of like rock bands on tour in that the rules of this town don't apply to them when they're on the road. An embarrassing situation for wealthy Mennonites is to meet other wealthy Mennonites at the swim-up bar at the Honolulu Holiday Inn."
Author: Miriam Toews
39. "We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills and the winding streams with tangled growth, as 'wild'. Only to the white man was nature a 'wilderness' and only to him was the land 'infested' with 'wild' animals and 'savage' people. To us it was home. Earth was beautiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery." - Chief Standing River of the Lakota"
Author: Paul Goble
40. "Kami memang orang miskin. Di mata orang kota kemiskinan itu kesalahan. Lupa mereka lauk yg dimakannya itu kerja kami."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
41. "Di sini tak ada rumah yang terkunci pintunya, siang ataupun malam. Di sini pintu bukanlah dibuat untuk menolak manusia, tapi menahan angin. Di sini semua orang tidur di ambin pada malam atau siang hari, termasuk para tamu yang tak pernah dipedulikan dari mana datangnya. Ia mendengar sekali lagi. Di kota setiap orang baru selalu ditetak dengan tanya: Siapa nama? Dari mana? Di sini orang tak peduli Mak Pin datang dari mana. Tak peduli Mak Pin gagu. Tak peduli sekalipun dia kelahiran neraka."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
42. "Selalu ada alasan pulang ke kota indah.. dengan dua malaikat yang mengajari arti kehidupan dan selalu melantunkan doa kesuksesan :')"
Author: R.A.Y.
43. "Sewaktu Jepun datangke Tanah MelayuKota Bharulah, kota kecilyang pertama didaratibersama Aceh dan Pataniia dikenalsebagai ibu kotaSerambi Makkah."
Author: Rahimidin Zahari
44. "Micah showed up shortly thereafter and was happy to meet our other "brother." He shook Adrian's hand and smiled. "Now I see some family resemblance. I was starting to wonder if Jill was adopted, but you two kind of look like each other.""So does our mailman back in North Dakota," said Adrian."South," I corrected. Fortunately, Micah didn't seem to think there was anything weird about the slip."Right," said Adrian. He studied Micah thoughtfully. "There's something familiar about you. Have we met?"Micah shook his head. "I've never been to South Dakota."I was pretty sure I heard Adrian murmur, "That makes two of us."
Author: Richelle Mead
45. "My mother's family came from the British West Indies. And my father's family came from, well, my father's father came from the Montana/South Dakota area. They were Blackfoot Indian."
Author: Richie Havens
46. "But when I am around strangers, I turn into a conversational Mount St. Helens. I'm dormant, dormant, quiet, quiet, old-guy loners build log cabins on the slopes of my silence and then, boom, it's 1980. Once I erupt, they'll be wiping my verbal ashes off their windshields as far away as North Dakota."
Author: Sarah Vowell
47. "I hope to continue to be serving South Dakota in Congress."
Author: Stephanie Herseth
48. "I voted against the climate-change legislation. Not that I don't believe we should move to a clean-energy economy, and it can be good for South Dakota's economy to do so, but it was started out as a very partisan bill in the committee."
Author: Stephanie Herseth
49. "I'm sure that they will continue to look for ways to try and undermine my support, but I have every confidence that in doing this job for South Dakota, I will continue to build on my support and be able to succeed once again in November."
Author: Stephanie Herseth
50. "Basically, I'm just a ramblin guy,' he said, and laughed. 'A ramblin guy on his way to the Big Sky.' And hell why not? Montana! Or Wyoming. Fucking Rapid City, South Dakota. Anyplace but here." - Barbie"
Author: Stephen King

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