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1. "Kitty: I thought your ladyship was ill. I wanted to help you.Lady deWinter: I ill? Do you take me for a weak woman? When I am insulted I do not feel ill - I avenge myself. Do you hear?"
Author: Alexandre Dumas
2. "If you were a man, your ladyship, I would cordially horsewhip you for that remark."
Author: Deanna Raybourn
3. "When will you give up these mad adventures, and leave others to fight their own battles and to save their own lives as best they may?'When your ladyship has ceased to be the most admired woman in Europe, namely, when I am in my grave."
Author: Emmuska Orczy
4. "Upon my word," said her ladyship, "you give your opinion very decidedly for so young a person. Pray, what is your age?"
Author: Jane Austen
5. "Very well, Your Ladyship Brooding St. Petulant,"
Author: Libba Bray
6. "Viktor looked at the older man's nightshirt, robe, and nightcap. His lips quirked into a smile. "The hour is late, and the household sleeps. How is it that you are still awake?""I knew you would be knocking on the door sooner or later." Pickles looked down his long nose at him. "You have passed the previous six nights with Her Ladyship.""You are observant, my good man.""No, Your Highness, I am the one who locks the door at night." Pickles reached into his robe's pocket and produced a key. He passed it to the prince, saying, "After tonight, let yourself into thehouse."Viktor grinned at the majordomo and lifted the key out of his hand. "Your trust honors me.""You are unlikely to abscond with the silver," Pickles drawled."
Author: Patricia Grasso
7. "She delivered a vicious blow, penetrating his rib cage, and withdrew her hand — with the ninja's still-beating heart in it. As all but Lady Catherine turned away in disgust, Elizabeth took a bite, letting the blood run down her chin and onto her sparring gown. "Curious," said Elizabeth, still chewing. "I have tasted many a heart, but I dare say, I find the Japanese ones a bit tender."Her ladyship left the dojo without giving compliment to Elizabeth's skills."
Author: Seth Grahame Smith
8. "Many bad things were done under the Evil Empire" she said. "The best we can do now is undo them. Will you assist in this endeavor?" "In every way that I can" said Nutt."I would like you to teach them civilized behavior," said Ladyship coldly.He appeared to consider this. "Yes, of course, I think, that would be quite possible," he said. "And who would you send to teach the humans?"There was a brief outburst of laughter from Vetinari, who immediately cupped his hand over his mouth. "Oh I do beg your pardon," he said."
Author: Terry Pratchett

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