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1. "Vous sentez la forêt, avec un ruisseau et des petits lapins."
Author: Boris Vian
2. "I'm going to kill David Lapinski!" America announced, shaking snow out of her hair as she approached."Direct hit!" Shepley laughed. America shot him a warning glare and his laugh turned into a nervous chuckle. "I mean... what an asshole."
Author: Jamie McGuire
3. "I started going over the lines in my head for this French play I'm in at school. I play a rabbit called Janot Lapin, who's the leader of a group of farm animals. It's not the most interesting play in the universe, but we only know three verb tenses so far so we didn't have a lot of choices. There's this one scene where I'm really hungry because the landowners aren't feeding us, and I keep saying, "J'ai faim." In case you don't know, that means "I'm hungry," but it really means "I have hunger." That's what real French people say. I think it's neat how French people have hunger, but they aren't hungry like Americans are. I mean, it's a lot easier to try not to have something than to try not to be it."
Author: Lori Gottlieb
4. "Pour la carotte, le lapin est la parfaite incarnation du Mal."
Author: Robert Sheckley
5. "The older I get, Mr. Lapine, the more I realize it's sometimes preferable not knowing the answers to things. In fact, I often wish I'd never heard the question."
Author: Tracy Guzeman

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