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1. "The painter... does not fit the paints to the world. He most certainly does not fit the world to himself. He fits himself to the paint. The self is the servant who bears the paintbox and its inherited contents."
Author: Annie Dillard
2. "The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it."
Author: Daniel Webster
3. "Don't start me talkingI could talk all nightMy mind goes sleepwalkingWhile I'm putting the world to right."
Author: Elvis Costello
4. "The world itself is a filthy monster."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
5. "He sighed and looked about him. 'This is no world for men,' he said. 'And yet in a appeals."
Author: H.G. Wells
6. "My heart would swell without warning, and tremble, and lurch with a stab of pain. I would try clamping my eyes shut and gritting my teeth, and waiting for it to pass. And it would pass -- but slowly, taking its own time, and leaving a dull ache behind."
Author: Haruki Murakami
7. "My efforts have been to not only put the Biblical incident in the original setting, but at the same time give the human touch which makes the whole world kin and which ever remains the same."
Author: Henry Ossawa Tanner
8. "...this is a hard world to be ludicrous in, with so many human beings so reluctant to laugh, so incapable of thought, so eager to believe and snarl and hate."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
9. "This and countless later experiences working in and around the world of "shrinks" and the mentally ill has led me to the conclusion that overinterpretation of human psychology can be inadvisable. My favorite Freud joke has him sitting in his gentlemen's club in Vienna after dinner, enjoying a cigar. A hostile colleague wanders up and says, "That's a big, fat, long cigar, Professor Freud," to which Freud replies, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."
Author: Oliver James
10. "Each time he took a walk, he felt as though he were leaving himself behind, and by giving himself up to the movement of the streets, by reducing himself to a seeing eye, he was able to escape the obligation to think, and this, more than anything else, brought him a measure of peace, a salutary emptiness within...By wandering aimlessly, all places became equal and it no longer mattered where he was. On his best walks he was able to feel that he was nowhere. And this, finally was all he ever asked of things: to be nowhere."
Author: Paul Auster
11. "Here is The Boy with the Thorn in His Side, dying in your world. A man made monster with every human emotion, overdosed on worthlessness in a world that could never wrap it's head around him (so don't even try).When it's all over just remember every single word you ever said was always just a bullet to his head. Bury him underground between friends and love - the only things that are gonna make it to the end with him. Look for his body buried beneath where the yellow weeds are growing and know he's still living in his nightmares."
Author: Pete Wentz
12. "Life is short and often stingy; feast the heart with what it craves, short of cruelty, and let the world wonder."
Author: Reynolds Price
13. "I never even tried. Because I let the world teach me to hate myself. I was a coward who needed someone else to tell me I was worth something before I took any steps to save myself."
Author: Tahereh Mafi
14. "I may be mad, he thought, but I prefer the shit of this world to whatever sweet ambrosias the next may offer."
Author: Tom Robbins

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