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1. "Obviously a fake Kyp. You distract him. I'll shoot him under the table."Han (to Leia)"
Author: Aaron Allston
2. "When are they going to stop calling me General?""When are they going to stop calling me Princess?"Han & Leia"
Author: Aaron Allston
3. "Barbatii si femeile sînt diferiti. Nu sînt mai buni sau mai rai — ci diferiti. Singurul lucru pe care îl au în comun este faptul ca apartin aceleiasi specii. Ei traiesc în lumi diferite, cu valori diferite si conform unor reguli diferite. Toata lumea stie asta, dar foarte putini oameni, si mai ales foarte putini barbati, sînt dispusi s-o recunoasca. Acesta e totusi adevarul."
Author: Allan Pease
4. "Viata si visele sunt filele uneia si aceleiasi carti. Lectura ei coerenta înseamna viata reala. Dar de fiecare data, dupa ce s-a-ncheiat ora (ziua) destinata citirii si a venit vremea repausului, adesea mai rasfoim plictisiti câte-o carte, deschizând-o la o pagina sau alta, în dezordine si incoerent; de multe ori este vorba despre o pagina deja citita sau una înca necunoscuta, dar e-ntotdeauna din aceeasi carte. E-adevarat, o fila citita separat n-are nici o legatura cu lectura integrala si consecventa, însa astfel ea nu este cu mult mai prejos decât aceasta daca ne gândim ca, în ansamblul ei, si o lectura consecventa începe si se termina tot pe nepregatite si, prin urmare, poate fi privita doar ca o singura pagina mai mare."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
5. "- Senhor Uhtred! - Como sempre, Willibald reagiu à minha provocação. - Esse peixe - ele apontou o dedo trêmulo na direção dos ossos - foi um dos dois que Nosso Senhor usou para alimentar 5 mil pessoas!- O outro devia ser um peixe incrivelmente grande - respondi. - O que era? Uma baleia?"
Author: Bernard Cornwell
6. "True. I'd always hoped that when I finally said 'I love you' to a girl, she'd say 'I know' back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi."
Author: Cassandra Clare
7. "He lay on his back in his blankets and looked our where the quartermoon lay cocked over the heel of the mountains. In the false blue dawn the Pleiades seemed to be rising up into the darkness above the world and dragging all the stars away, the great diamond of Orion and Cepella and the signature of Cassiopeia all rising up through the phosphorous dark like a sea-net. He lay a long time listening to the others breathing in their sleep while he contemplated the wildness about him, the wildness within."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
8. "At Christmas, for example, when you see a big, brightly wrapped package under the tree with your name on it, you're interested. But it's not the wrapping paper you're looking forward to. It's the present inside. Lingerie works the same way. It's nice—but naked is always better.Except for this.This is the wet dream of every man born after 1975.It's the elite of eroticism.The ultimate fantasy.Oh yeah—it's the Princess Leia bikini."
Author: Emma Chase
9. "Leiam o que os apaixone, apenas isso os ajudará a suportar a existência."
Author: Ernesto Sabato
10. "Neste mundo de beleza a realidade se nucleia de acordo com os meus caprichos."
Author: Filipe Russo
11. "Entre eu e o resto da realidade não há intervalos: leia as minhas vértebras."
Author: Filipe Russo
12. "Leia a lei."
Author: Filipe Russo
13. "Leia as profecias em minhas cicatrizes."
Author: Filipe Russo
14. "Me leve pra casa, me leve pra cama; me tome nos teus braços e me leia de corpo inteiro."
Author: Filipe Russo
15. "Eu escrevo um caixão de gravetos, uma toca de terra; papiro para untar meus restos mortais. Eu escrevo uma salva de saudade, um funeral de flores; epitáfio para demarcar onde a vida morre em paz. Eu escrevo um esqueleto de cálcio sobre o qual nasço, cresço e morro. Você, antropólogo forense, leia meus ossos e relate em corte marcial os crimes e torturas que a vida e o homem afligiram a minha pessoa."
Author: Filipe Russo
16. "Pentru mine nu exista o idee superioara aceleia ca Dumnezeu nu exista. In sprijinul meu sta istoria omenirii. Omul n-a facut altceva decat sa-si nascoceasca un Dumnezeu, pentru a putea trai fara se ucida; in aceasta consta intreaga istorie universala de pana acum."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
17. "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes." Leia Organa of Alderaan, Senator"
Author: George Lucas
18. "Existem momentos em que somos sociais, disponíveis; e existem momentos em que somos individuais. No café detestam que eu leve livros e os leia, e que escreva. Aceitam e gostam de alguém que leva um jornal e lê durante horas, sentado. É uma questão de não se sentirem estúpidos, mas são estúpidos."
Author: Gonçalo M. Tavares
19. "A pettos speckled with gold ajiggle with a fremitus from the heart touches me like Athena's hoolet mewing in uncertain dark. So much is nature, whereon we build our particulars fastidious and critical. Your every arrow O Eros has hit me, as the song goes. O girls, girls. This arrow is Timo's curls, this is Heliodora's shoes, this the smell of quinces that blows from Demo's door, flowers plaited into Dorothea's hair and ox-eyed Antikleia's smile that is music from the islands, summer's stars."
Author: Guy Davenport
20. "If it were worth the while to settle in those parts near to the Pleiades or the Hyades, to Aldebaran or Altair, then I was really there, or at an equal remoteness from the life which I had left behind, dwindled and twinkling with as fine a ray to my nearest neighbor, and to be seen only in moonless nights by him. Such was that part of creation where I had squatted;"
Author: Henry David Thoreau
21. "O help/ Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, help. Thou art/ Mine only hope.-Leia Organa"
Author: Ian Doescher
22. "Thou truly art in jest. Art thou not small/Of stature, if thou art a stormtrooper?-Leia Organa"
Author: Ian Doescher
23. "LEIA —O help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, help. Thou art Mine only hope. LUKE —I wonder who she is. Whoever she may be, whatever is Her cause, I shall unto her pleas respond. Not e'en were she my sister could I know A duty of more weight than I feel now. It seemeth she some dreadful trouble hath— Mayhap I should replay the message whole."
Author: Ian Doescher
24. "It is a period of civil war. The spaceships of the rebels, striking swift From base unseen, have gain'd a vict'ry o'er The cruel Galactic Empire, now adrift. Amidst the battle, rebel spies prevail'd And stole the plans to a space station vast, Whose pow'rful beams will later be unveil'd And crush a planet: 'tis the DEATH STAR blast. Pursu'd by agents sinister and cold, Now Princess Leia to her home doth flee, Deliv'ring plans and a new hope they hold: Of bringing freedom to the galaxy. In time so long ago begins our play, In star-crossed galaxy far, far away."
Author: Ian Doescher
25. "You don't think we're related?What? Seth burst into laughter. No.How can you be so sure? Because if we're pulling a Luke and Leia, I'm going to barf."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
26. "I took to the Bodleian library as to a lover and ... would sit long hours in Bodley's arms to emerge, blinking and dazed with the small and feel of all those books."
Author: Laurie R. King
27. "For one crazy moment he had the notion of a vanished tribe of librarians, lost in the deep underground caverns of the Bodleian, a wild and savage tribe that fed on unwary travellers."
Author: Lavie Tidhar
28. "I reproached them all for not having told me of my son's departure, and for not stopping him, until that interfering old biddy Eurycleia confessed that she alone had aided and abetted him."
Author: Margaret Atwood
29. "Setea trupurilor noastre a fost greu de stins atunci. Parca nu mai era îmbratisare contopirea aceea din urma, când cu adevarat se topeau contururile, disparea carnea, ne uitam respiratia, mistuiti amândoi de o singura - însângerata si nesatioasa - gura. De mai multe ori am nadajduit ca la capatul rapirii aceleia vom întâlni, împreuna, moartea. N-am stiut ca poate fi atât de ispititoare moartea, atât de calda - voluptate fara spasm, beatitudine fara strigare."
Author: Mircea Eliade
30. "After my own for instance, my favourite is Princess Leia."
Author: Peter Mayhew
31. "I love you," he said.She looked up at him, her eyes shiny and black, then looked away. "I know," she said.He pulled one of his arms out from under her and traced her outline against the couch. He could spend all day like this, running his hand down her ribs, into her waist, out to her hips and back again.... If he had all day, he would. If she weren't made of so many other miracles."You know?" he repeated. She smiled, so he kissed her. "You're not the Han Solo in this relationship, you know.""I'm totally the Han Solo," she whispered. It was good to hear her. It was good to remember it was Eleanor under all this new flesh."Well, I'm not the Princess Leia," he said."Don't get so hung up on gender roles," Eleanor said."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
32. "The moon is setand the Pleiades; Middle ofthe night, time passes by,I lie alone."
Author: Sappho
33. "The moon has setAnd the Pleiades.Midnight.I lie in bed alone."
Author: Sappho
34. "It wasn't until a year later, when a young woman with Danish pastries on either side of her head knelt down in front of a walking dustbin to record an important message, that love truly came to town." - p 16 [re: Princess Leia]"
Author: Simon Pegg
35. "We are never more creative than when we are at odds with the world and there is nothing so artistically destructive as comfort. Princess Leia taught me that."
Author: Simon Pegg
36. "[Han] glared into his mug. Besides, he didn't add, asking Princess Leia for repacement reward credits would mean he'd have to tell her how he'd lost the first batch. Not in gambling or bad investments or even drinking, but to a kriffing pirate.And then she would give him one of those looks.There were, he decided, worse things than being on Jabba's hit list"
Author: Timothy Zahn

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