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1. "Benny McClenahan arrived always with four girls. They were never quite the same ones in physical person but they were so identical one with another that it inevitably seemed they had been there before. I have forgotten their names — Jaqueline, I think, or else Consuela or Gloria or Judy or June, and their last names were either the melodious names of flowers and months or the sterner ones of the great American capitalists whose cousins, if pressed, they would confess themselves to be."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
2. "There are other, civilised ways of dealing with the matter," Dllenahkh insisted.Darithiven looked at him with pity. "Then, by your definition, this cannot be civilisation."
Author: Karen Lord
3. "Lenah?""Yeah?" I replied."Will you go to winter prom with me?""Of course," I whispered, sure I would fall asleep in moments. "Justin?""Mm-Hmm?" he said, moments from sleep himself."What's a prom?"
Author: Rebecca Maizel
4. "Justin: "...Everyone you love is dead. That must be lonely." Lenah: "It is. But it's not something that defines me. I don't let it."
Author: Rebecca Maizel
5. "You . . .' I whispered, ‘are worth every moment I have left on this earth. Even if I have to love you from afar for the rest of my days.'Lenah to Rhode-"
Author: Rebecca Maizel

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Quotes About Lenah
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