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1. "Mereka mengira dengan melampiaskan dendam maka urusannya selesai. Nah, mereka keliru. Dengan cara itu bahkan mereka memulai urusan baru yang panjang dan lebih genting. Di dunia ini, Nak, tak ada sesuatu yang berdiri sendiri. Maksudku, tak suatu upaya apa pun yang bisa bebas dari akibat. Upaya baik berakibat baik, upaya buruk berakibat buruk."
Author: Ahmad Tohari
2. "Svakako vam je neko, barem jednom u životu, postavio pitanje: The Beatles ili The Rolling Stones? Odgovorite mi na to pitanje dok ste još mladi i reci cu vam sve što želite znati o svojoj buducnosti. Znam mnoge darovite i dobre ljude, koji su propali, razmišljajuci godinama kasnije: gdje sam pogriješio? A odgovor leži tamo gdje nikome ne pada na pamet da ga traže: u mladosti, kada ste birali izmedi Beatlesa i Stonesa. I molim vam, nemojte mi sada reci: pa ne moram da biram - može oboje. Takvi produ najgore."
Author: Andrej Nikolaidis
3. "After forty years of selling wholesale industrial deodorizing supplies, one establishment is forced to open its doors to the public.In the lingo of the trade, a salesman explains why their large institution buyers have gone elsewhere.Who wants to stand downwind of the League o' Nations every time some freshman with a bladder infection pulls a Nebuchadnezzar?"
Author: Ben Katchor
4. "A child isn't a symbol, it's a child! It needs applesauce and, and, and playpens and an ass-load of other things we can't provide while we're on the goddamn lam! Just to be clear. Your exact words to me were: "Please shoot it in my twat."Yeah. I know."
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
5. "Their (Council of Dads) wisdom reads like a psalmbook of living: Approach the cowPack your flip-flopsDon't see the wallTend your tadpolesLive the questionsHarvest miraclesAlways learn to juggle on the side of a hillTake a walk with a turtle"
Author: Bruce Feiler
6. "My poetic aspirationIs to become,A Jack of all stylesAnd a master of pun."
Author: Clive Blake
7. "We all have stories, just as you do. Ways in which he touched us, helped us, gave us money, sold it to us wholesale. Lots of stories, big and small. They all add up. Over a lifetime it all adds up. That's why we're here, William. We're a a part of him, who he is, just as he is a part of us. You still don't understand, do you?"I didn't. But as I stared at the man and he stared back at me, in my father's dream I remembered where we'd met before. "And what did my father do for you?" I asked him, and the old man smiled. "He made me laugh," he said."
Author: Daniel Wallace
8. "Aku belum selesai bicara. Paris itu, baiklah, Paris sering dijuluki Kota Cinta. Sedangkan, Yogyakarta adalah kota tempat jatuh cinta dan patah hati. Lalu, jatuh cinta kembali."
Author: Desi Puspitasari
9. "Cinta? Itu mungkin hanya sebentuk permainan. Bermain itu memang mengasyikan. Cinta itu arena bermain, membutuhkan permainan, tapi bukan dipermainkan. Cinta yang harus diselesaikan. Dan menyelesaikan."
Author: Dian Nafi
10. "Las palabras tienen algo especial. En manos expertas, manipuladas con destreza, nos convierten en sus prisioneros. Se enredan en nuestros brazos como tela de araña y en cuanto estamos tan embelesados que no podemos movernos, nos perforan la piel, se infiltran en la sangre, adormecen el pensamiento. Y ya dentro de nosotros ejercen su magia."
Author: Diane Setterfield
11. "Tapi kita nggak boleh ngomongin karakter individu. Kalo udah begitu masalahnya selesai. Jadi apa-apa tergantung orangnya."
Author: Donny Dhirgantoro
12. "Tata?Mm?Da smo slonovi, bili bismo pet slonova.Da.Blesavo, je l' da?Da ,jeste.Zamisli to!Da. Odlicno Bertolde.Lepo."
Author: Erlend Loe
13. "Braveggia, urla! T'affretta a palesarmi il fondo dell'alma ria!''''Shout, braggart! What a rush you're in to show me the last dregs of your vile soul!"
Author: Giacomo Puccini
14. "Well, there's no question that the law passed in 1996 was flawed. It deregulated the wholesale market, meaning the price that the utilities had to pay energy companies for power, but not the retail market."
Author: Gray Davis
15. "Dan akhir adalah permulaankau aku tak pernah menapaki mulajuga mungkin tak pernah sampaipada selesaiseperti puisi yang kutanamdi kuntum hatimu"
Author: Helvy Tiana Rosa
16. "Kongsilah cerita dengan Allah. Allah tak pernah nak judge. Patut rasa selesa dan bersyukur untuk itu."
Author: Hlovate
17. "Although lynchings have steadily increased in number and barbarity during the last twenty years, there has been no single effort put forth by the many moral and philanthropic forces of the country to put a stop to this wholesale slaughter."
Author: Ida B. Wells
18. "In fact, for all kinds of offenses - and, for no offenses - from murders to misdemeanors, men and women are put to death without judge or jury; so that, although the political excuse was no longer necessary, the wholesale murder of human beings went on just the same."
Author: Ida B. Wells
19. "Parking himself on the chaise lounge, he stared at the gown that Lassiter had handled so roughly. The fine satin was bunched up in waves, the disorder creating a wonderful, shimmering display over on the bed."My beloved is dead," he said out loud.As the sound of the words faded, something was suddenly, stupidly clear: Wellesandra, blooded daughter of Relix, was never filling out that bodice again. She was never going to put the skirting over her head and wriggle into the corset, or free the ends of her hair from the lace-ups in the back. She wasn't going to look for matching shoes, or get pissed off because she sneezed right after she put her mascara on, or worry about whether she was going to spill on the skirting.She was… dead."
Author: J.R. Ward
20. "And when all was said and done the lies a fellow told about himself couldn't probably hold a proverbial candle to the wholesale whoppers other fellows coined about him."
Author: James Joyce
21. "When I get excited I drool. That's why I buy bibs wholesale from my dentist. Based on that alone you could label me a romantic."
Author: Jarod Kintz
22. "I want to fill a jar with a lot of clapping, and sell my applause next to the applesauce in a grocery store. You can eat the praise you didn't earn, but did pay for."
Author: Jarod Kintz
23. "We built that into a wholesale business that became, really, one of the largest companies in the United States. We had success in building new markets, opening markets for competition, and that takes a personal toll."
Author: Jeffrey Skilling
24. "They exchanged notes, like children. My grandfather made his out of newspaper clippings and dropped them in her woven baskets, into which he knew only she would dare stick a hand. Meet me under the wooden bridge and I will show you things you have never, ever seen. The "M" was taken from the army that would take his mother's life: GERMAN FRONT ADVANCES ON SOVIET BORDER; the "eet" from their approaching warships: NAZI FLEET DEFEATS FRENCH AT LESACS; the "me" from the peninsula they were blue-eyeing: GERMANS SURROUND CRIMEA; the "und" from too little, too late: AMERICAN WAR FUNDS REACH ENGLAND; the "er" from the dog of dogs: HITLER RENDERS NONAGGRESSION PACT INOPERATIVE…and so on, and so on, each note a collage of love that could never be, and a war that could"
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
25. "Algún recuerdo limitado y menguante de Herbert Ashe, ingeniero de los ferrocarriles del Sur, persiste en el hotel de Adrogué, entre las efusivas madreselvas y en el fondo ilusorio de los espejos. En vida padeció de irrealidad, como tantos ingleses; muerto, no es siquiera el fantasma que ya era entonces. Era alto y desganado y su cansada barba rectangular había sido roja. Entiendo que era viudo, sin hijos. Cada tantos años iba a Inglaterra: a visitar (juzgo por unas fotografías que nos mostró) un reloj de sol y unos robles. Mi padre había estrechado con él (el verbo es excesivo) una de esas amistades inglesas que empiezan por excluir la confidencia y que muy pronto omiten el diálogo. Solían ejercer un intercambio de libros y de periódicos; solían batirse al ajedrez, taciturnamente... Lo recuerdo en el corredor del hotel, con un libro de matemáticas en la mano, mirando a veces los colores irrecuperables del cielo."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
26. "Damn, you're good,' he said and rolled onto his back. The man wasn't much for flowery speech, Alesandra thought with a smile. It didn't matter. She was arrogantly proud of herself because she'd pleased him. Perhaps she should give him a little praise too. She rolled onto her side to face him, put her hand on his chest directly over his pounded heart, and whispered. 'You're good, too. 'Tis the truth, you're the best I've ever had.' He opened his eyes to look at her. 'I'm the only one you've ever had, remember?' His voice was gruff with affection. 'I remember,' she said. 'No other man is ever going to touch you, Alesandra. You're mine."
Author: Julie Garwood
27. "Convenientemente tengo una inclinacion natural por destruir cualquier cosa buena. Es genetico, me han dicho mis hermanas. Cualquiera que comparta nuestro linaje esta condenado por naturalesa"
Author: Katie McGarry
28. "The rites of passage in the academic world are arcane and, in their own way, highly romantic, and the tensions and unplesantries of dissertations and final oral examinations are quickly forgotten in the wonderful moment of the sherry afterward, admission into a very old club, parties of celebration, doctoral gowns, academic rituals, and hearing for the first time "Dr.," rather than "Miss" Jamison."
Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
29. "Setiap huruf berloncatan mencari jodoh membentuk kata; setiap kata meliuk, melesat, dan mungkin saling bertabrakan dan rebutan mendapatkan jodoh untuk membentuk daya puitik. Setiap huruf mempunyai ruh, mempunyai nyawa, dan memilih kehidupannya sendiri."
Author: Leila S. Chudori
30. "Dan bibirnya adalah sepotong puisi yang belum selesai. Aku yakin, hanya bibirku yang bisa menyelesaikannya menjadi sebuah puisi yang lengkap."
Author: Leila S. Chudori
31. "We seek to uncoverbehind the events changes in the collective consciousness. We reject wholesale references to the "spontaneity" of the movement, references which in most casesexplain nothing and teach nobody. Revolutions take place according to certain laws. This does not mean that the masses in action are aware of the laws of revolution, but it does mean that the changes in mass consciousness are not accidental, but are subject to an objective necessity which is capable of theoretic explanation, and thus makes both prophecy and leadership possible."
Author: Leon Trotsky
32. "Jika seluruh hidupmu kau lesakkan dalam satu benda, terpikir olehmu benda apakah itu?"
Author: Lisa Febriyanti
33. "The real unforgivable acts are committed by calm men in beautiful green silk rooms, who deal death wholesale, by the shipload, without lust, without anger, or desire, or any redeeming emotion to excuse them but cold fear of some pretended future.But the crimes they hope to prevent in that future are imaginary. The ones they commit in the present - they are real."
Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
34. "Postremo pereunt imbres, ubi eos pater aether in gremium matris terrai praecipitavit;at nitidae surgunt fruges ramique virescuntarboribus, crescunt ipsae fetuque gravantur.hinc alitur porro nostrum genus atque ferarum,hinc laetas urbes pueris florere videmus frondiferasque novis avibus canere undique silvas,hinc fessae pecudes pinguis per pabula laetacorpora deponunt et candens lacteus umoruberibus manat distentis, hinc nova prolesartubus infirmis teneras lasciva per herbas ludit lacte mero mentes perculsa novellas.haud igitur penitus pereunt quaecumque videntur,quando alit ex alio reficit natura nec ullamrem gigni patitur nisi morte adiuta aliena."
Author: Lucretius
35. "Tanganku terayun cepatsesuatu melesat, tak lama bunyi benda pecah terdengarkulirik lenganku. ada yang hilang di situada yang nampak berbedakuperhatikan saksama, setelah awalnya, jarum panjang dan pendeknyamenyatu di angka 12 beberapa minggu lalukini pelapis tembus pandang serta lingkaran putihpenghias deretan angka itu raibaku merabanya, mengelusnya pelansepertinya, inilah waktunya...inilah waktu yang tepat yang mengucap pisahsetelah setahun lebih menuntunkusebagai pengingat atas waktu yang sering terabaisebagai aksesori lenganku yang kadang kuacuhMaaf, karena aku yang tidak terlalu pandai merawatmumaaf, karena aku tak pernah membiarkanmu istirahatterima kasih, karena hadirmu, senyumku selalu teruntai.."
Author: Majdy
36. "Tuhanku Yang Maha Lembut,...Maafkanlah aku yang sering kesaldan memarahi diriku sendiriyang tak kunjung selesaimembuat kesalahan.Aku tahu,sulit bagiku untuk berlakusepenuhnya damai,jika hatiku masih menyembunyikansedikit keburukan.Tuhan,tenagailah ketegasanku untuk kembalike kesucian jiwaku,agar aku mematang dengan anggun.Aamiin"
Author: Mario Teguh
37. "San: You all right?Virt: I think i crapped myself a littleSam: Just a little? you've got nerves of steel."
Author: Michael Grant
38. "[Huxley's Perennial Philosophy is concerned with] the need to love the earth and respect nature instead of following the example of those who 'chopped down vast forests to provide the newsprint demanded by that universal literacy which was to make the world safe for intelligence and democracy, and got wholesale erosion, pulp magazines, and organs of Fascist, Communist, capitalist, and nationalist propaganda.' He attacked 'technological imperialism' and the mechanisation [sic] which was 'increasing the power of a minority to exercise a co-ersive control over the lives of their fellows' and 'the popular philosophy of life... now moulded by advertising copy whose one idea is to persuade everybody to be as extroverted and uninhibitedly greedy as possible, since of course it is only the possessive, the restless, the distracted, who spend money on the things that advertisers want to sell."
Author: Nicholas Murray
39. "While nobody can pretend that Christian religious practice is thriving in most of Europe, the situation is nothing as grim as some recent accounts suggest, nor do the population statistics justify the portrait of a wholesale barbarian invasion from Muslim lands."
Author: Philip Jenkins
40. "Kau tidak mengabdi padaku man, tidak, man. Kalau kau cuma mengabdi padaku, kalau aku tewas kau tinggal hidup, kau mengabdi kepada siapa lagi? kau cari Bendoro baru, kalau dia juga tewas? Kau mengabdi pada tanah ini, tanah yang memberimu nasi dan air. Tapi para raja dan para pangeran dan para bupati sudah jual tanah keramat ini pada Belanda. Kau hanya baru sampai melawan para raja, para pangeran, dan para bupati. Satu keturunan tidak bakal selesai, man. Kalau para raja, pangeran, dan bupati sudah dikalahkan, baru kau bisa berhadapan pada Belanda. Entah berapa turunan lagi. Tapi kerja itu mesti dimulai."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
41. "There are a dozen different ways of delivering destruction in impersonal wholesale, via ships and missiles of one sort or another, catastrophes so widespread, so unselective, that the war is over because that nation or planet has ceased to exist. What we do is entirely different. We make war as personal as a punch in the nose. We can be selective, applying precisely the required amount of pressure at the specified point at a designated time - we've never been told to go down and kill or capture all left-handed redheads in a particular area, but if they tell us to, we can. We will."
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
42. "Aku mencintaimu.Itu sebabnya aku takkan pernah selesai mendoakankeselamatanmu"
Author: Sapardi Djoko Damono
43. "Indonesia adlh bangsa majemuk yg berciri perbedaan. Utamakan dialog & saling menahan diri, agar benturan & kekerasan bisa diselesaikan."
Author: SBYudhoyono
44. "So hope for a great sea-changeOn the far side of revenge.Believe that further shoreIs reachable from here.Believe in miraclesAnd cures and healing wells."
Author: Seamus Heaney
45. "Quando os graduados [das] famosas escolas inglesas saíam com 18 ou 19 anos para Oxford ou Cambridge, possuíam uma segunda personalidade: normalizada, não sem atrativos, mas artificial - semelhante às árvores podadas dos jardins barrocos franceses.(...)O sistema educativo está mais do que testado e raramente falha. Exerce forças poderosas e terríveis, e o seu poder de sugestão é quase irresistível. Um ou outro poderá quebrar perante a sua força, mas a maioria sobrevive à sua dureza e torna-se mais ou menos solícito, mais ou menos completo, formado e marcado pelo sistema. Anos mais tarde olham em retrospectiva para os anos de escola como se tivessem sido os mais felizes da sua vida."
Author: Sebastian Haffner
46. "All you need is a twenty in your pocket and a bus ticket. All you need is someone on the other end of the map, thinking about the supplecurves of your body, to guide you to a home that stretches out for milesand miles on end."
Author: Shinji Moon
47. "Borno, jangan pernah menilai sesuatu sebelum kau selesai dengannya, mengenal dengan baik."
Author: Tere Liye
48. "Online piracy needs to be dealt with itself, because people are just wholesale stealing people's work and not paying for it. It's very hard to figure out a way to fix it."
Author: Tim Heidecker
49. "Ada orang bilang bahwa cinta pasti dapat menyelesaikan segala problema yang ada.Padahal mungkin hanya dengan suguhan tulus kopi nikmat di pagi hari sudah cukup mengatasinya."
Author: Toba Beta
50. "...the priests of all these cults, the singers, shouters, prayers and exhorters of Bootstrap-lifting have as their distinguishing characteristic that they do very little lifting at their own bootstraps, and less at any other man's. Now and then you may see one bend and give a delicate tug, of a purely symbolical character: as when the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Bootstrap-lifters comes once a year to wash the feet of the poor; or when the Sunday-school Superintendent of the Baptist Bootstrap-lifters shakes the hand of one of his Colorado mine-slaves. But for the most part the priests and preachers of Bootstrap-lifting walk haughtily erect, many of them being so swollen with prosperity that they could not reach their bootstraps if they wanted to. Their role in life is to exhort other men to more vigorous efforts at self-elevation, that the agents of the Wholesale Pickpockets' Association may ply their immemorial role with less chance of interference."
Author: Upton Sinclair

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