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1. "That I have no right to be jealous is irrelevant. It is a human passion: the sick, white underbelly of love."
Author: Anita Shreve
2. "I have never indulged our society's misguided notion that my personal life is relevant to my work, so any reporting surrounding that is necessarily hearsay, speculation or fantasy."
Author: Billy Crudup
3. "One must be frank to be relevant."
Author: Corazon Aquino
4. "One job of the unconscious is to act as a workshop for rough-shaping ideas; crafting notions as new parts or tools become available; storing observations until something relevant appears in the landscape -- generally soaking, simmering, and incubating ideas. Gradually, while combing through its inventory, it finds bits and pieces that create a pattern. When it slips knowledge of that pattern to the conscious mind, it's a surprise, like a telegram slid under the door."
Author: Diane Ackerman
5. "Well, I think there are artists who are more or less contemporary with Hopper who are more relevant."
Author: Donald Judd
6. "This is one of theprimary mechanisms whereby, if a fool says the sun is shining, we do notcorrectly discard this as irrelevant nonevidence, but rather find ourselvesimpelled to say that it must be dark outside."
Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
7. "Si él estuviera en mi lugar y yo en el suyo, aunque le odiara con un odio que convirtiera mi vida en hiel, nunca hubiera levantado la mano contra él. [...] nunca le hubiera echado de su compañía, mientras ella la deseara. En el momento en que el afecto desapareciera, yo le hubiera arrancado el corazón y bebido su sangre. Pero hasta entonces [...] me hubiera dejado morir a pedazos antes de tocar un solo pelo de su cabeza."
Author: Emily Brontë
8. "The use of method as the criterion of science abolishes theoretical relevance. As a consequence, all propositions concerning facts will be promoted to the dignity of science, regardless of their relevance, as long as they result from a correct use of method. Since the ocean of facts is infinite, a prodigious expansion of science in the sociological sense becomes possible, giving employment to scientistic technicians and leading to the fantastic accumulation of irrelevant knowledge through huge "research projects" whose most interesting features is the quantifiable expense that has gone into their production."
Author: Eric Voegelin
9. "I love being irreverent. But I hate being irrelevant. I love being irreverent because at the end of the day your actions belie your intentions."
Author: Esai Morales
10. "Whether most Muslims are peaceable is irrelevant. The fact is that fanatics rule Islam now & act-out what the Qur'an truly says ...maul, march, & murder every Infidel if they won't convert!"
Author: Gary Patton
11. "You can get yourself pretty thoroughly lost, in time and space, if you don't know where you are or where you have just come from. How is this relevant to creative writing and writing programs? First of all, there is a certain amount of misinformation masquerading as assumed history -- as the story of creative writing in America."
Author: George Garrett
12. "I have every reason to believe that an individual man or woman fluent in several tongues seduces, possesses, remembers differently according to his or her use of the relevant language."
Author: George Steiner
13. "I wasn't in love with her. And she didn't love me. For me the question of love was irrelevant. What I sought was the sense of being tossed about by some raging, savage force, in the midst of which lay something absolutely crucial. I had no idea what that was. But I wanted to thrust my hand right inside her body and touch it, whatever it was."
Author: Haruki Murakami
14. "En la juventud éramos íntegros y el terror y el dolor del mundo nos penetraron por completo. No había una clara separación entre la alegría y la pena: se fundían en una sola cosa, al igual que nuestras horas de lucidez se funden con el sueño y el dormir. Nos levantamos por la mañana siendo unos seres, y por la noche, completamente ahogados, bajamos a un mar empuñando las estrellas y la fiebre del día."
Author: Henry Miller
15. "I've always said, 'I don't want to be irrelevant.'"
Author: Henry Paulson
16. "Horza recalled that the Culture's attitude to somebody who believed in an omnipotent God was to pity them, and to take no more notice of the substance of their faith than one would take of the ramblings of somebody claiming to be Emperor of the Universe. The nature of the belief wasn't totally irrelevant - along with the person's background and upbringing, it might tell you something about what had gone wrong with them - but you didn't take their views seriously."
Author: Iain Banks
17. "The daughter of the literary biographer Leslie Stephen, and close friend of the innovative biographer of the Victorians, Lytton Strachey, Woolf herself put forward, in ‘The New Biography' (1927) (reviewing work by another biographer acquaintance, Harold Nicolson), her own memorable theory of biography, encapsulated in her phrase ‘granite and rainbow'. ‘Truth' she envisions ‘as something of granite-like solidity', and ‘personality assomething of rainbow-like intangibility', and ‘the aim of biography', she proposes, ‘is to weld these two into one seamless whole' (E4 473). The following short biographical account ofWoolf will attempt to keep to the basic granitelike facts that Woolf novices need to know, while also occasionally attending in brief to the more elusive, but equally relevant, matter of rainbow-like personality."
Author: Jane Goldman
18. "What others are doing or accomplishing is irrelevant to your growth."
Author: Janet Gallagher Nestor
19. "Why would you have a work day that does not respond to shorter or longer day length? There's something that we lose, taking our schedules away from that locally relevant rhythm."
Author: Jessa Gamble
20. "Racists will always call you a racist when you identify their racism. To love yourself now - is a form of racism. We are the only people who are criticized for loving ourselves. and white people think when you love yourself you hate them. No, when I love myself they become irrelevant to me."
Author: John Henrik Clarke
21. "... por razones de oficio, ven mucho mundo, no hay nada que los sorprenda. Además, como ya en esta época era sabido, la carne es extremadamente débil, y no tanto por su culpa, pues el espíritu, cuyo deber, en un principio, sería levantar una barrera contra todas las tentaciones, es siempre el primero en ceder, en izar la bandera blanca de la rendición."
Author: José Saramago
22. "El pasado es un inmenso pedregal que a muchos les gustaría recorrer como si de una autopista se tratara, mientras otros, pacientemente, van de piedra en piedra, y las levantan, porque necesitan saber qué hay debajo de ellas."
Author: José Saramago
23. "O artesão no seu trabalho não deve levantar-se ante o maior doutor, podemos imaginar com que orgulho profissional começava José a instruir os seus filhos mais velhos, um após outro, à medida que chegavam à idade, primeiro Jesus, depois Tiago, depois José, depois Judas, nos segredos e tradições da arte carpinteira, atento ele, também, à antiga sentença popular que assim reza, O trabalho do menino é pouco, mas quem o desdenha é louco, foi o que veio a chamar-se trabalho infantil."
Author: José Saramago
24. "...a carne é supinamente fraca, e não tanto por sua culpa, pois o espírito, cujo dever, em princípio, seria levantar uma barreira contra todas as tentações, é sempre o primeiro a ceder, a içar a bandeira branca da rendição."
Author: José Saramago
25. "There was shish-kabob for lunch, huge, savory hunks of spitted meat sizzling like the devil over charcoal after marinating seventy-two hours in a secret mixture Milo had stolen from a crooked trader in the Levant, served with Iranian rice and asparagus tips Parmesan, followed by cherries jubilee for dessert and then steaming cups of fresh coffee with Benedictine and brandy."
Author: Joseph Heller
26. "Why is the human need to be in control relevant to a discussion of random patterns? Because if events are random, we are not in control, and if we are in control of events, they are not random, there is therefore a fundamental clash between our need to feel we are in control and our ability to recognize randomness. That clash is one of the principal reasons we misinterpret random events. In fact, inducing people to mistake luck for skills, or pointless actions for control, is one of the easiest enterprises a research psychologist can engage in ask people to control flashing lights by pressing a dummy button, and they will believe they are succeeding even though the lights are flashing at random. Show people a circle of lights that flash at random and tell them that by concentrating they can cause the flashing to move in clockwise direction, and they will astonish themselves with their ability to make it happen."
Author: Leonard Mlodinow
27. "We don't recognize those times in our existence, when fate rolls around to sever relationships, to remove an object of such immense magnitude from our lives. No, on a whim it robs us of our last goodbyes and forces us to try and recall the most irrelevant of things like what they were clothed it the last time we saw them, what the expression was on their face. ~Acronis"
Author: Madison Thorne Grey
28. "Did you know that she was cyborg?" asked a woman in an unhidden tone of disgust.Kai stared at her, appearing confused, then let his gaze dance over the crowd. He shuffled his feetcloser to the podium, a wrinkle forming on the bridge of his nose.Cinder bit the inside of her cheek and braced herself for adamant disgust. Who would ever invite acyborg to the ball?But instead, Kai said simply, "I don't see that her being cyborg is relevant. Next question?"Cinder's metal fingers jolted."
Author: Marissa Meyer
29. "Contextualization is about showing the relevance of the gospel, not making the gospel relevant. That's the essence of contextualization."
Author: Mark Driscoll
30. "Thinking outside the box' is ridiculous nonsense, since whatever you can do in a 'box' or closed environment is not 'thinking'. If I 'think' about a problem but limit my thoughts to certain dimensions - then i am not thinking at all, because thinking implies that one at least tries to take all relevant factors into consideration, and as there's usually no way to tell which factors are and which are not relevant restricted thought is not 'thinking' and so 'thinking outside the box' is simply a eufemism for 'let's start to think', but the metafor implies a hidden desire to return to conformity immediately."
Author: Martinus Hendrikus Benders
31. "In order to say that some function is understood, every relevant step in the process must be elucidated."
Author: Michael Behe
32. "Marriage felt like a fading American institution, as relevant to me as the Elks Club. Plus, I considered myself punk rock, and punk rockers don't believe in boring societal conventions like marriage. We prefer boring societal conventions like punk rock."
Author: Michael Ian Black
33. "It's a question of why they come for your advice. Whatever I tell you, it doesn't matter, it is completely irrelevant in a way. I know so many actors who were discouraged and put that aside. You will get half-baked opinions."
Author: Michael York
34. "No, it isn't irrelevant. You want me as much as I want you. And all I want is you."
Author: Michelle Hodkin
35. "I'd been surprised when I first realized that I found him attractive; that hadn't happened to me before. The fact that he turned out to be handsome to other people was irrelevant."
Author: Mira Grant
36. "So, in a sense, the verification piece is irrelevant to the format issue."
Author: Mitchell Reiss
37. "Being relevant simply consists in paying close attention to the point that is being talked about and saying nothing that is not significantly related to it."
Author: Mortimer J. Adler
38. "Whether you live or die is irrelevant. You are Arameri, and like all of us, you will serve."
Author: N.K. Jemisin
39. "Sexual satisfaction eases the stranglehold of materialism, since status symbols no longer look sexual, but irrelevant. Product lust weakens where emotional and sexual lust intensifies. The price we pay for artificially buoying up this market is our heart's desire. The beauty myth keeps a gap of fantasy between men and women. That gap is made with mirrors; no law of nature supports it. It keeps us spending vast sums of money and looking distractedly around us, but its smoke and reflection interfere with our freedom to be sexually ourselves."
Author: Naomi Wolf
40. "They think that intelligence is about noticing things are relevant (detecting patterns); in a complex world, intelligence consists in ignoring things that are irrelevant (avoiding false patterns)"
Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
41. "Eso es lo que conmemoran con esa estatua en el puerto de Nueva York: a una zorra a la que le gustaba que se la follasen sobre los desperdicios del volquete que transportaba a los que iban a ser guillotinados. Ya puedes levantar la antorcha tanto como quieras, querida, que todavía tienes ratas en el vestido y semen frío corriendo por tus piernas."
Author: Neil Gaiman
42. "I live on my books. on my writings, i live on my royalties: the percentage an author recieves on each sold copy. and i am proud of it. i am so even though such percentage is small or i should say irrelevant."
Author: Oriana Fallaci
43. "I love learning about different dialects and I own all sorts of regional and time-period slang dictionaries. I often browse through relevant ones while writing a story. I also read a lot of diaries and oral histories."
Author: Ron Rash
44. "Told often enough that they are the source of sin, women may well begin feeling guilty as they accept the necessity for penance. Taught effectively enough that they are irrelevant to the important processes of society, women begin to feel they are living invisibly."
Author: Sandra M. Gilbert Susan Gubar
45. "What was I supposed to do then I wondered. Was there even a supposed-to for this kind of situation? A situation when when I looked at my receding past everything seemed retrospectively marked by an extreme order and predictability yet all moments since seemed to obey, and promised to continue obeying, their own set of stochastic, undisclosed, and undiscoverable laws. Where I was fully aware of the pitfalls and folly of a finely-tuned narcissism but still the known universe seemed to bend and bend inexorably inward and towards me where it awaited my next move, supremely ready to react accordingly. And how I knew that decisions I would soon make or defer would have near-Sophoclean import and yet nonetheless it all seemed oddly irrelevant."
Author: Sergio De La Pava
46. "Recommendations and categorization are both useful features to seek out when trying to make a difficult decision, because they can benefit our choices in two ways. They make the decision in question easier by allowing us to borrow the knowledge of experts or crowds, and they also help us to develop our own expertise more rapidly than we would if we chose without assistance. Learning what others consider good and relevant provides us with a general overview of a given field, catalyzing our understanding of it and the development of our preferences within it."
Author: Sheena Iyengar
47. "Well, I don't find glamour and clothing relevant."
Author: Tea Leoni
48. "Even if we grant that digital natives think and learn somewhat differently than older generations, we may be doing them a disservice to de-emphasize 'legacy' content such as reading, writing, and logical thinking, or to say that the methodologies we have used in the past are no longer relevant... Digital immigrants and natives alike are bombarded with vast volumes of information in today's electronic society, which... calls for an even greater emphasis on critical thinking and research skills -- the very sort of 'legacy' content that teachers have focused on since classical times"
Author: Timothy VanSlyke
49. "Human race had never planned to show up in this universe.I wonder whether current human efforts are relevant to its sustainability."
Author: Toba Beta
50. "I think of hip hop as a mass media, radio, MTV thing. It's been extremely relevant over the last 10 years and rock music is just not anymore—-a tear rolls down my cheek as I say that."
Author: Win Butler

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