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1. "Resistance in Palestine will continue until the final liberation of all the Palestinian lands."
Author: Ahmed Yassin
2. "Yeah, I am a guy working on physics outside of academia. But I'm nowhere near Einstein's caliber."
Author: Antony Garrett Lisi
3. "CLARE: The library is cool and smells like carpet cleaner, although all I can see is marble."
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
4. "What a curious phenomenon it is that you can get men to die for the liberty of the world who will not make the little sacrifice that is needed to free themselves from their own individual bondage."
Author: Bruce Barton
5. "Igal raamatul, igal köitel, mida sa näed, on hing. Kirjutaja hing ja nende hing, kes seda on lugenud, sellega koos elanud ja unistanud. Iga kord, kui raamat uutesse kätesse läheb, iga kord, kui kellegi pilk üle ta lehekülgede libiseb, kasvab tema vaim suuremaks ja tugevamaks."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
6. "The events with Henry III happened, obviously the way it happened, liberties were taken."
Author: Catherine McCormack
7. "And yet, despite repeated assurances that women aren't particularly sexual creatures, in cultures around the world men have gone to extraordinary lengths to control female libido: female genital mutilation, head-to-toe chadors, medieval witch burnings, chastity belts, suffocating corsets, muttered insults about "insatiable" whores, pathologizing, paternalistic medical diagnoses of nymphomania or hysteria, the debilitating scorn heaped on any female who chooses to be generous with her sexuality...all parts of a worldwide campaign to keep the supposedly low-key female libido under control. Why the electrified high-security razor-wire fence to contain a kitty-cat?"
Author: Christopher Ryan
8. "We Latin women are liberated from the neck up, not the neck down."
Author: Cristina Saralegui
9. "Your sense of paralysis will be intensified if your family and friends are in the habit of pushing and cajoling you. Their nagging should statements reinforce the insulting thoughts already echoing through your head. Why is their pushy approach doomed to failure? It's a basic law of physics that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Any time you feel shoved, whether by someone's hand actually on your chest or by someone trying to boss you around, you will naturally tighten up and resist so as to maintain your equilibrium and balance. You will attempt to exert your self-control and preserve your dignity by refusing to do the thing that you are being pushed to do. The paradox is that you often end up hurting yourself."
Author: David D. Burns
10. "The modern West has been deeply split about freedom and responsibility. On the one hand, it has championed human freedom in many forms - human rights, sexual freedom, political liberty, freedom to choose in many spheres. On the other hand, many of its most intelligent members have not believed that people are free at all, and have devoted great efforts to show that really we are the product of our genes, our unconscious drives, our education, economic pressures, or other forms of conditioning."
Author: David F. Ford
11. "Fenworth owned a world-famous library. More rooms held books than beds. Pillows stuffed in niches and comfortable chairs scattered throughout each room offered abundant paces to curl up and read."
Author: Donita K. Paul
12. "Libertarians are essentially what the Republicans were 30 years ago. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. They'd all fit more under the Libertarian label than the modern day Republican label."
Author: Drew Carey
13. "The idea of a library full of books, the books full of knowledge, fills me with fear and love and courage and endless wonder."
Author: Elizabeth McCracken
14. "Yr/ humanity counterfeityr/ liberty cankered with simulation"
Author: Ezra Pound
15. "So our problem is not Labour, it is us, is making us attractive enough to gain disillusioned Labour support and to compete effectively with the Lib Dems for those loose votes."
Author: Francis Maude
16. "Tethered heart, free spirit.--If one tethers one's heart severely and imprisons it, one can give one's spirit many liberties."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
17. "No podría expresarme mejor su desprecio que dejándome hablar libremente y sin censura de mi amor."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
18. "I'm so proud of my Chinese ancestry, but I was born and raised in America, and I really believe in American values, our American system, our freedom, our liberties."
Author: Gary Locke
19. "The truly longstanding tradition in the church is that some are called to celibacy. Some feel called to it. But the church has never supported that celibacy be mandated for someone not called to it. It's never imposed on someone."
Author: Gene Robinson
20. "A man is called a traitor, or liberator. A rich man is a theif or philanthropist. Is one a crusader or ruthless invader? It's all in which label is able to persist."
Author: Gregory Maguire
21. "What we read and why we do so defines us in a profound way. You are what you read, I suppose. Browsing through someone's library is like peeking into their DNA"
Author: Guillermo Del Toro
22. "There was one of two things I had a right to: liberty or death. If I could not have one, I would take the other, for no man should take me alive. I should fight for liberty as long as my strength lasted."
Author: Harriet Tubman
23. "But now, his liberated eyes stayed on this side, he saw and became aware of the visible, sought to be at home in this world, did not search for the true essence, did not aim at a world beyond. Beautiful was this world, looking at it thus, without searching, thus simply, thus childlike"
Author: Hermann Hesse
24. "Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, all I have and call my own. You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours; do with it what you will. Give me only your love and your grace, that is enough for me."
Author: Ignatius Of Loyola
25. "To insult someone we call him 'bestial. For deliberate cruelty and nature, 'human' might be the greater insult."
Author: Isaac Asimov
26. "- Cierra la boca, Perry -dice Julie, pegándome en el hombro-. La gente aún lee.-¿En serio? -pregunta Nora.-Bueno, yo sí. ¿A quién le importa si hay una industria detrás de ello? Si todo el mundo esta muy ocupado construyendo cosas y disparando a cosas como para alimentar sus almas, que se jodan. Sólo escríbelo en un cuaderno y me lo das. Yo lo leeré.-Un libro para una sola persona -dice Nora, mirándome-. ¿Podría ser que valga la pena?Julie responde por mí. -Por lo menos sus pensamientos sandrán de su cabeza, ¿verdad? Por lo menas alguien los llegaría a ver. Creo que sería hermoso. Sería como ser dueño de un pedacito de su cerebro."
Author: Isaac Marion
27. "The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty."
Author: James Madison
28. "I am the Thing. Existence, liberated, released, surges over me. I exist."
Author: Jean Paul Sartre
29. "Boys forget what their country means by just reading 'The Land of the Free' in history books. Then they get to be men. They forget even more. Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books."
Author: Jefferson Smith
30. "Could people be trained to be less gullible? Or are you as stuck with gullibility as you are with skin colour?"
Author: Keith Henson
31. "And Sarah still looked like the sexiest librarian on earth, which is as those of you who frequent libraries know means very sexy indeed, but with that added owlish touch that drives you wild."
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
32. "I'm as radical as libertarians come."
Author: L. Neil Smith
33. "Today the sight that discourages book people most is to walk into a public library and see computers where books used to be. In many cases not even the librarians want books to be there. What consumers want now is information, and information increasingly comes from computers. That is a preference I can't grasp, much less share, though I'm well aware that computers have many valid uses. They save lives, and they make research in most cases a thing that's almost instantaneous. They do many good things.But they don't really do what books do, and why should they usurp the chief function of a public library, which is to provide readers access to books? Books can accommodate the proximity of computers but it doesn't seem to work the other way around. Computers now literally drive out books from the place that should, by definition, be books' own home: the library."
Author: Larry McMurtry
34. "If the prosecution of crime is to be conducted with so little regard for that protection which centuries of English law have given to the individual, we are indeed at the dawn of a new era; and much that we have deemed vital to our liberties, is a delusion."
Author: Learned Hand
35. "Science will liberate us from the chains of big cities and lead us back to nature."
Author: Lennart Meri
36. "Good God. I don't believe St. Vincent and the word ‘celibacy' have ever been mentioned in the same sentence before."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
37. "Iba a decirte que no puedes emplear de peor manera tu tiempo que haciendo versos. Un autor, sea bueno o malo, o incluso las dos cosas, es un animal a quien todo el mundo se siente con derecho de atacar. Pues aunque no todos son capaces de escribir libros, todos se consideran capacitados para juzgarlo."
Author: Matthew Gregory Lewis
38. "Slowly, even though I thought it would never happen, New York lost its charm for me. I remember arriving in the city for the first time, passing with my parents through the First World's Club bouncers at Immigration, getting into a massive cab that didn't have a moment to waste, and falling in love as soon as we shot onto the bridge and I saw Manhattan rise up through the looks of parental terror reflected in the window. I lost my virginity in New York, twice (the second one wanted to believe he was the first so badly). I had my mind blown open by the combination of a liberal arts education and a drug-popping international crowd. I became tough. I had fun. I learned so much.But now New York was starting to feel empty, a great party that had gone on too long and was showing no sign of ending soon. I had a headache, and I was tired. I'd danced enough. I wanted a quiet conversation with someone who knew what load-shedding was."
Author: Mohsin Hamid
39. "To him it was a sort of hyperspace-librarian, girl-geek thing that he found clever and fetching without attracting him in a way that would have been creepy."
Author: Neal Stephenson
40. "You're always in the kitchen," Alianora said when she poked her head through the door a moment later. "Or the library. Don't you ever do anything but cook and read?"
Author: Patricia C. Wrede
41. "I always get lost in the library,' he said, 'no matter how many times I go. In fact, I think I get lost there more, the more that I go. Like it's getting to know me and revealing new passages."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
42. "Cuando muere, todo el mundo debe dejar algo detrás, decía mi abuelo. Un hijo, unlibro, un cuadro, una casa, una pared levantada o un par de zapatos. O un jardínplantado. Algo que tu mano tocará de un modo especial, de modo que tu alma tengaalgún sitio a donde ir cuando tú mueras, y cuando la gente mire ese árbol, o esa flor, quetú plantaste, tú estarás allí. «No importa lo que hagas -decía-, en tanto que cambies algorespecto a como era antes de tocarlo, convirtiéndolo en algo que sea como tú después deque separes de ellos tus manos."
Author: Ray Bradbury
43. "Hay solo dos cosas con las que uno se puede acostar: Una persona y un libro"
Author: Ray Bradbury
44. "El silencio que brota de los libros y nos envuelve es un silencio lleno de sonidos."
Author: Rodrigo Fresán
45. "The liberals in the House strongly resemble liberals I have known through the last two decades in the civil rights conflict. When it comes time to show on which side they will be counted, they excuse themselves."
Author: Shirley Chisholm
46. "She found it quite easy to interpret builders' estimates and do VAT calculations. She'd got some books from the library, and found finance to be both interesting and uncomplicated. She'd stopped reading the kind of women's magazine that talks about romance and knitting and started reading the kind of women's magazine that talks about orgasms, but apart from making a mental note to have one if ever the occasion presented itself she dismissed them as only romance and knitting in a new form. So she'd started reading the kind of magazine that talked about mergers."
Author: Terry Pratchett
47. "I had been gullible, naive, soft, pliable. That's why I got taken advantage of. To survive, you have to have a tough skin."
Author: Tia Carrere
48. "Questro libro è un dramma in cui il primo personaggio è l'infinito: l'uomo il secondo."
Author: Victor Hugo
49. "In the course of aesthetic experience, the perceiver may be overwhelmed by this 'mere object', overcome with emotion, altered to the very roots of his being.[...] The experience of beauty involves an exchange of power, and as such, it is often disorienting, a mix of humility and exaltation, subjugation and liberation, awe and mystified pleasure.[...] Many people, fearing a pleasure they cannot control, have vilified beauty as a siren or a whore. Since at one time or another though, everyone answers to 'her' call, it would be well if we could recognize the meaning of our succumbing as a valuable response, an opportunity for self-revelation rather than defeat.[...] It entails a flexibility and empathy toward 'Others' in general and the capacity to see ourselves as both active and passive without fearing that we will be diminished in the process."
Author: Wendy Steiner
50. "Every major movement in world history has recognized the strategic importance of mobilizing children. The Nazis had their Hitler Youth bands. The Chinese Communists had their Red Guards. The Taliban in Afghanistan had their madrash schools to instill extremism in the young. The great omission seems to be unique to Christians."
Author: Wess Stafford

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