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1. "He likes you. You like him, you're just scared. Well," she glanced over her shoulder and dropped her voice, "unless you tell me he's some freaky psycho-killer..." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Then I'm not letting you mess this up for yourself. Your creepy hermit status is officially over."
Author: AandE Kirk
2. "What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow."
Author: A.A. Milne
3. "Animals keep you company when you're really lonely. It helps because when you have a friend around who always likes you no matter what - it's harder to feel bad or down."
Author: Aaron Carter
4. "Everybody likes compliment."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
5. "People want to be friends with someone who likes to have a good time."
Author: Adam DeVine
6. "I know, I know…there's something cliché about that. The heroine initially wanting to clobber a protagonist male, but later realizing that he's grown on her and she actually really likes him. Technically, I'm not supposed to find that appealing. But maybe real life is a lot more cliché than anyone wants to admit. Or maybe there's just a fine, subjective line between the cliché and the poetic."
Author: Angela N. Blount
7. "A person who is true to himself likes and loves others for what they are and not what they have."
Author: Anuj Somany
8. "It was while he was on the tower thatRobbie came to the rampart beneath. 'I want you to look at this,' Robbie called up to him, and flourished a newly painted shield. 'You like it?'Thomas peered down and, in the moonlight, saw something red. 'What is it?' he asked. 'A blood smear?''You blind English bastard,' Robbie said, 'it's the red heart of Douglas!''Ah. From up here it looks likesomething died on the shield."
Author: Bernard Cornwell
9. "Hunny: So Hikaru is being Mr. Blind... while Tama obviously likes Haru, but he's too foolish to know it. Right, Takashi?Mori: Probably...Hunny: And then there's Kaoru and Kyoya. One of them is also unaware of his feelings. Do you think there'll be any progress before we graduate?Mori: I don't know..."
Author: Bisco Hatori
10. "Sometimes a policeman must confront people about lying. No one likes to be called a liar. But it is what it is! A fact is a fact! If someone is a liar, put them on notice. You should not be punished for doing the right thing. It is the job of a good investigator to get the truth."
Author: C. Snyder
11. "Wouldn't he know without being asked?' said Polly. 'I've no doubt he would,' said the Horse (still with his mouth full). 'But I've a sort of an idea he likes to be asked."
Author: C.S. Lewis
12. "Green-eyed monsters," said Magnus, and grinned. He deposited Chairman Meow on the ground, and the cat moved over to Alec, and rubbed against his leg. "The Chairman likes you.""Is that good?""I never date anyone my cat doesn't like," Magnus said easily, and stood up. "So let's say Friday night?"A great wave of relief came over Alec. "Really? You want to go out with me?"Magnus shook his head. "You have to stop playing hard to get, Alexander. It makes things difficult." He grinned."
Author: Cassandra Clare
13. "~Do you like him much?~I told you I like him a little. Where is the use of caring for him so very much? He is full of faults.~Is he?~All boys are.~More than girls?~Very likely. Wise people say it is folly to think anyboy perfect, and as to likes and diskiles, we should be friendly to all, and worship none."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
14. "Good God, what does it matter? If life is a tragedy, or a farce, or a disaster, or anything else, what do I care! Let life be what it likes. Give me a drink, that's what I want just now."
Author: D.H. Lawrence
15. "I'm somebody who likes codes and ciphers and chases and artwork and architecture, and all the things you find in a Robert Langdon thriller."
Author: Dan Brown
16. "The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."
Author: Elbert Hubbard
17. "The monster likes to talk; he jumps into your head and opens your mouth, making it spout your deepest darkest deceptions. Making you say all the things you'd rather not say, at least not in mixed company." (Ellen Hopkins)"
Author: Ellen Hopkins
18. "Nobody likes to life anchors."
Author: Ernest Hemingway
19. "Jen's been hiding the sugary cereals behind the granola, so I forget we have them. It's not a very nice thing to do.Jen likes the granola that feels like crackling leaves.I like cereal with taste as opposed to feelings."
Author: Erynn Mangum
20. "Writers have opinions - that, in part, is why they write. Therefore they have strong likes and dislikes."
Author: Frank Delaney
21. "Love is a religion, and its rituals cost more than those of other religions. It goes by quickly and, like a street urchin, it likes to mark its passage by a trail of devastation."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
22. "Ben often comes here. It's some kind of kangaroo graveyard. He likes to collect kangaroo bones. What can I say? It's just something Stink Collectors do."
Author: J.E. Fison
23. "I like to take my dog on the road. He stays up front; he likes it there."
Author: Jake Owen
24. "From: [email protected]: Saturday, June 8, 2013 1:18 PMTo: [email protected]: what happy looks likeSunrises over the harbor. Ice cream on a hot day. The sound of the waves down the street. The way my dog curls up next to me on the couch. Evening strolls. Great movies. Thunderstorms. A good cheeseburger. Fridays. Saturdays. Wednesdays, even. Sticking your toes in the water. Pajama pants. Flip-flops. Swimming. Poetry. The absence of smiley faces in an e-mail.What does it look like to you?"
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
25. "Pain isn't a lot of fun, at least not for most folks, but it is utterly unique to life. Pain — physical, emotional, and otherwise — is the shadow cast by everything you want out of life, the alternative to the result you were hoping for, and the inevitable creator of strength. From the pain of our failures we learn to be better, stronger, greater than what we were before. Pain is there to tell us when we've done something badly—it's a teacher, a guide, one that is always there to both warn us of our limitations and challenge us to overcome them.For something no one likes, pain does us a whole hell of a lot of good."
Author: Jim Butcher
26. "I wonder if it's putting on someone else's skin for a while that she likes so much, or if it's the option of being able to send back a circumstance that just doesn't suit you."
Author: Jodi Picoult
27. "The verge, he likes to say. That's where we want them, the utter, utter verge."
Author: Kathe Koja
28. "The average human being is actually quite bad at predicting what he or she should do in order to be happier, and this inability to predict keeps people from, well, being happier. In fact, psychologist Daniel Gilbert has made a career out of demonstrating that human beings are downright awful at predicting their own likes and dislikes. For example, most research subjects strongly believe that another $30,000 a year in income would make them much happier. And they feel equally strongly that adding a 30-minute walk to their daily routine would be of trivial import. And yet Dr. Gilbert's research suggests that the added income is far less likely to produce an increase in happiness than the addition of a regular walk."
Author: Kerry Patterson
29. " Oberon said from behind the counter.I busied myself making Emily's tea and spoke to him through our link. 'Yes, well, she's decided to take the high road, so I'll be happy to walk it with her as long as she likes.''Nope. She's a witch. A polite witch, but still a witch. She's got a charm on her hair that would have had me giving her anything she wanted if I hadn't been wearing protection. Don't take anything from her, by the way.''Oh yes she does. Emily has probably already told her.''How would you know the difference if she did? You think all sausages are magic."
Author: Kevin Hearne
30. "What couldn't I do now, having already committed such a breach of fashion logic and lived to tell the tale? Why couldn't I pretend to be a woman with a solid core of self-worth, who likes herself no matter what the nearest handsome man or evil mother thinks of her?"
Author: Laurie Viera Rigler
31. "We're all entitled to our different likes and dislikes. Imagine the world if we all liked the same things."
Author: Malia Ann Haberman
32. "The fact that Eddie Vedder likes to play 3 hour plus shows a night, I have to be ready for that."
Author: Matt Cameron
33. "The elephants we have seen taunted and tormented and slaughtered by the likes of Safari Club do not have time to wait while the world's ethicists work out some centuries-long paradigm shift in moral thought."
Author: Matthew Scully
34. "Anyone who (dis)likes G. W. Bush, but (dis)likes B. H. Obama, is either completely delusional or a complete idiot."
Author: Michel Templet
35. " animal likes to be pecked on the anus by a duck."
Author: Nicholson Baker
36. "I'm someone who likes to keep busy, especially with projects that I find meaningful and fulfilling."
Author: Niki Taylor
37. "She likes us," said Umbo. "I know, I could feel it too," said Rigg. "She's really glad to have us here. I think she loves us like her own children." "Whom she murdered and cut up into the stew." "They were delicious."
Author: Orson Scott Card
38. "What hinders me from hearing is that I am taken up with other things. It is not that I will not hear God, but I am not devoted in the right place. I am devoted to things, to service, to convictions, and God may say what He likes but I do not hear Him."
Author: Oswald Chambers
39. "Reflect, old man! We have been pals for years. Your mother likes me.""No, she doesn't.""Well, anyway, we were at school together and you owe me a tenner.""Oh, well," he said in a resigned sort of voice."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
40. "No one likes incomplete story, so does the God :-)"
Author: Raj Vanjara
41. "My dad says he likes to bask in my glow."
Author: Robert Pattinson
42. "I could not get used to the idea of ther being classes of people inherently inferior to oneself, to whom one could be as odiously condescendign or downright brutal as one likes, yet with whom one lived as intimately as family."
Author: Robyn Davidson
43. "I don't trust men everybody likes. Being nice isn't the same as being good."
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
44. "Being single is not as bad as everyone likes to make it seem!"
Author: Shay Mitchell
45. "My God. Is there some unwritten law that you guys have to be giants? (Amanda)What can I say? Artemis likes her Dark-Hunters tall. Short men need not apply. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
46. "When a man likes you, he will be interested in finding out what you like. If he makes you happy, he feels more secure. Everything men do is intended to impress women."
Author: Sherry Argov
47. "I'm just here to be your friend. Your best friend, one last time.You'd think I'd be used to telling you goodbye by now"C'mon, Bells! Nessie likes me, too,"
Author: Stephenie Meyer
48. "It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks."
Author: Tacitus
49. "The way corporate media likes to portray America is as a homogenous whole that high-five's each other at the Super Bowl. But what we have is a grotesque disparity between the rich and poor that is only getting wider."
Author: Tom Morello
50. "The likes of Frank Lampard and John Terry at Chelsea, English players with proper status at a club, they're going to be like the dodo bird. Extinct."
Author: Vinnie Jones

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