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1. "Tristan stepped away from me. "No, Robbie, listen. If there were any other way to turn off her programming, I would tell you. Lisa wants to know what she really feels, free of the programming, and I think we should help her. The pills will still keep her a bit compliant until we get her weaned off of them, but at least we can turn off her compulsion to please me sexually. Then she can really choose who she loves."
Author: A. Violet End
2. "Banyak keajaiban di dunia karena orang telah memasang tekad dan niat, dan lalu mencoba merealisasikannya."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
3. "For all cats have this particularity, each and every one, from the meanest alley sneaker to the proudest, whitest she that ever graced a pontiff's pillow — we have our smiles, as it were, painted on. Those small, cool, quite Mona Lisa smiles that smile we must, no matter whether it's been fun or it's been not. So all cats have a politician's air; we smile and smile and so they think we're villains"
Author: Angela Carter
4. "Imagine your whole life aimed at conquest, at the spread of Radchaai space. You see murder and destruction on an unimaginable scale, but they see the spread of civilisation, of Justice and Propiety, of Benefit for the universe. The death and destruction, these are unavoidable by-products of this one, supreme good."
Author: Ann Leckie
5. "Tulisan Ki Hadjar Dewantara mengandung greget dan bernafaskan perdjuangan. Bukan semata-mata sebagai beberan dan bahasan ilmu, tetapi ia djuga mengandung petundjuk memperdjuangkannya gagasan itu. Bukan hanja kupasan tanpa tudjuan, bukannja ilmu tanpa tjita-tjita jang dikemukakan dan dilengkapi dan dipersenjatai ilmu. Tulisan-tulisannja tidak sadja menjuruh orang untuk berfikir, tetapi ia mengadjak kita berbuat, berdjuang untuk tjita-tjita dengan pengetahuan sebagai sendjatanya - Pengantar Buku Pendidikan Karya Ki Hadjar Dewantara"
Author: Arif Saifudin Yudistira
6. "Shut up. You don't have to buy a pair of shoes just because you tried them on. They may look great sitting on the shelf, but that doesn't mean they won't feel like medieval torture devices on your feet once you wear them around for a few days. It's the same thing with me." (Lisa)"
Author: Cherrie Lynn
7. "My own view is that this planet is used as a penal colony, lunatic asylum and dumping ground by a superior civilisation, to get rid of the undesirable and unfit. I can't prove it, but you can't disprove it either."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
8. "Revenge is a human trait, one that has been the cause of the destruction of civilisations many times over. But the goblins live on in peace and harmony, taking little notice of us and our mistakes."
Author: Count Anton Dance Of The Goblins
9. "Im Grunde unserer Seele sind wir Raubtiere. Intelligent, unersättlich und schnell. Alles, was wir in ein paar hunderttausend Jahren Entwicklung gegen unsere wahre Natur aufzubieten haben, ist bloß eine dünne Schicht aus Ritualen, die wir Zivilisation nennen."
Author: David Gray
10. "Anak muda adalah kegelisahan derap langkahnya adalah perubahan."
Author: E.S. Ito
11. "Melisande blinked rapidly, then looked back to the little box with garnet earrings. Her ears weren't even pierced. She touched one of the garnets with a fingertip and wondered if he'd ever looked-really looked- at her at all."
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
12. "Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel, when asked how to strike a better balance between family, work and self-realisation says: "You need the intention, good scheduling, and you have to be creative. If you don't find time to practice, one of the three is missing."
Author: Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel
13. "Scientific men can hardly escape the charge of ignorance with regard to the precise effect of the impact of modern science upon the mode of living of the people and upon their civilisation."
Author: Frederick Soddy
14. "Many clever men like you have trusted to civilization. Many clever Babylonians, many clever Egyptians, many clever men at the end of Rome. Can you tell me, in a world that is flagrant with the failures of civilisation, what there is particularly immortal about yours?"
Author: G.K. Chesterton
15. "You English palisade yourselves up behind 'must nots' and I commence to think it is a barren fortress in which you wall yourselves. - Caleb"
Author: Geraldine Brooks
16. "Our society was utterly, ruinously derivative (although the word derivative as a criticism is itself derivative). We were the first human beings who would never see anything for the first time. We stare at the wonders of the world, dull-eyed, underwhelmed. Mona Lisa, the Pyramids, the Empire State Building. Jungle animals on attack, ancient icebergs collapsing, volcanoes erupting. I can't recall a single amazing thing I have seen firsthand that I didn't immediately reference to a movie or TV show. A fucking commercial. You know the awful singsong of the blasé: Seeeen it. I've literally seen it all, and the worst thing, the thing that makes me want to blow my brains out, is: The secondhand experience is always better. The image is crisper, the view is keener, the camera angle and the soundtrack manipulate my emotions in a way reality can't anymore."
Author: Gillian Flynn
17. "There's a reason humans peg-out around eighty: prose fatigue. It looks like organ failure or cancer or stroke but it's really just the inability to carry on clambering through the assault course of mundane cause and effect. If we ask Sheila then we can't ask Ron. If I have the kippers now then it's quiche for tea. Four score years is about all the ifs and thens you can take. Dementia's the sane realisation you just can't be doing with all that anymore."
Author: Glen Duncan
18. "A generation of people are being radicalised by the criminalisation of information sharing."
Author: Heather Brooke
19. "There's a fleeting moment that exists for every individual just before they do something truly life-altering. Its that flash of insight and sanity that stalls your heartbeat and bloo flow - a quick warning - just before you explode and make a fool of yourself. Or that incredible brief instant of clarity you have before you floor the gas pedal and run the red light. It's a split second of self admonishment in which you realise that what you're about to do is wrong, but just as quickly choose to ignore that realisation and do it anyway. It's too fast to catch, too bright to see, utterly gone even before you've blinked and therefore, it does a person absolutely no good at all. And yet, there it is."
Author: Heather Killough Walden
20. "Slowly blossomed, slowly ripened in Siddhartha the realisation, the knowledge, what wisdom actually was, what the goal of his long search was. It was nothing but a readiness of the soul, an ability, a secret art, to think every moment, while living his life, the thought of oneness, to be able to feel and inhale the oneness."
Author: Hermann Hesse
21. "Plagiarism, is like a fatal plague which has engulfed our generation and culminated impersonate clones. sad but true.. a caricature has replaced Mona Lisa."
Author: Himmilicious
22. "Over recent years, urbanisation, globalisation and the destruction of local cultures has led to a rise in the prevalence of mental illness in the developing world."
Author: Iain McGilchrist
23. "Virtue is too passive, too narrow. Virtue can motivate individuals, but for groups, societies, a whole civilisation, it's a weak force. Nations are never virtuous, though they might sometimes think they are."
Author: Ian McEwan
24. "Miles, que estaba de espaldas a Danby, levantó la cabeza del libro. Miró primero la cabeza inclinada de Diana y después la de Lisa. Cuando Diana comenzó a alzar la cabeza, Miles volvió su atención al libro. Diana miró primero la cabeza inclinada de Miles y después la cabeza inclinada de Lisa. Cuando ésta empezó a levantar la cabeza, Diana volvió su atención al libro. Lisa miró primero la cabeza inclinada de Diana y después la de Miles. Cuando éste comenzó a levantar la cabeza otra vez, Lisa volvió su atención al libro. Reinaba un profundo silencio."
Author: Iris Murdoch
25. "I seriously believe that you will retard the course of civilisation in Ireland by preventing the Irish people from having one good look at themselves in my nicely polished looking glass."
Author: James Joyce
26. "I have learned as much in the last three years as in any other comparable period of my life, but with an added realisation of how little over a half century of study one has in fact managed to learn of the whole range of economic policy issues."
Author: James Meade
27. "What do you want, Lisanne?""You,""Are you sure? You don't get to have your first time again, baby doll. This isn't how I'd imagined it.""You've imagined it… with me?""Are you fucking kidding me? You are hot. I've wanted you since I met you, but I figured you just wanted to be friends. That's cool. I like having a friend who's a girl.""Can I just… can I touch you?"He nodded slowly, his eyes following her hand as it moved shakily to his waistband.Softly, she laid her hand over his crotch and felt his heat and hardness. He inhaled deeply."You are so fucking sexy."
Author: Jane Harvey Berrick
28. "In other words, knowledge of the external world begins with an immediate utilisation of things, whereas knowledge of self is stopped by this purely practical and utilitarian contact."
Author: Jean Piaget
29. "But what is a book? And what will change if we read onscreen rather than by turning the pages of a physical object? What will we gain, and more importantly, what will we lose? Old-fashioned habits, perhaps. A certain sense of the sacred that has surrounded the book in a civilisation that has made it our holy of holies. A peculiar intimacy between the author and reader, which the context of hypertextuality is bound to damage. A sense of existing in a self-contained world that the book and, along with it, certain ways of reading used to represent."
Author: Jean Philippe De Tonnac
30. "It gave me a moment of exquisite satisfaction to find myself moving away from civilisation in this rude canvas canoe of a model that has served primitive races since men first went to sea."
Author: John Millington Synge
31. "The church has never been asked to explain anything, our speciality, along with ballistics, has always been the neutralisation of the overly curious mind through faith."
Author: José Saramago
32. "Under the disguise amulet, Jenks looked very different with black hair and a darker complexion. He had his new aviator jacket on over the T-shirt he had bought in the previous store, making him a sexy, leggy, hunk o' pixy ass in jeans. No wonder he had fifty-four kids and Matalina smiled like Mona Lisa."
Author: Kim Harrison
33. "The blood and sweat shed by United States and United Nations troops proved to be the prime mover behind the realisation of freedom throughout the post-war period."
Author: Kim Young Sam
34. "It seemed truly frightening that it was only by sheer chance that she had met Nick. It could so easily not have happened and then she would have had a shadowy, half-alive existence, like some sort of woodland creature who never sees sunlight, never even knowing how much she could love and how much she could be loved. Elisabeth once said — very definitely and severely — that the right man didn't complete you, you have to find happiness yourself, and Alice nodded agreeably, while thinking to herself, 'Oh, but yes he does."
Author: Liane Moriarty
35. "Well, now I felt horrible. I'd marred perfectly good ass cheeks for no reason. It was as if I'd sneezed on the Mona Lisa."
Author: Molly Harper
36. "Civilization has given us enormous successes: going to the moon, technology. But then this is the civilisation that took us to debt, environmental crisis, every single crisis. We need a civilization where we say goodbye to these things."
Author: Muhammad Yunus
37. "Drink wine and look at the moonand think of all the civilisationsthe moon has seen passing by."
Author: Omar Khayyam
38. "Graff smiled a little Mona Lisa smile, if Mona Lisa had been a pudgy colonel."
Author: Orson Scott Card
39. "Astronauts have been stuck in low-Earth orbit, boldly going nowhere. American attempts to kick-start a new phase of lunar exploration have stalled amid the realisation that NASA's budget is too small for the job."
Author: Paul Davies
40. "Entrer chez les gens pour déconcerter leurs idées, leur faire la surprise d'être surpris de ce qu'ils font, de ce qu'ils pensent, et qu'ils n'ont jamais conçu différent, c'est, au moyen de l'ingénuité feinte ou réelle, donner à ressentir toute la relativité d'une civilisation, d'une confiance habituelle dans l'ordre établi."
Author: Paul Valéry
41. "Rosario is safe. You were supposed to outlive me. Elisa is ten times the ruler you were. I've stolen your wife. I'm not sorry.I miss you."
Author: Rae Carson
42. "Elisa, tell me truly. Have you attained that kind of power? The kind that would frighten an animagus?""I have."Her eyes widen and her lips part. She says to Storm, "You always speak truly, yes?""Yes, Your Highness.""You are also an animagus, are you not?""I am.""And you believe my sister has the kind of power she claims?""No," he says. "She is being modest."
Author: Rae Carson
43. "The journey to the realisation of your dreams is difficult; you will have to climb the mountains of despair, brave the storms of self doubt, be resolute in the winds of ridicule but the in the very end you will get a kind of self satisfaction that no one can take away from you"
Author: Rassool Jibraeerl Snyman
44. "Queen Vasilisa Sabina Rhea Dragomir, first of her name."
Author: Richelle Mead
45. "We need a greening of globalisation."
Author: Sigmar Gabriel
46. "Dijo que a una chica como Mary Elisabeth no deberías decirle que está guapa. Deberías decirle lo bonito que es su conjunto, porque su conjunto es elección suya, mientras que su cara no lo es."
Author: Stephen Chbosky
47. "The insistence that the commercialisation of the body is a fit subject for political discussion and intervention is well overdue."
Author: Susie Orbach
48. "Nothing can appear more contradictory than the principles on which the old governments began, and the condition to which society, civilisation and commerce are capable of carrying mankind. Government, one the old system, is an assumption of power, for the aggrandisement of itself; on the new, a delegation of power for the common benefit of society. The former supports itself by keeping up a system of war; the later promotes a system of peace, as the true means of enriching a nation. The one encourages national prejudices; the other promotes universal society, as the means of universal commerce. The one measures its prosperity, by the quantity of revenue it extorts; the other proves its excellence, by the small quantity of taxes it requires."
Author: Thomas Paine
49. "Kali comes from the Sanskrit word ‘kal', meaning time. She is a Hindu goddess, who is greatly misunderstood by the Western world as being associated with sex, death and violence, but in the Hindu text she kills only demons. For humankind, she represents the death of the ego and the will to overcome the ‘I am the body' idea. She reminds us that the body is only temporary, and through this realisation she provides liberation to her children. To the soul who aspires to greater spiritual endeavours, Kali is receptive, supportive and loving. It is only a person filled with ego who will perceive Kali in a fearsome form. Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum darkness, the great non-manifest from which all of creation arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve."
Author: Traci Harding
50. "The wisest choice would be the one who would win. No sense running Mona Lisa in a beauty contest. I'd be for the most right, viable candidate who could win. If you could convince me that Barry Goldwater could win, I'd vote for him. [1967]"
Author: William F. Buckley Jr.

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