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1. "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser - in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "The 1850s proved to be the decade of the most prolific patent litigation in America's history. Lincoln himself was involved, as well as his most three prolific cabinet members: Chase, Seward and Stanton."
Author: Darin Gibby
3. "No one bill will cure the problem of spam. It will take a combined effort of legislation, litigation, enforcement, customer education, and technology solutions."
Author: David Baker
4. "I enjoy personal injury cases. I've tried quite a few of those. And, frankly, any kind of litigation that is trouble-shooting, whether it's equities, suits and injunctions, or whatever."
Author: F. Lee Bailey
5. "Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess."
Author: Felix Frankfurter
6. "While we believe there are fruitful opportunities to update and improve old rules, we do not want to set up a review process that could create a litigation morass."
Author: Fred Thompson
7. "It is odd how learned persons fail to see that new terms and definitions are apt to mean new doubts and litigation."
Author: Frederick Pollock
8. "I think my greatest moment in business was when the first Southwest airplane arrived after four years of litigation, and I walked up to it and I kissed that baby on the lips and I cried."
Author: Herb Kelleher
9. "Frivolous lawsuits are booming in this county. The U.S. has more costs of litigation per person than any other industrialized nation in the world, and it is crippling our economy."
Author: Jack Kingston
10. "In the old days, you would have one lawyer to handle everything: speeding tickets, buying a house, contracts, litigation, real estate, copyrights, leasing, entertainment, intellectual property, forensic accounting, criminal offenses... the list goes on. Now, you have to have a separate lawyer for each one of those categories!"
Author: James Belushi
11. "Listen, we all have to agree that there is too much litigation going on in this world. But every year it seems to multiply tenfold. Why can't we stop it? Well, it's because the lawmakers in Congress and the Senate are almost all lawyers, too!"
Author: James Belushi
12. "A physicist that I know commented that many other scientific disciplines, such as geology, anthropology, astronomy, are also challenged by biblical fundamentalism, but their people seem to be able to get on with their work without worrying unduly. Only Darwinians seem thrown into a frenzy that sends them running to litigation and demanding censorship. His explanation was that it's a rival religion."
Author: James P. Hogan
13. "We have at least 125 communities in Arizona at risk from wildfire, not because of review processes or litigation delays but because of a lack of federal funding on the ground to actually begin the projects."
Author: Janet Napolitano
14. "The antitrust litigation currently in the federal courts in the U.S. against Monsanto will be the test case in the life sciences, just as the Microsoft case was the test case in the information sciences."
Author: Jeremy Rifkin
15. "So my attorneys brought litigation in the U.S. federal courts. The judge ruled in our favor."
Author: Jeremy Rifkin
16. "Back in the mid-1980s, congressional hearings were held after we brought this litigation, and held up the first experiment. At that time, I went in front of Congress, along with the major agencies involved with this."
Author: Jeremy Rifkin
17. "Litigation solves everything."
Author: Jon Cryer
18. "I think that practising the law, particularly litigation, and particularly in Glasgow, has always been difficult enough without adding to it by having problems with professional colleagues or former colleagues."
Author: Len G. Murray
19. "As a lawyer, I could engage in killer litigation with the best of them. It was war, after all."
Author: Megyn Kelly
20. "In the strange heat all litigation brings to bear on things, the very process of litigation fosters the most profound misunderstandings in the world."
Author: Renata Adler
21. "I was a litigation lawyer. That's all very logical. Become a litigation lawyer. Become successful. Have a nice office. But there was some pull inside of me saying, self-publish this book. I followed that intuition and it's been a great choice for me in my life."
Author: Robin Sharma
22. "When you're thrust into litigation, you obviously have to make sure you're prepared to deal with that."
Author: Roger Goodell
23. "The road to recovery is to stimulate small business and innovation by reducing taxation, regulation, and litigation."
Author: Sandy Adams
24. "Fractal litigation, whereby the flapping of a butterfly's wings on one side of the world resulted in a massive compensation claim on the other."
Author: Steve Aylett
25. "I've always hated litigation, and I continue to hate it."
Author: Tim Cook

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