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1. "Panic strikes me when I think about a sentence that isn't given the chance to live because I don't have a pen in my hand or am not sitting near enough to someone familiar to speak it to. Especially if it's a particularly good sentence, a sentence with truth or beauty or humor or sadness to it. The best ones always take you by surprise. They sneak into your head while you're walking down the aisles at a supermarket, or flat-out assault you when you're at your grandmother's funeral, and you have to scramble to give the thought life before it's gone forever. Cocktail napkins, palms, text messages sent to yourself."
Author: Adi Alsaid
2. "I learn life from the poets."
Author: Anne Louise Germaine De Staël
3. "I couldn't live if I wasn't a designer."
Author: Betsey Johnson
4. "I'd rather let the song live and, as I get older, I'm less absorbed with the clothing. The older I get, I just wanna write good songs."
Author: Brandon Flowers
5. "I don't get high, but sometimes I wish I did. That way, when I messed up in life I would have an excuse. But right now there's no rehab for stupidity."
Author: Chris Rock
6. "If you ask me, most people have children just as their own enthusiasm about life begins to wane."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
7. "When I came into your life your life was over. It had a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is the end."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
8. "I wanted my life to start - but in those rare moments when it seemed like something might actually change, panic shot through me."
Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
9. "Disinterested intellectual curiosity is the life blood of real civilization."
Author: G. M. Trevelyan
10. "Writers seem to me to be people who need to retire from social life and do a lot of thinking about what's happened - almost to calm themselves."
Author: Helen Garner
11. "What for me is bliss and life and ecstasy and exaltation, the world in general seeks at most in imagination; in life it finds it absurd."
Author: Hermann Hesse
12. "The scene I had just witnessed (a couple making love in the ocean) brought back a lot of memories – not of things I had done but of things I had failed to do, wasted hours and frustrated moments and opportunities forever lost because time had eaten so much of my life and I would never get it back. I envied Yeoman and felt sorry for myself at the same time, because I had seen him in a moment that made all my happiness seem dull."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
13. "Something is missing, and it's something not so easy to name as semiabsent husbands, not so easy to point to as a lack of work, or too much work, or a lack of adequate child care. It's the sense that life should have led up to more than it has. A sense that after all the hard work, for all our achievements as individuals and as a "postfeminist" generation, life should be better than this."
Author: Judith Warner
14. "In my terms, I settled for the realities of life, and submitted to its necessities: if this, then that, and so the years passed. In Adrian's terms, I gave up on life, gave up on examining it, took it as it came. And so, for the first time, I began to feel a more general remorse - a feeling somewhere between self-pity and self-hatred - about my whole life. All of it. I had lost the friends of my youth. I had lost the love of my wife. I had abandoned the ambitions I had entertained. I had wanted life not to bother me too much, and had succeeded - and how pitiful that was."
Author: Julian Barnes
15. "A Japanese can live on a teaspoonful of rice a day. We were the best breed of worker they had ever hired in their lives."
Author: Julie Otsuka
16. "But pain... seems to me an insufficient reason not to embrace life. Being dead is quite painless. Pain, like time, is going to come on regardless. Question is, what glorious moments can you win from life in addition to the pain?"
Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
17. "The fact that a person loves one particular person is what is important; the life lesson, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, is that you not be promiscuous, and true to one person."
Author: Loretta Devine
18. "Each life is a game of chess that went to hell on the seventh move(...)"
Author: Martin Amis
19. "I love to dance so much. It's one of my guilty pleasures in life and my hobby."
Author: Mia Maestro
20. "In avoiding specific goals he had avoided specific limitations. For the time being the world, life itself, could be his chosen field."
Author: Richard Yates
21. "Kugel was a firm believer that death was not always a bad thing - that life often reached such levels of crapitude that dying was preferable to living."
Author: Shalom Auslander
22. "I opened the diary that is my life this morning, and began again with the words - I am grateful."
Author: Sherri Lynea Gerek
23. "If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance."
Author: Suze Orman

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