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1. "Bless that good, good woman who hung the crucifix round my neck! For it is a comfort and a strength to me whenever I touch it. It is odd that a thing which I have been taught to regard with disfavour and as idolatrous should in a time of loneliness and trouble be of help. Is it that there is something in the essence of the thing itself, or that it is a medium, a tangible help, in conveying memories of sympathy and comfort? Some time, if it may be, I must examine this matter and try to make up my mind about it. In the meantime I must find out all I can about Count Dracula, as it may help me to understand. Tonight he may talk of himself, if I turn the conversation that way. I must be very careful, however, not to awake his suspicion."
Author: Bram Stoker
2. "Love someone because their soul inspires you, not because you're interested in the relief from loneliness and companionship they can provide. Anybody can do that. Not just anybody can show you to yourself."
Author: Brianna Wiest
3. "As with Jack, the discriminating milieu of loneliness moved Hugh to raise the stakes of solitude, not from a wish to spare himself the sapping drudgery of a conventional, passionless marriage, but rather to gamble on the existence of a just goddess. Like Jack's, his core being was attuned solely to the enrapturing company of a scintillating paragon, to a woman who was indivisibly and alluringly noble."
Author: Edward Cline
4. "There's a loneliness that only exists in one's mind. The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is blink."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
5. "By drowning in your thoughts, even loneliness seems nice."
6. "That squid is a villain," said Flora out loud. "He needs to be vanquished. He's eating a boat. And he's going to eat all of the people on the boat.""Yes, well, loneliness makes us do terrible things," said Dr. Meescham. "And that is why the picture is there, to remind me of this. Also, because the other Dr. Meescham painted it when he was young and joyful."Good grief, thought Flora. What did he paint when he was old and depressed?"
Author: Kate DiCamillo
7. "Boundless openness is simply not possible. It is beyond our power. The loneliness of having to conceal, it also exists."
Author: Pascal Mercier
8. "For no reason that she could discern, she put down the novel and picked up her cell phone. She was lonely, yes, but had been so for as long as she cared to remember, and nothing seemed to be pressing that particular bruise, one of many, at the moment. Her loneliness was at a comfortable echelon: not growing like a tree, nor multiplying as a moss, but just simply there. A permanent, weathered embedded rock. A boulder in the wheat field. A bullet inside of a body, too dangerous to remove, around which tissue grows."
Author: Ron Parsons
9. "I knew this feeling, the 2 a.m. loneliness that I'd practically invented."
Author: Sarah Dessen
10. "You are the common denominator in all your life experience. (Book 2- Awakening Power)"
Author: Shawn L. Bird
11. "Perhaps our loneliness can never be filled with even the best of human love. Maybe the longing for human love is just the beginning, and the longing for God is always the end."
Author: Susan E. Isaacs

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Quotes About Loneliness In The Awakening
Quotes About Loneliness In The Awakening
Quotes About Loneliness In The Awakening

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