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1. "In reality, Little Ones, there are two winters. One made for kids; the other for adults. The one made for adults is always too cold and always too long. The one made for kids is always perfect. A kid winter is an endless and wild snow carnival where all the rides are free."
Author: Carew Papritz
2. "In high school, during marathon phone conversations, cheap pizza dinners and long suburban car rides, I began to fall for boys because of who they actually were, or at least who I thought they might become."
Author: J. Courtney Sullivan
3. "You must be a blast on long car rides.""Oh, I am. You haven't experienced fun until you try to fuck in the front seat of a Civic."
Author: Nenia Campbell

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Quotes About Long Car Rides
Quotes About Long Car Rides
Quotes About Long Car Rides

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