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1. "We see the tendency in the world to criticise democracy and sometimes even to say that authoritarian countries like China are more efficient. That is very short-sighted. China looks efficient only because it can sacrifice most people's rights. This is not something the west should be happy about."
Author: Ai Weiwei
2. "Being brokenhearted is like having broken ribs. On the outside it looks like nothing's wrong, but every breath hurts."
Author: Greg Behrendt
3. "When a man says he's gonna get you, looks like he means it." "He meant it when he said it," said Atticus. "Jem, see if you can stand in Bob Ewell's shoes a minute. I destroyed his last shred of credibility at that trial, if he had any to begin with. The man had to have some kind of comeback, his kind always does. So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella Ewell one extra beating, that's something I'll gladly take. He had to take it out on somebody and I'd rather it be me than that houseful of children out there. You understand?"
Author: Harper Lee
4. "And I don't know if Batty's gotten over it yet,' said Skye.Mr. Penderwick looked out the window to where Batty was playing vampires with Hound. Hound was on his back, trying to wiggle out of the black towel Batty had tied around his neck. Batty was leaping over Hound's water bowl, shrieking, 'Blood, blood!''She looks all right,' he said."
Author: Jeanne Birdsall
5. "Over the years all these vampire movies have come out and nobody looks like a vampire anymore."
Author: Johnny Depp
6. "When a woman singles me out"- he leaned down to murmer at my ear- "it's because she wants to get fucked. She looks at the scars and tattoos and knows she'll get fucked hard"I gasped, melting for him."is that what you wanted from me, Natalya"?"
Author: Kresley Cole
7. "I always wear bronzer because I love the way my skin looks when it's tan."
Author: Lauren Conrad
8. "When Cash lifts his head and looks down into my eyes, there's a wealth of emotion in the dazzling depths, so much so that it brings tears to my eyes. I think of what he told me earlier and I smile up at him. Cupping his handsome face, I whisper against his lips, "Welcome home."When he kisses me, I know we're both where we belong."
Author: M. Leighton
9. "Aeriel felt her heart grow troubled. "I know," she said. "I know that he is evil, but his beauty unmakes me. Every time he looks at me, I die."
Author: Meredith Ann Pierce
10. "It's a really crappy feeling to realize that your entire outook on your life can be controlled by some little pill that looks like a Pez, and that some weird combination of drugs can make your brain think it's on a holiday somewhere really sweet when you're standing naked in the middle of the school cafeteria while everyone takes pictures of you. Metaphorically. Or whatever."
Author: Michael Thomas Ford
11. "Tell me your thinking, and I'll tell you what your life looks like."
Author: Steve Backley

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