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1. "My goal? To test out every diet and exercise regimen on planet earth and figure out which work best. I sweated, I cooked, I learned to pole dance. In the end, I lost weight, lowered my cholesterol and doubled my energy level. I feel better than I ever have."
Author: A. J. Jacobs
2. "If it was perfect, we would be rolling around on the sand together, kissing like mad." I stopped walking and looked him straight in the eye. Then I lay down on the sand, and began to roll myself back and forth. He closed his eyes and tilted his face to the sky. "Fucking nuts girl," he sighed."
Author: Alice Clayton
3. "People grew lazy. They knew too many blessings, and so lost the ability to appreciate what they had"
Author: Ann Aguirre
4. "The man who sees me in everythingand everything within mewill not be lost to me, norwill I ever be lost to him.He who is rooted in onenessrealizes that I amin every being; whereverhe goes, he remains in me.When he sees all being as equalin suffering or in joybecause they are like himself,that man has grown perfect in yoga."
Author: Anonymous
5. "The closest you will ever come in this life to an orderly universe is a good library."
Author: Ashleigh Brilliant
6. "Frankly, the reason I joined MENSA is because I was dating a guy at the time who spoke five languages and could solve a Rubik's Cube literally with his eyes closed because it's just an algorithm."
Author: Ashley Rickards
7. "If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost."
Author: Barack Obama
8. "Bach's music confront the player and the audience in a very alone way, and I try at that moment to put away pretensions-in levels of violin playing, pretensions of being a strong man, of being invulnerable- and instead say, 'this is where all of us us have common ground'. of the time we try to tell ourselves 'I'm confident' or 'I'm doing well'. But then, in a moment alone at home, you feel how close you are to some kind of abyss"
Author: Christian Tetzlaff
9. "The smile on her face was almost Dante's. Tears pricked his eyes, then hers, while all those impossible things passed between them. While the truth was sending down roots and throwing out branches until it filled the silent room with impossible blossoms.I love him."
Author: Damon Suede
10. "Look, tiny - i'm trying to be on my best behavior, but you have to understand - i'm always standing on the edge of something bad. and sometimes someone like you can make me look the other way, so that i don't know how close i am to falling over. but i always end up turning my head. always."
Author: David Levithan
11. "I'm not sure which is better-the chance to experience love and lose it, or to live my life without it."
Author: Denise Grover Swank
12. "She wonders what fool ever said that it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all - she has never disagreed with something so much."
Author: Emily Giffin
13. "Any rich, unprogressive old party with that particularly grasping, acquisitive form of mentality known as financial genius can own a paper that is the intellectual meat and drink of thousands of tired, hurried men, men too involved in the business of modern living to swallow anything but predigested food. For two cents the voter buys his politics, prejudices, and philosophy."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
14. "Eu cataclismo eu mesmo. Arrancando pelos olhos o coração pulsante do mundo."
Author: Filipe Russo
15. "So I will wait, because I would rather wait for you than waste my time with someone who isn't you. And I will focus on the long game. As they say in baseball, losing game one and even game two is no reason to give up on the whole series. When you're ready, if you're ever ready, give me the word."
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
16. "I play basketball on Sundays and I'm a very spiritual guy; I read a lot of Eastern philosophy and I meditate."
Author: Garry Shandling
17. "Un señor puede amar a sus hombres, pero no puede ser su amigo, porque tal vez un día tenga que juzgarlos o enviarlos a la muerte."
Author: George R.R. Martin
18. "—¿Qué hace? —susurró Minerva ante su extrema cercanía que la incomodaba.—Nada —contestó muy tranquilamente sujetando su portafolios para disimular, su erección comenzaba crecer al tenerla muy cerca y sentía que no podía controlarla. Minerva sentía un hormigueo recorrer todo su cuerpo, bajó la cabeza al sentir la respiración de Rick sobre su cara, no podía retroceder, su cuerpo estaba pegado al espejo del ascensor y al sentir el perfume del pecho de Rick tuvo que controlar el retorcer su cuerpo, la cálida respiración de él sobre su cuello comenzaba a hacerle perder sus sentidos los cuales debía mantener con lucidez."
Author: Itxa Bustillo
19. "Close your eyes," he orders. "Why?" "Because I said to." I close my eyes."
Author: J. Kenner
20. "None of them knew. Perhaps it was best not to know. Their ignorance gave them one more glad hour; and as it was to be their last hour on the island, let us rejoice that there were sixty glad minutes in it. They sang and danced in their night-gowns. Such a deliciously creepy song it was, in which they pretended to be frightened at their own shadows, little witting that so soon shadows would close in upon them, from whom they would shrink in real fear. So uproariously gay was the dance, and how they buffeted each other on the bed and out of it! It was a pillow fight rather than a dance, and when it was finished, the pillows insisted on one bout more, like partners who know that they may never meet again. The stories they told, before it was time for Wendy's good-night story! Even Slightly tried to tell a story that night, but the beginning was so fearfully dull that it appalled not only the others but himself, and he said happily:"
Author: J.M. Barrie
21. "I must indeed abide the Doom of Men whether I will or nill: the loss and the silence. But I say to you, King of the Numenoreans, not till now have I understood the tale of your people and their fall. As wicked fools I scorned them, but I pity them at last. For if this is indeed, as the Elves say, the gift of the One to Men, it is bitter to receive."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
22. "At night in this part of the West the stars, as I had seen them in Wyoming, were as big as Roman Candles and as lonely as the Prince who's lost his ancestral home and journeys across the spaces trying to find it again, and knows he never will."
Author: Jack Kerouac
23. "When a stoplight caught us, I found a strange amount of joy in putting my hands on hers, or resting my hand on her knee. She didn't seem to mind, and admittedly, I was pretty fucking close to heaven."
Author: Jamie McGuire
24. "A strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength."
Author: Jeffrey Archer
25. "People have been made fun of for too long, not because there is anything wrong with them, it's just the people, i have been bullied everyday, people speaking things that aren't even true about me when i turn my back, stop please, i have my rights, i'm not a loser, i'm just trying to blend in the world, and i'm still not good for you? i'm not pathetic, i'm just a guy."
Author: Jericho Pasaoa Me
26. "Every time I listen back to solos of mine I'll hear something I like and then another phrase that I can't stand. You have to live with what you play. And the recording medium puts that on us. When I play live gigs I don't think so much like that."
Author: John Abercrombie
27. "... no se puede medir el tiempo por días, como el dinero por centavos o pesos, porque los pesos son iguales y cada día es distinto y tal vez cada hora."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
28. "That's a problem. I mean, like any sort of growing startup organization, we are sort of overwhelmed by our growth. And that means we're getting enormous quantity of whistleblower disclosures of a very high caliber, but don't have enough people to actually process and vet this information."
Author: Julian Assange
29. "...feelings of hurt and betrayal and utter loss poured through me like batter hitting a hot skillet."
Author: Karen White
30. "Nothing about you, my dear, has ever been lost on me."
Author: Katie Cotugno
31. "I lose things all the time. I once left my mother's ashes at a bus stop!"
Author: Katy Manning
32. "Fine," I said. "But I'm telling you, this won't work." With an impish grin on his face, he came very close and gave me a long, slow kiss. "And I'm telling you it will."
Author: Kiera Cass
33. "No running. Watch her come. Can you see how close she is, Sophie? Lucein rocked his cock into her hand against her backside.See how pink she is. Christ... Lucein whispered.You're even more beautiful, Sophie."
Author: Kitty French
34. "That's what's so embarrassing about all this. Each time I sobbed for a lost baby, it was like sobbing over the end of a relationship when I'd never even gone out with the guy. My babies weren't babies. They were just microscopic clusters of cells that weren't ever going to be anything else. they were just my own desperate hopes. Dream babies. And people have to give up on dreams."
Author: Liane Moriarty
35. "We have to pay close attention to what we see, and be ready to work with the unexpected according to the basic principles of systems biology and medicine."
Author: Mark E. Hyman
36. "If I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I'll quit Hollywood and go to work at Costco."
Author: Megan Fox
37. "Camels can go many weeks without drinking anything at all. The notion that they cache water in their humps is pure myth—their humps are made of fat, and water is stored in their body tissues. While other mammals draw water from bloodstreams when faced with dehydration, leading to death by volume shock, camels tap the water in their tissues, keeping their blood volume stable. Though this reduces the camel's bulk, they can lose up to a third of their body weight with no ill effects, which they can replace astonishingly quickly, as they are able to drink up to forty gallons in a single watering." (pp.69-70)"
Author: Michael Benanav
38. "Objects in the mind are closer than in reality. ?#?Fantasy?."
Author: Minhal Mehdi
39. "Even if a university should turn out to be another version of a school, I had decided I could lose myself afterwards as an anonymous particle of the London I already loved."
Author: Patrick White
40. "Alfred Nobel's discoveries are characteristic; powerful explosives can help men perform admirable tasks. They are also a means to terrible destruction in the hands of the great criminals who lead peoples to war."
Author: Pierre Curie
41. "Thank you for lending me the use of your maid. I tragically lost my lady-in-waiting on our journey and found Cosme's presence such a comfort."
Author: Rae Carson
42. "You should see my house. It's sort of explosive. Like a crazy person lives there."
Author: Sandra Oh
43. "I opened my eyesAnd looked up at the rain,And it dripped in my headAnd flowed into my brain,And all that I hear as I lie in my bedIs the slishity-slosh of the rain in my head.I step very softly,I walk very slow,I can't do a handstand--I might overflow,So pardon the wild crazy thing I just said--I'm just not the same since there's rain in my head."
Author: Shel Silverstein
44. "Shorn of intimacy and seen from a considerable distance, we are all comic characters, farcical buffoons who bumble through our lives, making fine messes as we go, but when you get close, the ridiculous quickly fades into the sordid or the tragic or the merely sad. [p. 73]"
Author: Siri Hustvedt
45. "Los que pueden, lo hacen; los que no pueden, cuestionan las decisiones de los que pueden."
Author: Stephen King
46. "Kitsch is much more than a question of style; it's a preference for consolation over truth. Disney's version of reality is not just cleaned up, it's pernicious. Unlike the best forms of art and philosophy, it undercuts the possibility of transformation because it portrays a world that's just fine as it is--or as it will be by the time the credits come up."
Author: Susan Neiman
47. "He wants me back." The closing punctuation of "obviously" hung in the air. The confidence in her! Anne would always have it: the certainty that there would be a trail of people following her, wanting her love and her beauty. Flannery saw that confidence, and through the polluted air now between them it no longer charmed her. Not tonight it didn't. Flannery was not inclined to be one of that number."
Author: Sylvia Brownrigg
48. "I can't go back because I lost all my Soul Reaper powers! - RukiaYou lost your powers? What are they, socks? - Ichigo"
Author: Tite Kubo
49. "¿Qué derecho tenían los Bradshaw a hablar de muerte en su fiesta? Se había matado, sí, pero ¿cómo? El cuerpo de Clarissa siempre lo revivía, en el primer instante, bruscamente, cuando le contaban un accidente; se le inflamaba el vestido, le ardía el cuerpo."
Author: Virginia Woolf
50. "A little smoke lost in the air, that was the life of a man."
Author: W. Somerset Maugham

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