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1. "But my father goes on."And I've noticed other things,too.I think you're in love with Ky Markham.I think you want to find him,wherever he's gone."
Author: Ally Condie
2. "Any other questions?""Just one," I say. "What color are your eyes?" I want to know what he thinks, how he sees himself - the real Ky - when he dares to look."Blue," he says sounding surprised, "they've always been blue.""Not to me.""What do they look like to you?" he says puzzled, amused. Not looking at my mouth anymore, looking into my eyes."Lots of colors," I say. "At first I thought they were brown. Once I thought they were green...""What are they now?" he asks. He widens his eyes a little, leans closer, lets me look as long and deep as I want."Well?""Everything," I tell him, "They're everything."
Author: Ally Condie
3. "I love you."lightning. Once it has forked, hot-white, from sky to earth, there is no going back.It's time. I feel it, I know it. My eyes on him, his on me, and both of us breathing, watching, tired of of waiting. Ky close his eyes, but mine are still open. what will it feel like, his lips on mine? Like a secret told, a promise kept? Like that line in the poem-a shower of all my days- silvery rain falling all around me, where the lighting meets the earth? The whistle blows below us and the moment breaks. We are safe.For now."
Author: Ally Condie
4. "I wanted to run, but I couldn't leave Ky. And I didn't want him to hear the sounds of people trying to save the man, or how Ky's own breathing sounded labored.So I crouched down in front of Ky and covered one of his ears with my shaking hand, and then I leaned right up close to his other ear and I sang to him. I didn't even know I knew how."
Author: Ally Condie
5. "I know the Otherlands are to her what Ky is to me, the best, most beautiful place, not fully realized, but full of promise."
Author: Ally Condie
6. "I will try to forget that Ky said "home" when he looked into my eyes."
Author: Ally Condie
7. "I should be with Ky in the infirmary. i should be with Xander in prinson. I should be sorting for a cure. can only try to do all three and hope these pieces of myself are enough to find something that can make me whole"
Author: Ally Condie
8. "Watching Ky wake is better than a sunrise. One moment, he's still and down deep, and the next moment I can see him returning out of the dark, coming to the surface. His face shifts, his lips move, his eyes open. And then his smile, the sun At the same time that he bends down to me, I reach up and am warmed as our lips meet."
Author: Ally Condie
9. "Wadera ka beta, Saeen toh saeen , saeen ky dost b saeen.."
Author: Bilal Nasir Khan
10. "At a tiny station in New Albany, Indiana, which is right across from the river from Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up. The Louisville stations were loath to hire beginners, so I had to go across the river."
Author: Bob Edwards
11. "And he don't know...that I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats. I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires...Maybe, next time he'll think before he cheats."
Author: Carrie Underwood
12. "He came back from France when Tom and Daisy were still on their wedding trip, and made a miserable but irresistible journey to Louisville on the last of his army pay. He stayed there a week, walking the streets where their footsteps had clicked together through the November night and revisiting the out-of-the-way places to which they had driven in her white car. Just as Daisy's house had always seemed to him more mysterious and gay than other houses so his idea of the city itself, even though she was gone from it, was pervaded with a melancholy beauty."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
13. "- Vetëm mendimi, që gjallon në botë drejtësia dhe lumturia, më të mirëfillta se të mijat, ma mbush me shpresë e vlag zemrën, por edhe me lavdi! Se njeriu e ka të domosdoshme njohjen e lumturise së vet, duhet të besojë çdo çast që diku prehet e qetë lumturia për të gjithë... Ligji i madh i qënies njëri këtë dhe parashikon; përuljen e pafundme para të madhes. Po e privove njeriun nga e madhje e pamatë, ku s'ka për të jetuar dot më, do të vdesë nga deshperimi. E pamata dhe e pafundta po aq i nevojiten njeriut, sa dhe ky planet i dashur, në të cilin rron..."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
14. "O prapësi jetë! O natyrë njerëzore! Njeriu në botë bën jetë vetmitari, nga kjo i vjen e keqja! "A ka njeri të gjallë në stepë?" - thërret kreshniku rus. Edhe unë pas tij kështu ulërij, ndonëse kreshnik nuk jam, por askush nuk më përgjigjet. Thonë se dielli është ai që i jep jetë gjithësisë. Do të lindë dielli, kthejani sytë, shiheni mirë, ka pamje kufome! Gjithçka e vdekur është, ngado që të hedhësh sytë, vetëm kufoma sheh! Të tillë janë njerëzit, të rrethuar nga heshtja rrojnë! Kjo është toka! "Njerëz, duheni njeri-tjetrin!" - e kush e tha këtë? Ç'zë qenka ky që thirritka?Dëgjohet shpërfilles tiktaku i orës, të ndjell krupën! Ora është dy pas mesnate. Këpucët e saj janë te krevati, duken sikur e presin... Vërtet, ç'do të bëhet me mua, pasi ta marrin që këtu dhe ta varrosin?"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
15. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck." Kynan scrubbed his face. "I could use a double shot of whiskey right now.""I'm sure Flicka keeps hard liquor behind the bar.""Flicka?""I don't want to say her name.""So you're calling her horse names?" Ky coked a dark eyebrow. "I can't wait to see how she reacts to Mr. Ed."
Author: Larissa Ione
16. "Think of the glory. Think of your reputation. Think how great it'll look on your next resume."On my cenotaph, you mean. Nobody will be able to collect enough of my scattered atoms to bury. You going to cover my funeral expenses, son?"Splendidly. Banners, dancing girls, and enough beer to float your coffin to Valhalla."- Miles coaxing Ky Tung to agree to an almost suicidal mission"
Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

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