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1. "Daily love and kindness are the path to a happy life."
Author: Amy Leigh Mercree
2. "So much time ago, we lovedWe love stillWe will love foreverMy heart was brokenNow it is mendedEach new day begins And my heart singsTo the feel of your loveAnd the beat of your heartAt night I sleepWith you in my heartIt beats only for you my loveEach beat matched by yoursI long for the timeThat we spend togetherEach snatched momentI will treasureYou eyes they shineWith your love for meSo tender and caringSo full of loveIf I cannot have you to myselfI will treasure each moment that we haveForever my darlingYou are my soulOur hearts are linkedBy the bond we shareEach thought we haveWe also careTo you my loveI give my AllMy heart And my soulYou are the stars in the skyThe wind on my faceThe rain in my eyesThe tears on my cheeksYou are the biggest part of meThat I cannot denyAs I sit here with a tear in my eyeA tear of joy shed only for youFor all you areFor all you can beThis I am grateful forTill the day I dieYou are my worldYou are my lifeYou are my soul."
Author: Bethany Walkers
3. "What good is an "I love you" if said only when you have to?"
Author: Carew Papritz
4. "She smells like spring and flowers and rain, even though it's winter. Sometimes, he thinks he loves her so much that his mind is unable to distinguish between love and obsession. Which is worse?"
Author: Christy A. Campbell
5. "Yes, I have patterns of love addiction. But I'm a woman. Of course I do."
Author: Emma Forrest
6. "O God, I love you to the edge of madness, Venetia, but I'm not mad yet--not so mad that I don't know how disastrous it might be to you--to us both! You don't realize what an advantage I should be taking of your innocence!"
Author: Georgette Heyer
7. "[T]he parent-child relationship was one way, you gave them all your love and they were under no obligation to pay a penny back. Of course, if they did love you then that was the icing on the cake with cherries on top. And chocolate shavings and those little silver balls that cracked your fillings."
Author: Kate Atkinson
8. "A lot of the appeal of internal medicine is Sherlockian—solving the case from the clues. We are detectives; we revel in the process of figuring it all out. It's what doctors most love to do."
Author: Lisa Sanders
9. "To this day, I don't love my arms. People want more fit arms, but my arms are too fit. But I'm not complaining. They pay my bills."
Author: Serena Williams
10. "I never was disillusioned with acting because I love acting."
Author: Woody Harrelson

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