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1. "Egotist, n. A person of low taste, more interested in himself than in me."
Author: Ambrose Bierce
2. "I'd rather be miserable loving you than happy with anyone else."
Author: Angela Morrison
3. "He looks at you like you're the only person in the room. Like he's trapped underwater and you're an oxygen tank. Like he's in anaphylactic shock and you're an EpiPen."
Author: Autumn Doughton
4. "Well, that's because they're wrong and I'm right. No more reading for you. Let's go get some ice cream." "I don't know if the kitchen has any," Joel said. "It's hard to get in the summers, and—" "Not from the kitchen, stupid," Melody said, rolling her eyes. "From the parlor out on Knight Street." "Oh. I've … never been there." "What! That's a tragedy." "Melody, everything is a tragedy to you." "Not having ice cream," she proclaimed, "is the culmination of all disasters! That's it. No more discussion. We're going. Follow."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
5. "I think being raised by a single mother put me on the outside, and I would watch my mother's married friends and think, 'Why does she put him down in public?' or, 'Why is he so rude to her?' It seemed to me that there were very few marriages where the couple were genuinely in a supportive, loving partnership."
Author: Cherie Lunghi
6. "I pulled my suitcase out of the backseat of my bug, along with Cannoli's new travel case, a spiffy animal print pet backpack on wheels. When I first saw it, I thought maybe the dog was supposed to wear the backpack, but it turned out the person wore the backpack with the dog in it."
Author: Claire Cook
7. "We wouldn't eat an important person like you. Sometimes we'll take a sailor, but —" He shrugged. "— so would you if it was always fish."
Author: Clive Barker
8. "Nobody cares for getting belittled by a person you've had sex with. A person you've licked all over. Nobody wants to sit there and get run down too far by somebody who gives them a hard-on."
Author: Daniel Woodrell
9. "What made Jules extraordinary though, was that her heart was made of the most curious fabric. It could bend and stretch to fit every single person she met."
Author: Fisher Amelie
10. "I found that the very people who said that mankind was one church from Plato to Emerson were the very people who said that morality had changed altogether, and that what was right in one age was wrong in another. If I asked, say, for an altar, I was told that we needed none, for men our brothers gave us clear oracles and one creed in their universal customs and ideals. But if I mildly pointed out that one of men's universal customs was to have an altar, then my agnostic teachers turned clean round and told me that men had always been in darkness and the superstitions of savages."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
11. "We think a person should do right because it's right, not because their soul will be in eternal jeopardy if they don't toe the line."
Author: Gini Koch
12. "We can only truly love, when we realized we have been loved all along, by the one person who gave their life for simply our forgiveness, and for us to truly live."
Author: Jennifer Megan Varnadore
13. "Dear God, please help me to be the kind of person who my dogs think I am."
Author: Jerrie Brock
14. "The feeling of righteousness is the core mood alteration among religious addicts. Religious addiction is a massive problem in our society. It may be the most pernicious of all addictions because it's so hard for a person to break his delusion and denial. How can anything be wrong with loving God and giving your life for good works and service to mankind?"
Author: John Bradshaw
15. "Humor is richly rewarding to the person who employs it. It has some value in gaining and holding attention, but it has no persuasive value at all."
Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
16. "J has told me about his past. I know what happened and why. But he is the one person who made me believe in my talent and whatever happened in the past, he's been a wonderful manager to me."
Author: LaToya Jackson
17. "If you don't find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further."
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
18. "The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot."
Author: Mark Twain
19. "When a person screams in pain, the actual pain is only half the noise they make. The other half is the terror at being forced to accept that they exist."
Author: Noah Cicero
20. "I'm always open for people saying I'm wrong because most of the time I am."
Author: Prince William
21. "Take sides! Always take sides! You will sometimes be wrong - but the man who refuses to take sides must always be wrong."
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
22. "Though Destiny a hundred times waylays you,in the end it pitches a tent for you in Heaven.It is God's loving kindness to terrify you,in order to lead you to His Kingdom of safety."
Author: Rumi
23. "I don't yell back at my mother. When I'm angry or scared or upset, I don't yell. I stay quiet. I've seen how she is, how she would get with Kent and with me and with other people, life if someone at the pharmacy got in the wrong line or asked too long a question, or if someone on the bus accidentally bumped her. I've watched her my whole life, the way people react to her. It doesn't actually help you get what you want, yelling and being like that. It only makes people think bad of you."
Author: Sara Zarr
24. "But don't ever let yourself forget that the person you care about fills an emptiness no one else ever has and that while life with them can seriously suck at times, thosemoments when it doesn't are worth all the aggravation of falling into the toilet and getting soaked when you're half asleep."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
25. "No successful business was ever made without someone taking a chance, no successful person got to where they are without taking risks, and no endeavor ever succeeded without people taking a gamble."
Author: Stephen Richards
26. "The idea of being strong for someone else having never entered their heads, I find myself in the position of having to console them. Since I'm the person going in to be slaughtered, this is somewhat annoying."
Author: Suzanne Collins
27. "How we live our lives does not,unfortunately depend on us alone.Circumstances,good or bad,constantly intervene.A person close to us die.A person not so close to us carries on living.All these things affect how we live."
Author: Tariq Ali
28. "When Time is giving you chance by chance to be with the person that you really love and you miss them all, you start to believe that you'll never find that person again in this life."
Author: Tirumalai S. Srivatsan
29. "Some people are lucky enough to stumble across the right path straight away; most of us only discover what the right one is by going down the wrong one first."
Author: Toby Young
30. "How much wrong have we done unintentionally, meaning the best"
Author: Tracy Hickman

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