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1. "It seems priggish or pollyannaish to deny that my intention in writing the work was to titillate the nastier propensities of my readers. My own healthy inheritance of original sin comes out in the book and I enjoyed raping and ripping by proxy. It is the novelist's innate cowardice that makes him depute to imaginary personalities the sins that he is too cautious to commit for himself."
Author: Anthony Burgess
2. "I suffer from a genetic flaw, which is that my mother was a hopeless Pollyanna."
Author: Bill Ayers
3. "- Az ember néha hamarabb kiönti a szívét egy idegennek, mint azoknak, akiket ismer. Miért van ez így?- Talán azért, mert az idegen olyannak lát bennünket, mint amilyenek vagyunk, s nem olyannak, amilyennek látni szeretne."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
4. "In all probability the Human Genome Project will, someday, find that I carry some recessive gene for optimism, because despite all my best efforts I still can't scrape together even a couple days of hopelessness. Future scientists will call it the Pollyanna Syndrome, and if forced to guess, I'd say that mine has been a way-long case history of chasing rainbows."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
5. "Satire is the antidote to Pollyanna and Dr. Pangloss. It focuses our gaze sharply upon the the contrast between things as they are and as they should be."
Author: Edgar Johnson
6. "Az ember vagy elfogadja Hollywoodot olyannak, amilyen, mint például én tettem, vagy megvetoen legyint rá, ahogyan olyasmire szokás, amit nem értünk."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
7. "Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna, and thousands died for it."
Author: George R.R. Martin
8. "He dreamt an old dream, of three knights in white cloaks, and a tower long fallen, and Lyanna in her bed of blood."
Author: George R.R. Martin
9. "Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man's nature. -- Lyanna"
Author: George R.R. Martin
10. "Anar calúva tielyanna"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
11. "Az ember ilyennek vagy olyannak ítél valakit, azután pont az ellentétét látja meg benne. Eleinte szeret, majd a végén meggyulöl valakit; vagy kezdetben közömbös iránta, késobb pedig már imádja. Sosem lehetünk biztosak benne, ki vagy mi lesz létfontosságú a számunkra, sem abban, hogy kinek vagy minek tulajdonítunk majd jelentoséget. Meggyozodéseink múlandóak és ingatagok, még azok is, amelyeket a legszilárdabbaknak vélünk. Akár az érzelmeink. Nem szabadna bíznunk magunkban."
Author: Javier Marías
12. "Olyannak akarta érezni a világot, mint ahol csak most kezdodik az élet – holott valójában épp véget érni készült."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
13. "If the prime directives were followed a little more accurately here on earth, I mean it sounds somewhat Pollyanna, but I think people would certainly get along better."
Author: Jonathan Frakes
14. "A no jobban benn él az élet folyásában, olyannak veszi az életet, amilyen."
Author: Marie Louise Von Franz
15. "So what's all the fuss?" he asked instead. "Where's all the shit coming from?"Dean told him. He tried to make it concise, using flash words such as "fire" and "conspiracy" and "bigfreakin' shape-shifter," and told Roland, too, about Miri and Robert and Kevin. The red jade."You're both fucked," Roland said. "Seriously. I'll start arranging the funeral now.""I want a happy boss. Where's the positive reinforcement?""Buried with Pollyanna in my backyard. Which is where you'll be if you don't play your cards right."
Author: Marjorie M. Liu
16. "Balance in life is the key, as Aristotle taught us. Nobody likes a naive Pollyanna, but neither do we like to be around people who are constantly complaining and finding fault."
Author: Mark Skousen
17. "Gospel hope keeps us from being muted by being either a naive Pollyanna or a despairing Cassandra. Voices of warning are meant to be heard, not just raised."
Author: Neal A. Maxwell
18. "We are swimming upstream against a great torrent of disorganization...In this, our main obligation is to establish arbitrary enclaves of order and system...It is the greatest possible victory to be, to continue to be, and to have been. No defeat can deprive us of the success of having existed for some moment of time in a universe that seems indifferent to us.This is no defeatism...The declaration of our own nature and the attempt to build up an enclave of organization in the face of nature's overwhelming tendency to disorder is an insolence against the gods and the iron necessity that they impose. Here lies tragedy, but here lies glory too...All this represents the manner in which I believe I have been able to add something positive to the pessimism of...the existensialists. I have not replaced the gloom of existence by a philosophy which is optimistic in any Pollyanna sense, but...with a positive attitude toward the universe and toward our life in it."
Author: Norbert Wiener
19. "Pollyanna"
Author: Peter Boghossian
20. "Having bad experiences sometimes helps; it makes it clearer what it is youshould be doing. I know that sounds very Pollyannaish but it's true. People who have had only good experiences aren't very interesting. They may be content, and happy after a fashion, but they aren't very deep. It may seem a misfortune now, and it makes things difficult, but well—it's easy to feel all the happy, simple stuff. Not that happiness is necessarily simple. But I don't think you're going to have a life like that, and I think you'll be the better for it. The difficult thing is to not be overwhelmed by the bad patches. You mustn't let them defeat you. You must see them as a gift—a cruel gift, but a gift nonetheless."
Author: Peter Cameron
21. "He told me to not let my friends throw my clothes out of the window," she paused and looked pointedly at Sally, who had the good sense to look sheepish, "because he had to get my clothes back – which he called souvenirs – from the wolves who apparently found them." She chuckled to herself, knowing she was once again the color of a beet."And from the tone in his voice, said souvenirs must've been my womanly garments."Jacque laughed. "Did you just call your bras and panties 'womanly garments'?""That is classic." Sally laughed along."Could you two Pollyannas focus, please?"
Author: Quinn Loftis
22. "If I'd found out that Norman Mailer liked me, I'd have killed myself. I think he was too hung up. I'm glad Kurt Vonnegut didn't like me either. He had problems, terrible problems. He couldn't see the world the way I see it. I suppose I'm too much Pollyanna, he was too much Cassandra. Actually I prefer to see myself as the Janus, the two-faced god who is half Pollyanna and half Cassandra, warning of the future and perhaps living too much in the past—a combination of both. But I don't think I'm too over optimistic."
Author: Ray Bradbury
23. "Filozófusok és pszichológusok tanakodhatnak, hogy mi az, ami létezhet, és mi az, ami nem, de mi, a hétköznapokban élo kisemberek kiigazodunk a világban, és el is fogadhatjuk olyannak, amilyen. Ami velem most történik, az valós és létezo."
Author: Stephen King
24. "A corollary of this has been that Christians have thought that they should only create art with a Pollyanna quality to it: paintings of birds and kittens, movies that extol family life and end happily, songs that are positive and uplifting – in short, works of art that show a world that is almost unfallen where no one experiences conflict and where sin is naughty rather than wicked."
Author: Steve Turner

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