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1. "Going home in the trolley, Francie held the shoebox in her lap because Mama had no lap now. Francie thought deep thoughts during her ride. 'If what Granma Mary Rommely said is true, then it must be that no one ever dies, really. Papa is gone, but he's still here in many ways. He's here in Neeley who looks just like him and in Mama who knew him so long. He's here in his mother who began him and who is still living. Maybe I will have a boy some day who looks like Papa and has all of Papa's good without the drinking. And that boy will have a boy. And that boy will have a boy. It might be there is no real death.' Her thougths went to McGarrity. 'No one would ever believe there was any part of Papa in him."
Author: Betty Smith
2. "Why don't women have respect for themselves nowadays? What happen to the woman who learned her grandmama's recipes and made her man sweet potato pie? I tell you, they don't make 'em like they used to. Will my real women stand up, please?"
Author: Brandon T. Jackson
3. "And I tell her about his description because I want her to know what I now know, which is that the place where the pepper grows is not a place to be afraid of…I tell her: Mama, exile is not always the darkest corner of the earth. Sometimes it is lush and plentiful, sometimes it is full of life…"
Author: Carola Perla
4. "The said Eliza, John, and Georgiana were now clustered round their mama in the drawing-room: she lay reclined on a sofa by the fireside, and with her darlings about her (for the time neither quarrelling nor crying) looked perfectly"
Author: Charlotte Brontë
5. "You loan your friend money. You see them again, they don't say nothin' 'bout the money. 'Hi, how ya doin'? How's ya mama doing?' Man, how's my money doin'?"
Author: Chris Tucker
6. "Camerlengo öfkeli bir sesle yeniden konusmaya baslamisti. "Komutan, kayip kardinaller konusunda hiçbir sey yapmamaya vicdanimiz elvermez!" Olivetti, Camerlengo'nun gözlerinin tam içine bakti."St. Francis duasi signore. Hatirliyor musunuz?" Genç rahip acili bir sesle misrayi okudu. "Tanrim, degistiremediklerimi kabul etmek için bana güç ver." Olivetti, "Bana güvenin," dedi. "Bu o durumlardan biri."
Author: Dan Brown
7. "Pertanyaan "Kapan pulang?" sebenarnya adalah isyarat kekhawatiran yang tersimpan di sudut hati seseorang. "Kapan pulang?" adalah pertanyaan sederhana untuk mengetahui kapan sebuah pertemuan akan mengakhiri jurang perpisahan. "Kapan pulang?" merupakan kepastian, bahwa perpisahan yang terjadi hanyalah sementara, bukan berlama-lama ataupun berabad-abad. -Mama kepada Bianca-"
Author: Dwitasari
8. "Toward the end, a band that had a young fellow from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—I remember on account of him saying it two or three times and laughing every time that he did—played a song called 'All She Gets from the Iceman is Ice.' It made the grown folks, most of them anyway, howl laughing. I don't think I ever seen Mama laugh so hard. When it was about over, the sheriff come up and made them stop playing it, but he was grinning, too, so I figured he was just making them stop as part of the show."
Author: Eddie Whitlock
9. "No, Mama. The sweetest hallelujah will be when Billie can walk in the front door of any place she pleases, and nobody will tell her she doesn't belong."
Author: Elaine Hussey
10. "U meduvremenu Klemmer ismijava ženino tijelo zgrceno na podu. Ruga se da joj je s obzirom na godine vec pet do dvanaest! Erika ga zaklinje neka se sjeti svega lijepoga i ružnog što su prošli na nastavi. Pita ga molecivim glasom: Zar ti nije drago sjetiti se razlika medu sonatama? On se ruga muškarcima koji dopuštaju da im žene stalno prigovaraju. On nije jedan od njih, a ona je jednostavno pretjerala. I uopce, cudna je osoba. Gdje su joj sada bicevi i okovi? Klemmer joj ostavlja mogucnost izbora: ja ili ti. On je vec odabrao: sebe. Ali u mojoj mržnji ti se ponovo radaš, tješi je iznoseci naglas svoj stav. Zlostavljajuci je i dalje, udarajuci je po glavi, baca joj mamac: Da vec nisi žrtva, ne bi mogla postati žrtva! Obasipajuci je udarcima, pita je gdje joj je sada njeno divno pismo. Odgovor je suvišan."
Author: Elfriede Jelinek
11. "Kim olursak olalim, dünyanin hangi yerinde yasarsak yasayalim, ta derinlerde bir yerde hepimiz bir eksiklik duygusu tasimaktayiz. Sanki temel bir seyimizi kaybetmisiz de geri alamamaktan korkuyoruz. Neyin eksik oldugunu bilenimizde hakikaten çok az."
Author: Elif Shafak
12. "Now, Mama, Papa, and sir," said Ramses, "please withdraw to the farthest corner and crouch down with your backs turned. It is as I feared; we will never break through by this method. The walls are eight feet thick. Fortunately I brought along a little nitroglycerin--""Oh, good Gad," shrieked Inspector Cuff."
Author: Elizabeth Peters
13. "Mama a fost o fiinta admirabila. Asta pentru noi e o consolare. Scrie-mi cît ai cheltuit cu înmormîntarea. Natural, voi contribui si eu. Caci viata pamînteanului este umbra si vis. Mi-aduc aminte de cuvintele astea pline de întelepciune care se rostesc, cred, la parastas. Ele spun totul."
Author: Emil Cioran
14. "I got three whippings a day from my mama."
Author: Evander Holyfield
15. "Is it really true that the only good thing a Blackman can offer in a relationship with a white woman is thunderous sex?Of course, sex plays a vital healing role in every loving relationship. That is a fact of life. But, as we discover in the story of Glasgow Kiss, sex is not always the only thing that occupies a Blackman's mind. On the contrary, when a man is as passionate, dedicated, committed and determined as Mamadu is to fight and hold onto his true love, irrespective of the numerous challenges he faces, he is able show that it is far more important to pay attention to his heartbeat than the growing erection in his trousers!"
Author: Frank McChebe
16. "We know how powerful our mother was when we were little, but is our wife that powerful to us now? Must we relive our great deed of escape from Mama with every other woman in our life?"
Author: Frank Pittman
17. "I've dated a number of 'mama's boys.'"
Author: Gabrielle Union
18. "Kebahagiaan itu harus diperjuangkan, bukan dengan cara mengemis minta belas kasihan, rendah diri, dan pasrah nasib! Begitu nasihat Mamanya."
Author: Gola Gong
19. "I can't imagine finding anybody to take your place.""You might not find a person that easily, but you could probably find a way without too much trouble," Aomama noted.The dowager looked at Aomame calmly, her lips forming a satisfied smile. "That may be true," she said, "but I almost surely could never find anthing to take the place of what we are sharing here and now. You are you and only you. I'm very grateful for that. More grateful than I can say."
Author: Haruki Murakami
20. "Ölümün son iyiligi, bir daha ölümün olmamasidir."
Author: Irvin D. Yalom
21. "Yasaminin mercek altina alinmasindan gizliden gizliye zevk almayan bir hastayla daha hiç karsilasmamisti. Mercek ne kadar büyük gösterirse hasta o kadar çok zevk alirdi. Incelenmekten alinan keyif o kadar büyük olurdu ki Breuer yaslanma, sevdiklerini kaybetme ve dostlarindan fazla yasamadaki asil acinin sizi inceleyen gözlerin bulunmamasi olduguna inanirdi-hiç kimsenin dikkat etmedigi bir yasam dehseti."
Author: Irvin D. Yalom
22. "Will you stop trying to be brave! It's me, Mama! You can be honest with me." -Hetty"
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
23. "He looked like every glossy frat boy in every nerd movie ever made, like every popular town boy who'd ever looked right through her in high school, like every rotten rich kid who'd ever belonged where she hadn't.My mama warned me about guys like you.He turned to her as if he'd heard her and took off his sunglasses, and she went down the steps to meet him, wiping her sweaty palms on her dust-smeared khaki shorts. "Hi, I'm Sophie Dempsey," she said, flashing the Dempsey gotta-love-me grin as she held out her hot, grimy hand, and after a moment he took it.His hand was clean and cool and dry, and her heart pounded harder as she looked into his remote, gray eyes."Hello, Sophie Dempsey," her worst nightmare said. "Welcome to Temptation."
Author: Jennifer Crusie
24. "For the love of all humanity, shake what your mama gave you!"
Author: Jim Benton
25. "Bolest je rastezljiv pojam.Svi smo mi bolesni. Pitanje je samo u kojoj se mjeri možemo prilagoditi društveno prihvacenim normama ponašanja."
Author: Jo Nesbø
26. "Mga mamamayan din ang mga bumubuo ng gobyerno at sila ang higit na nakapag-aral.' 'Ngunit tulad po ng ibang tao, nagkakamali kaya hindi dapat maging bingi sa kuro-kuro ng iba."
Author: José Rizal
27. "I found it idiotically distressing that a sharp finger whistle could no longer summon them outdoors into a playful twilight. An ancient discovery was now mine to make: to leave is to make nothing less than a mortal action. The suspicion came to me for the fist time that they were figures of my dreaming, like the loved dead: my mother and all these vanished boys. And after Mama's cremation I could not rid myself of the notion that she had been placed in the furnace of memory even when alive and, by extension, that one's dealings with others, ostensibly vital, at a certain point become dealings with the dead."
Author: Joseph O'Neill
28. "Mama?""Yes, Emmy."She traced a rivulet of rain with her finger as it made its journey down the glass. "How do you know when it's been long enough?"Emmy could sense her mother smiling into the phone. "When you relaize that love doesn't have a time span. Only pain does. I think sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two, so we just hold on to both of them like they're inseparable."
Author: Karen White
29. "Beside Mama, in my own folding chair, with my feet sticking out in front of me, I thought about my own innards. Just a few months before I'd had no idea whether my reproductive equipment worked. There was no evidence. But that week I had become a full-fledged bleeder and was still absorbed by this first change in myself that I had ever noticed. The click and buzz of my synapses kept making the same connection. If you can change, you can also end. Death had always been a theory to me. Now I knew. The terror hurt good and I nursed it and played it like a loose tooth."
Author: Katherine Dunn
30. "Ne için buradasin?""Sinirden.""Ah, mümkün degil, gerçekten inanamam buna.""Tam anlamiyla dogru," dedim coskum sönerken. Çelik gibi sinirleri oldugundan kusku duyulmamasindan daha tedirgin edici sey yoktur bir kadin için."
Author: Katherine Mansfield
31. "What the color is, who the daddy be, who the mama is don't mean nothin'. We a family, carin' for each other. Family make us strong in times of trouble. We all stick together, help each other out. That the real meanin' of family."
Author: Kathleen Grissom
32. "Now I had babies confuse before. John Green Dudley, first word out a that boy's mouth was Mama and he was looking straight at me. But then pretty soon he calling everybody including hisself Mama and calling his daddy Mama too... Nobody worry bout it. Course when he start playing dress-up in his sister's Jewel Taylor twirl skirts and wearing Chanel No. 5, we all get a little concern."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
33. "Mama says love is a sickness of the heart. Only the weak fall under its spell."
Author: Katlyn Charlesworth
34. "Cam il ignora pe domnul Cole si se aproprie de mama lui Luce, ducandu-i mana la buze inainte sa fi facut cineva prezentarile.- Dumneavoastra trebuie sa fiti sora mai mare a lui Luce, spuse el cu dezinvoltura."
Author: Lauren Kate
35. "Her alanda asil yenilgi unutmaktir, özellikle de sizi neyin gebertmis oldugunu unutmak, insanlarin ne derece hirt olduklarini anlayamadan gebermektir. Bizler, mezarin önüne geldigimizde, bosuna saklabanlik yapmaya kalkismamaliyiz, öte yandan, unutmamaliyiz da, tek sözcügünü bile degistirmeden her seyi anlatmaliyiz, insanlarda gördügümüz ne kadar kokusmusluk varsa, hepsini, sonra da yerimizi siradakine birakip, uslu uslu inmeliyiz deligin içine. Tüm bir yasami doldurmaya yetecek bir ugrastir bu."
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
36. "On our garden walks Mama always used to tell me, 'Angels live in gardens, Darcy.' 'Where?' I would ask, looking around for the white-winged beings I saw drawn on my Sunday school papers. 'Close your eyes and breathe deep.''All is smell is flowers, Mama,' I would say.'Not so. That's the breath of the angels. And the stirrings you hear in the leaves are their wings brushing past."
Author: Lurlene McDaniel
37. "Eventually my mother suffered a complete breakdown, and the court orders were finally signed. They took her to the State Mental Hospital at Kalamazoo. My mother remained in the same hospital at Kalamazoo for about 26 years.My last visit, when I knew I would never come to see her again-there-was in 1952. I was twenty-seven. My brother Philbert had told me that on his last visit, she had recognized him somewhat. "In spots" he said.But she didn't recognize me at all.She stared at me. She didn't know who I was.Her mind, when I tried to talk, to reach her, was somewhere else. I asked, "Mama, do you know what day it is?"She said, staring, "All the people have gone."I can't describe how I felt. The woman who had brought me into the world, and nursed me, and advised me, and chastised me, and loved me, didn't know me.It was as if I was trying to walk up the side of a hill of feathers."-Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X"
Author: Malcolm X
38. "Our route had now obviously been completely blotted out and here I reckoned less of our chances of survival. We're like a voyage ship veered off course by a ruthless storm now left with no radar or compass. Ours is a sorry tale of an unpredictable adventure. One moment it seem like we're going home to mama's warm embrace and tears of joy, the next moment we feel helplessly immersed in the blackness of hopelessness." - Dami K."
Author: Ray Anyasi
39. "I don't want you stashing yourself away with your Smolny friends tonight," Maman said. "I want to see you dancing with lots of handsome young princes and grand dukes."I rolled my eyes and stared out the window at the snow-covered city. I resolved to dance with the ugliest and the poorest men in the ballroom--if they should ask me."
Author: Robin Bridges
40. "Mama is slowly getting better. So many people are so fond of her."
Author: Rocco DiSpirito
41. "Your mama-akra sent that to you, akri, to hurt the heathen-god. Now it's Dimonique time. The Simi can't be bothered we no Greek god messing with the one who pays the plastic bills. Can the Simi have that black metal card she loves so much? (Simi)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
42. "Mama forbade me to attend the Exhibition after an over-heating spell, yet she insisted I gallivant in the park in the midafternoon sun. I almost wanted to pass out again just to spite her."
Author: Susan Dennard
43. "Monotheism strenuously denies the need to return to a cultural style that periodically places the ego and its values in perspective through contact with a boundary-dissolving immersion in the Archaic mystery of plant-induced, hence mother-associated, psychedelic ecstasy and wholeness, what Joyce called the "mama matrix most mysterious."
Author: Terence McKenna
44. "Look, as my mama always said, 'One monkey don't stop no show."
Author: Terry McMillan
45. "If my mama and daddy would've stayed together, one of them would've been dead, and the other would have been locked up for it."
Author: Trick Daddy
46. "Bir kirginlik yok degil içimde. Buluyorum nedenini. En çok sevilen olmamak."
Author: Turgut Uyar
47. "De tudo ao meu amor serei atentoAntes, e com tal zelo, e sempre, e tantoQue mesmo em face do maior encantoDele se encante mais meu pensamento.Quero vivê-lo em cada vão momentoE em seu louvor hei de espalhar meu cantoE rir meu riso e derramar meu prantoAo seu pesar ou seu contentamentoE assim, quando mais tarde me procureQuem sabe a morte, angústia de quem viveQuem sabe a solidão, fim de quem amaEu possa me dizer do amor (que tive):Que não seja imortal, posto que é chamaMas que seja infinito enquanto dure."
Author: Vinicius De Moraes
48. "Mama read it an began pulling her hair an weepin an praisin the Lord, 'cause it say I am 'Temporarily Deferred' on account of I am a numbnuts."
Author: Winston Groom
49. "Belki de Scott'in Cyn'i seksi bulup Anna'yi bulmamasinin sebebi Anna'nin kendisini seksi bulmamasiydi. Cyn gibi çilgin ve vahsi maceralar yasayamamasinin sebebi bunlara açik olmamasiydi. Korkunç gerçek, on sekizine yaklasmasina ragmen Anna'nin kabugunu kiramamis olmasiydi."
Author: Zoey Dean
50. "It's uh known got tuh go there tuh know there. Yo' papa and yo' mama and nobody else can't tell yuh and show yuh."
Author: Zora Neale Hurston

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