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1. "...nothing more excruciating when you are fighting for your life than to have healthy people round you, squabbling over futilities. Who do you love best, and who most do you want with you? Blithering idiots: it's life itself, can't you see? It's life I love best, and life I want with me. Go hang yourselves, all of you, you're only sapping my strength when most I need it. Leave me in peace and let me grapple."
Author: A.P.
2. "You invented me. There is no such earthly being,Such an earthly being there could never be.A doctor cannot cure, a poet cannot comfort?A shadowy apparition haunts you night and day.We met in an unbelievable year,When the world's strength was at an ebb,Everything withered by adversity,And only the graves were fresh. Without streetlights, the Neva's waves were black as pitch,Thick night enclosed me like a wall ...That's when my voice called out to you!Why it did?I still don't understand.And you came to me, as if guided by a starThat tragic autumn, steppingInto that irrevocably ruined house,From whence had flown a flock of burnt verse."
Author: Anna Akhmatova
3. "God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
Author: Anonymous
4. "Such is the strength of the burden of habit. Here I have the power to be but do not wish it. There I wish to be but lacks the power. On both grounds, I'm in misery."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
5. "You can tell the strength of a nation by the women behind its men."
Author: Benjamin Disraeli
6. "Wars, wars, wars': reading up on the region I came across one moment when quintessential Englishness had in fact intersected with this darkling plain. In 1906 Winston Churchill, then the minister responsible for British colonies, had been honored by an invitation from Kaiser Wilhelm II to attend the annual maneuvers of the Imperial German Army, held at Breslau. The Kaiser was 'resplendent in the uniform of the White Silesian Cuirassiers' and his massed and regimented infantry...reminded one more of great Atlantic rollers than human formations. Clouds of cavalry, avalanches of field-guns and—at that time a novelty—squadrons of motor-cars (private and military) completed the array. For five hours the immense defilade continued. Yet this was only a twentieth of the armed strength of the regular German Army before mobilization.Strange to find Winston Churchill and Sylvia Plath both choosing the word 'roller,' in both its juggernaut and wavelike declensions, for that scene."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
7. "Hope was a beacon but it also had the strength of a bully."
Author: Deb Caletti
8. "Churches we build only by our own efforts and not in the strength of the Spirit will quickly collapse when we don't push and prod people along."
Author: Francis Chan
9. "Why face life's burdens alone, Christ asks, or why face them with temporal support that will quickly falter? To the heavy laden it is Christ's yoke, it is the power and peace of standing side by side with a God that will provide the support, balance and the strength to meet our challenges and endure our tasks here in the hardpan field of mortality."
Author: Howard W. Hunter
10. "Never rub another mans rhubarb"
Author: Jack Nicholson
11. "Unless you can start some worldwide crime wave, I haven't the strength to defy him."
Author: Jennifer Fallon
12. "This people does not complain because it has no voice, it does not move because it is lethargic, and you say that it does not suffer because you haven't seen how its heart bleeds. But some day you will see this, you will hear its complaints, and then woe unto those who found their strength on ignorance and fanaticism! Woe unto those who rejoice in deceit and labor during the night, believing that all are asleep! When the light of day shows up the monsters of darkness, the frightful reaction will come. So many sighs suppressed, so much poison distilled drop by drop, so much force repressed for centuries, will come to light and burst! Who then will pay those accounts which oppressed peoples present from time to time and which History preserves for us on her bloody pages?"
Author: José Rizal
13. "I dance but I also work out. I run, do strength training... you name it. I've got to!"
Author: Laurieann Gibson
14. "God is glorified not by calling strong women but by giving His strength to weak women."
Author: Lydia Brownback
15. "Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness."
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
16. "My strength as a TV writer was my total lack of interest in television."
Author: Maria Semple
17. "For the weakest has but to try his strength to find it, and then he shall be strong."
Author: Robin Hobb
18. "You men notice so little, Pemberton. Physical strength is your gender's sole advantage."
Author: Ron Rash
19. "Most of all, I like the fact that you share yourself with me. That Idon't have to prove my strength to you. I don't have to hurt or be hurt to lie with you." - Vane"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
20. "My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice, these are my invincible arms; they can move hearts far better than words, I know it by experience."
Author: Thérèse De Lisieux
21. "May she play the Drums to the fiery rhythm of her Own Heart with the sinewy strength of her Own Arms, so she need Not Lie With Drummers."
Author: Tina Fey
22. "Hannah's faith was the answer to her stress. And, through that faith, she found peace, even though her life remained far from peaceful. Her faith resulted in God working on her behalf. Hannah did not find peace because she left a stressful situation – she found peace because she had learned to depend on God's strength to rise above her stress."
Author: Tracie Miles
23. "The Cape Town is considerably increased within the last eight years. Its respectability with regard to strength has kept pace with its other enlargements and rendered it very secure against any attempt which is not made with considerable force."
Author: William Bligh

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