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1. "Salí a la terraza y me maravillaron aquellas vistas. No me había percatado al subir tantas cuestas nos habíamos situado en una elevación privilegiada. A veces en la vida pasa lo mismo, la dificultad de la pendiente te hace olvidar que no paras de progresar y subir"
Author: Albert Espinosa
2. "- As wiccanfae não merecem estar entre nós...e Tir Alainn não é o lugar delas. - Nesse caso, sugiro que se vá embora.Lucian fixara-a com o olhar até Selena começar a perder mão sobre si mesma, em vias de se descontrolar. - Eu sou Fae - afirmara - e sou Filha da Casa de Gaian, o que implica que também sou wiccanfae. No entanto, se eu sou wiccanfae,o que julga o Senhor do Fogo que é? - Como?! - O fogo é um dos elementos da Mãe Universal. Não é uma dádiva dos Fae. O único motivo pelo qual o senhor o domina é por ser descendente de pelos menos uma pessoa que pertencia à Casa de Gaian. - Mentira - brandira Lucian - Eu sou Fae. - Wiccanfae! - atirara Selena, no mesmo tom. - Quem tem o seu poder não pode ter sangue puro. Quem julgava o senhor que era?..."
Author: Anne Bishop
3. "Maranatha:A phrase that St. Paul used once as a farewell which means "Come, O Lord!"
Author: Apostle Paul
4. "Tak pernah ada yang salah dengan cinta. Ia mengisi sesuatu yang tidak kosong. Tapi yang terjadi di sini adalah asmara, yang mengosongkan sesuatu yang semula ceper. Dengan rindu. Belum tentu nafsu."
Author: Ayu Utami
5. "India's linguistic diversity surprises many Westerners, but there are nearly thirty languages in India with at least a million native speakers. There are more native speakers of Tamil on our planet than of Italian. Likewise, more people speak Punjabi than German, Marathi than French, and Bengali than Russian. There are more Telugu speakers than Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Slovak, and Swedish speakers combined."
Author: Bob Harris
Author: Bob Ong
7. "An amaranthine valley of orange groves"
Author: Brando Skyhorse
8. "Wayne's a little attached to that hat," Waxillium said. "He thinks it's lucky."Wayne: "It is lucky. I ain't never died while wearing that hat." Marasi frowned. "I ... I'm not sure I know how to respond."Wax: "That's a common reaction to Wayne."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
9. "Warlock," he said. "I know who you are."Magnus raised his eyebrows. "You do?""Magnus Bane. Destroyer of the demon Marabas. Son of—""Now," said Magnus, quickly. "There's no need to go into all of that.""But there is." The demon sounded reasonable, even amused. "If it is infernal assistance you require, why not summon your father?"Alec looked at Magnus with his mouth open."
Author: Cassandra Clare
10. "Kisuli, misuli, mörököllini, oma kollini, susihukkani, marakatti, apinan köriläs, isolieroni, minun pieni alakuloinen aasini.Tällainen liiallisuuksiin menevä kielellä pelehtiminen, alituiset eläimeksi nimittelyt, todistavat että rakkaudessa on saatanallinen puolensa; eivätkö saatanat esiinny eläinten hahmossa?"
Author: Charles Baudelaire
11. "The Tarahumara would party like this all night, then rouse themselves the next morning to face off in a running race that could last not two miles, not two hours, but two full days. According to the Mexican historian Francisco Almada, a Tarahumara champion once ran 435 miles, the equivalent of setting out for a jog in New York City and not stopping till you were closing in on Detroit."
Author: Christopher McDougall
12. "Guilt is the cause of more maraudersthan history's most obscene disauders"
Author: E.E. Cummings
13. "Cînd ai cunoscut amaraciunile si dulceata lor, îti pare rau ca n-ai decît o inima de sfarîmat."
Author: Emil Cioran
14. "Suzanne glanced over at her, eyebrow raised. "Is there an anaconda?" she asked, like it had suddenly occurred to her she could be totally wrong.Tamara should only be so lucky. "No, there's no anaconda, I can promise you that." Not even a garden snake."
Author: Erin McCarthy
15. "The silence that falls between them is a comfortable one. He longs to reach over and touch her, but he resists, fearful of destroying the delicate camaraderie they are building. He steals glances instead, watching the way the light falls over her skin. Several times he catches her regarding him in a similar manner, and the moments when she holds his eyes with hers are sublime."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
16. "Hooper was no romantic. He had not as a child ridden with Rupert's horse or sat among the camp fires at Xanthus-side; at the age when my eyes were dry to all save poetry – that stoic, red-skin interlude which our schools introduce between the fast-flowing tears of the child and the man – Hooper had wept often, but never for Henry's speech on St Crispin's day, nor for the epitaph at Thermopylae. The history they taught him had had few battles in it but, instead, a profusion of detail about humane legislation and recent industrial change. Gallipoli, Balaclava, Quebec, Lepanto, Bannockburn, Roncevales, and Marathon – these, and the Battle in the West where Arthur fell, and a hundred such names whose trumpet-notes, even now in my sere and lawless state, called to me irresistibly across the intervening years with all the clarity and strength of boyhood, sounded in vain to Hooper."
Author: Evelyn Waugh
17. "We will love her, protect her, all of us--Bisaya, Tagalog, Ilokano, so many islands, so many tribes--because if we act as one, we will be strong and so will she be. Alone you will fall prey to every marauder that passes by. I am not asking that you love Filipinas. I am asking that you do what is right, what is duty..."-The Cripple"
Author: F. Sionil José
18. "Mara, that's the life I want to give you. That's what I'm offering you. I want to fill you life with color and warmth. I want to fill it with light. Give me a chance"
Author: Francine Rivers
19. "Exhaló el aire con un sonoro suspiro. El corazón latía a ritmo de maratón en algún lugar de su cuello, tenía la piel caliente y tirante sobre los huesos y estaba empapada en zonas donde una señorita soltera de reputación inmaculada como ella no debería estarlo."
Author: Gail Carriger
20. "It opened a little way, and a face came into the opening. It was Lona's. It's eyes were closed, but the face itself was upon me, and seemed to see me. It was as white as Eve's, white as Mara's, but did not shine like their faces. She spoke, and her voice was like a sleepy night-wind in the grass."Are you coming, king?" it said. "I cannot rest until you are with me, gliding down the river to the great sea, and the beautiful dream-land. The sleepiness is full of lovely things: come and see them."
Author: George MacDonald
21. "I've run the marathon several times, so I definitely don't look like the Great Ancestor!"
Author: George Takei
22. "Most eloször vette észre, hogy két ember sohasem tud egymás lelkéig eljutni, gondolataik legmélyére; hogy egymás mellett járnak, néha egymásba fonódnak, de nem válnak eggyé; hogy erkölcsi lénye mindenkinek magányos marad egész életében."
Author: Guy De Maupassant
23. "Of course it was painful, and there were times when, emotionally, I just wanted to chuck it all. But pain seems to be a precondition for this kind of sport. If pain weren't involved, who in the world would ever go to the trouble of taking part in sports like the triathlon or the marathon, which demand such an investment of time and energy? It's precisely because of the pain, precisely because we want to overcome that pain, that we can get the feeling, through this process, of really being alive--or at least a partial sense of it. Your quality of experience is based not on standards such as time or ranking, but on finally awakening to an awareness of the fluidity within action itself."
Author: Haruki Murakami
24. "Akan kuadukan pada Eomma. Hari kedua aku di New Jersey, Hyung sudah marah-marah tak jelas padaku dan akan menghajarku... akan kuadukan semuanya pada Eomma."
Author: Ida R. Yulia
25. "Contrario a la expectativa. Un hombre sabio, la maravilla de su época, le enseñaba a sus discípulos a través de lo que parecía ser una inagotable fuente de sabiduría. Él atribuía todo su conocimiento a un grueso tomo que estaba guardado en un lugar privilegiado de su habitación. El sabio no le permitía a nadie abrir el volumen. Cuando murió, aquellos que siempre lo habían seguido, considerándose como sus herederos y ansiosos por poseer lo que contenía, corrieron tras el libro para abrirlo. Quedaron sorprendidos, confundidos y decepcionados cuando hallaron que lo escrito ocupaba apenas una hoja. Quedaron aún más desconcertados y luego irritados cuando intentaron penetrar en el significado de la frase que sus ojos habían encontrado. Era: "Cuando te des cuenta de la diferencia entre el contenedor y el contenido, tendrás el conocimiento."
Author: Idries Shah
26. "A legjobb abban a múzeumban mégis az, hogy minden mindig ott marad a helyén, ahol van. Semmi nem mozdul. Százezerszer is odamehetsz, és az eszkimó mindig éppen akkor fogja ki a két halat, a madarak még mindig délre repülnek, a szarvasok isznak a tócsából, a szép kis agancsukkal és a sovány lábukkal, és az indián no, meztelen mellével, még mindig ugyanazt a takarót szövi. Semmi nem változik; ami változik: az ember saját maga. Nem az, hogy idosebb lesz, vagy ilyesmi. Nem éppen azért. Csak éppen megvál­tozik. Mondjuk, most kabátban megy. Vagy az, aki legutóbb a párja volt, skarlátot kapott, és most más a párja. Vagy a Miss Aigletinger helyettese viszi az osztályt. Vagy az ember hallotta, hogy a szülei reggel állati nagy parádét rendeztek a fürdoszobában. Vagy az ember csak elment az utcán egy pocsolya mellett, amin szivárványszínu benzinfoltok úsznak. Úgy értem, az ember kicsit mindig más, nem tudom ezt pontosan megmagyarázni. És még ha tudnám is, nem biztos, hogy akarnám."
Author: J.D. Salinger
27. "But in the end, black can never be white, one plus one must always equal two, and Mara Lynn was a normal little girl."
Author: Jake Vander Ark
28. "Én lehiggadtam, és hagytam telni a napokat; ez a legjobb módja, hogy eloszlassunk vagy szétkergessünk bizonyos dolgokat a valóságban, még ha örökre a gondolatainkban és a birtokunkban is maradnak, szilárdan és rothadón, rettenetes buzt árasztva magukból. Csak így tudjuk elviselni oket és együtt élni velük. Ugyan ki ne hordozna magában ilyesmit?"
Author: Javier Marías
29. "Az Enchiridion alaphangja már olyan, amilyen a továbbiakban Erasmus életmuvének az alaphangja mindig marad: az az ember szól így, aki nem bírja elviselni, hogy a világban a látszat annyira más, mint a lényeg, hogy a világ azokat becsüli, akiket nem kellene, hogy az elvakultság, a mindennapi gondok és a meggondolatlanság megakadályozza az embereket, hogy a dolgok valódi összefüggéseit meglássák."
Author: Johan Huizinga
30. "Ve y coge una estrella fugaz;fecunda a la raíz de mandrágora;dime dónde está el pasado,o quién hendió la pezuña del diablo;enséñame a oír cómo canta la sirena,a apartar el aguijón de la envidia,y descubrecual es el vientoque impulsa a una mente honesta.Si has nacido para ver cosas extrañas,cosas invisibles al ojo,cabalga diez mil días y nocheshasta que la edad cubra de nieve tus cabellos.Cuando retornes, me contaráslas extrañas maravillas que te acontecieron,y jurarásque en ningún lugarvive una mujer justa y constante.Si la encuentras, dímelo,¡dulce peregrinación sería!Pero no, porque no iría,aunque fuera justo al lado;aunque fiel, al encontrarla,y hasta al escribir la carta,sin embargo,antes que fuera,infiel con dos, o tres, fuera."
Author: John Donne
31. "É como se corresse sobre o mar para as estrelas, na mais maravilhosa viagem do mundo. Uma viagem como o Professor nunca leu nem inventou. Seu coração bate tanto, tanto, que ele o aperta com a mão."
Author: Jorge Amado
32. "You're running out of tomorrows." Running out of tomorrows, I repeated to myself in my room, sprawling across my bed to begin another midnight marathon of homework. Sometimes I felt as if there were no tomorrows, that everything, my whole life, was crammed into one long day. A continuous stretch of meaningless time. Sometimes I even wished there was no tomorrow, if this was all I had to look forward to. (Chapter.10)"
Author: Julie Anne Peters
33. "Hubo un tiempo cuando imaginabas que podías ser quien te propusieras. Que podías conseguir que el chico adecuado te amara y te rescatara de tu destino. Que podías engañar a todos y olvidarte de tu pasado.Cuánto te esforzaste por conseguir todo lo que querías.Con qué crueldad el destino, al final, te traicionó."
Author: Lauren Kate
34. "Lorsque cinq semaines plus tard ces hommes quittèrent Moscou, ils ne formaient plus une armée; c'était une foule de maraudeurs, chacun portait sur lui ou transportait en voiture quantité d'objets qui lui sembaient précieux ou nécessaires. Leur but à tous en quittant Moscou n'était pas de conquérir, comme autrefois, mais de garder ce qu'ils avaient pris. Comme un singe qui, ayant introduit sa main dans l'étroit col d'une cruche et saisi une poignée de noix, se refuse à ouvrir son poing pour ne pas lâcher ce qu'il a saisi, et par là périt, ainsi les Français devaient périr parce qu'ils traînaient avec eux leur butin, et qu'abandonner ce butin leur était aussi impossible qu'au singe de lâcher la poignée de noix. (Guerre et Paix, livre troisième, 3ième partie, ch. XXVI)"
Author: Leo Tolstoy
35. "You know..." Amaranthe dumped her dust pile outside and returned to face him. "It's hard for me to maintain my vigor and enthusiasm for leading you when you do nothing but stand there and ooze disapproval at me."
Author: Lindsay Buroker
36. "You're an awful conversationalist," Amaranthe said. "How is it possible I prefer spending time with you?" "Most people don't want to talk to assassins." "I'm a unique individual." "Yes," he said, deadpan. "I'm never quite sure if you're complimenting me…or not." His eyes glinted as they passed a streetlamp. "Good."
Author: Lindsay Buroker
37. "Me quieres tanto como yo te quiero. Y todo lo que yo quiero es a ti (...) Hoy. Esta noche. Mañana. Para siempre.(...) Yo fui hecho para ti, Mara. -Noah"
Author: Michelle Hodkin
38. "Fear is a very explosive emotion, but it has a short life span. It's the sprint. The marathon is hope."
Author: Mike Huckabee
39. "Universo interior!Eram grandes palavras, essas, e Jaromil ouviu-as com uma extrema satisfação. Nunca se esquecia de que coma idade de cinco anos era já considerado como uma criança excepcional, diferente das outras; o comportamento dos seus colegas de turma, que troçavam da pasta ou da camisa dele, confirmara-o, do mesmo modo (por vezes, duramente), na sua singularidade. Mas, até aqui, essa singularidade não fora para ele mais do que uma noção vazia e incerta; era uma esperança incompreensível ou uma incompreensível rejeição; mas agora, acabava de receber um nome: era um universo interior original; (...)o que lhe sugeria a ideia confusa de que a originalidade do seu universo interior não era o resultado de um esforço laborioso mas se exprimia por meio de tudo o que passava fortuitamente e maquinalmente pela sua cabeça; que lhe era dada, como um dom."
Author: Milan Kundera
40. "Writer's RhymeWord by wordline by line,I'm gonna make this writing fine.I'll reread'til I knowthat each sentence says it so.Check the grammarand the meaning;be the critic;do the screening.Dictionary's not for show;Helps me getthose words to flow.Watch the diet;hem it in.Do not fearto make it thin.Simple is a goal to praise;Let's untiethat wordy phrase.Every wordlet's be surefollows the lastwith meaning pure."Won't be easy,"so 'tis said,but effort willput me ahead.Word by wordline by line,I'm gonnna makethis writing fine,even thoughit takes some time,I'm gonna make this writing fine;I'm gonna make this writing fine."
Author: Peter Siviglia
41. "MARATO que é uma banheira de sangueperto do sangue que ainda há de correrUm dia pensamos que algumas centenas de mortos seriam o bastatedepois vimos que mesmo milhares eram insuficientesE hoje não podem mais ser contadosali e em todo lugarem todo lugar(...)SimonneOuço o clamor dentro de mimSimonneEu sou a Revolução."
Author: Peter Weiss
42. "Kadang-kadang saya merasa sangat terisolasi. Saya hidup di dunia saya sendiri, dan hal ini seperti berada di pengasingan. Saya tidak tahu apakah orang masih ingin tahu apa yang sebenarnya saya pikirkan..(Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian! h. xxv)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
43. "Saya masih berpendapat bahwa Multatuli besar jasanya kepada bangsa Indonesia., karena dialah yang menyadarkan bangsa Indonesia bahwa mereka dijajah. Sebelumnya, di bawah pengaruh Jawanisme, kebanyakan orang Indonesia bahkan tidak merasa bahwa mereka dijajah. (Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian! h. 15)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
44. "Mara hurries over and takes my hands. "Er, congratulations on your pending nuptials?"I whisper, "He'll be so angry when he learns I have engaged us without his knowledge."
Author: Rae Carson
45. "And I cannot break the bonds of my word. Only you can release me from that promise. Say what you want from me, Mara. Say it, or I shall sooner die here in your arms waiting."~Dægan Ræliksen"
Author: Renee Vincent
46. "Em Londres, um jovem artista me disse: 'Como deve ser maravilhoso para um norte-americano viajar para a Europa pela primeira vez; vocês não fazem parte disso, portanto nada sentem da dor, jamais terão de suportá-la. Para vocês, na Europa, só existe a beleza'."
Author: Truman Capote
47. "Un poema sólo es tal cuando existe en lo habitual. Desde el momento en que un poema se convierte en algo habitual, no emociona, no maravilla, no inquieta más, y deja, por lo tanto, de ser un poema, pues inquietar, maravillar, emocionar nuestras raíces es lo propio de la poesía."
Author: Vicente Huidobro
48. "The Rivière Secrète was no longer a secret. Two riverbanks, covered in wild grapevines and Black Willows, had emerged from the muck of the Marais Foncé. The bateau dipped and bobbed, and Monsieur Lavelle poled hard to keep us steady as the river, pale green and foaming white, hummed toward us. I licked its cold sweet spray from my lips, my body throbbing with excitement.Anton was moments away." The Marquise Jeanne Reneau, The Last Lord of Paradise––Generation One"
Author: Vivian LeMay
49. "Kamu pernah merasakan sakit hati? Rasanya sakit sekali. Perih dan bikin mual, marah, dan sedih dalam satu waktu."
Author: Windhy Puspitadewi
50. "Hidup juga kayak cuaca. Hari ini bisa hujan, besok bisa cerah. Tapi, lo nggak akan punya hujan selamanya, atau kemarau selamanya. Kita butuh pahit dan manis secara bersamaan, sebuah bentuk keseimbangan."
Author: Winna Efendi

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