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1. "Tornai a Parigi, e scrissi questa storia esattamente come mi era stata raccontata. Essa ha soltanto un merito, che probabilmente le sarà contestato: quello di esser vera.Non traggo da questo racconto la conclusione che tutte le donne come Marguerite sono capaci di fare quello che ha fatto lei: me ne guardo bene. Ma sono venuto a sapere che una di loro aveva provato, nella sua vita, un grande amore, che ne aveva sofferto e ne era morta. Ho raccontato al lettore quello che avevo saputo. Era un dovere.Non sono l'apostolo del vizio, ma mi farò l'eco della nobile infelicità dovunque la sentirò supplicare.La storia di Marguerite è un'eccezione, lo ripeto; se fosse stata una storia come tutte le altre non sarebbe valsa la pena di scriverla."
Author: Alexandre Dumas Fils
2. "La historia de Marguerite es una excepción, lo repito; pero, si hubiera sido algo habitual, no habría merecido la pena escribirla   FIN"
Author: Alexandre Dumas Fils
3. "Mi tese le labbra, si lisciò nuovamente i capelli, e uscimmo dalla stanza, Marguerite cantando, io quasi impazzito. Nel salotto mi disse a bassa voce, fermandosi: "Vi sarà sembrato strano che io vi abbia accettato subito: lo sapete da cosa dipende?Dipende" riprese, prendendomi una mano ed appoggiandosela sul cuore, di cui sentii i battiti violenti e accelerati, "dal fatto che, dovendo vivere meno a lungo degli altri, mi sono ripromessa di vivere più in fretta."
Author: Alexandre Dumas Fils
4. "Fairyland...Paradise...In this place and at this time, Marguerite could know that the one was a parable of the other and both were synonyms for something that had no name."
Author: Elizabeth Goudge
5. "You must find a boy your own age. Someone mild and beautiful to be your lover. Someone who will tremble for your touch, offer you a marguerite by its long stem with his eyes lowered. Someone whose fingers are a poem."
Author: Janet Fitch
6. "Tyler wrote: Dearest Marguerite: You've taught me a great deal about stillness. About the many things that can drift into your mind and heart when you shut down the barricades created by noise. Unexpected gifts of insight, revelation and wisdom. <…> But you taught me that love is found in stillness. It is the space between objects. It's the star you can't see if you look directly at it in the night sky, but if you look away, look forward, you see it in your peripheral vision, beside you, watching over you. If you lie down on the earth it's there, beneath you, cradling you.<…> You're my angel, my tormentor, my woman, my love.God, Tyler is such a gentleman! He is gentle AND a gentleman."
Author: Joey W. Hill
7. "She inhaled sharply as he traced the line of her neck with the warm wetness. "I'm not afraid to bleed for you, Marguerite." His voice was a rough whisper against her ear. "I'll tell The Zone you're thinking it over. Don't disappoint me. Or yourself."
Author: Joey W. Hill
8. "Everything goes in slow motion around you, Marguerite. You steal time when people look at you."
Author: Joey W. Hill
9. "I am not a great French woman. George Sand, Marguerite Duras and Simone de Beauvoir are great French women."
Author: Juliette Binoche
10. "Okay, why don't we practice your talking with Marguerite? OUT LOUD. I'll be her."Julius stared at him blankly. "Now?""No, I was thinking maybe next April. Then you could maybe give her a call, arrange a date..."He arched his eyebrow in question, and snapped, "Yes, NOW."
Author: Lynsay Sands
11. "Hugh concentrated upon different objects in the camión; the driver's small mirror with the legend running round it—Cooperación de la Cruz Roja, the three picture postcards of the Virgin Mary pinned beside it, the two slim vases of marguerites over the dashboard, the gangrened fire extinguisher, the dungaree jacket and whiskbroom under the seat where the pelado was sitting—he watched him as they hit another bad stretch of road. Swaying from side to side with his eyes shut, the man was trying to tuck in his shirt. Now he was methodically buttoning his coat on the wrong buttons. But it struck Hugh all this was merely preparatory, a sort of grotesque toilet."
Author: Malcolm Lowry
12. "Hanging softly over the black Singer sewing machine, it looked like magic, and when people saw me wearing it they were going to run up to me and say, "Marguerite, forgive us, please, we didn't know who you were," and I would answer generously, "No, you couldn't have known. Of course I forgive you."
Author: Maya Angelou
13. "With Marguerite, he wanted only time—more and more time—and he was granted it, nighttimes and daytimes and nighttimes again."
Author: Mitch Albom
14. "On earth, Marguerite said, when you fell asleep, you sometimes dreamed your heaven and those dreams helped to form it. But there was no reason for such dreams now."
Author: Mitch Albom
15. "It is symptomatic of the constricting specialism and the oppressive burden of fact of our time that it has been left to the imagination of a novelist, Marguerite Yourcenar, to create the broadest, the most balanced and in many ways the most authentic interpretation of the affair."
Author: Royston Lambert
16. "All he wanted was enough time to consider all his options without being dragged into his household's petty squabbles or being nagged by his wife about that damnable pilgrimage. Was that so much to ask?Apparently so, for he'd yet to find a peaceful moment at Caen, not with Marguerite sulking and Aimar lurking and Will acting put-upon and Geoff wanting to lay plans and Richard strutting around as if he were the incarnation of Roland and poor Tilda grieving over Maman's absence and his father refusing to heed any voice but his own."
Author: Sharon Kay Penman
17. "Messages continued to arrive from the Earl of Warwick, urging Londoners to hold firm for King Harry. Marguerite d'Anjou and her son were expected to land at any time, while from St Albans, Edward sent word that Harry of Lancaster was to be considered a prisoner of state. At that, John Stockton, the Mayor of London, contracted a diplomatic virus and took to his bed."
Author: Sharon Kay Penman
18. "To write," Marguerite Duras remarked, "is also not to speak. It is to keep silent. It is to howl noiselessly."
Author: Terry Tempest Williams

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