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1. "Out the corner of my eye I see Packard fly at Marty, pin him against the wall. "You do not do that! You do not!" He jerks Marty with every *not*. "You do *not* disrespect that woman, you understand me?" Packard speaks through his teeth, as if to bite back his fury. "It was your goddamn *lucky* day she decided to come in here. And you would spit at her? You were *privileged* she came in here!"
Author: Carolyn Crane
2. "During this very, very long poemYou could have connectedMaybe you are connectingMaybe we're connectingSee, I believe that the only things that really matterIn the grand scheme of life are God and peopleAnd if people are made in the image of GodThen when you spend your time with peopleIt's never wasted- A Very Long Poem, by Marty Schoenleber III"
Author: Colleen Hoover
3. "Sometimes his life felt like a Venn diagram, a series of overlapping circles, each with their disconnects. He could share Mac with Ben, his godson. He could discuss Ben with Sabrina. He could talk to his parents about Sabrina and his work. He could talk about work with Mac. He didn't talk about Marty with anyone."
Author: Kaje Harper
4. "Hey!" Marty protested. "I have the best gaydar around." "Except when you're wrong. Like that construction worker?" "I'm not wrong just because they won't admit it."
Author: Kaje Harper
5. "I'm friends with Dierks Bentley. Aside from that, I don't really know anybody else in the country music field, really. I've met the Lady Antebellum people and I met Marty Stuart briefly once. He's really nice, but I don't know any of them, really."
Author: Patrick Carney
6. "When Marty Short and I get together, I sit down at the piano and play the score of 'Godspell.'"
Author: Paul Shaffer
7. "I don't know," resignation creeping into his voice after the futile effort to hold it back, "once we all thought we were going to make grand movies. Me and Francis and Marty and Paul and Hal and Brian and the others, even George and Steven. But then George and Steven fucked it up, and it's not that they've made bad movies, you could almost wrap your mind around that. It's that they've made really good versions of bad movies, while the hermaphrodite cowboy went and made what everyone figures is a really bad version of a good movie, though what he really made is a pretty good version of a grand movie, which is the sort of ambiguity that confuses the fuck out of everyone, including me."
Author: Steve Erickson

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