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1. "She is the swelling sail, trim rigging and bust sunlit deck of our matrimonial yacht. I am the low hull, with the invisible ballast and keel."
Author: Alasdair Gray
2. "It had been an awful thing to lose Henry the first time, to matrimony, but to discover what a false front he was capable of was another kind of blow, and it had left her almost speechless. Then there was the fury with herself—for she had known what Henry's love was, and still she had gone back to suffer a little more at his hands."
Author: Anna Godbersen
3. "I shall expect my husband to have no pleasures but what he shares with me; and if his greatest pleasure of all is not the enjoyment of my company - why - it will be the worse for him - that's all.''If such are your expectations of matrimony, Esther, you must, indeed, be careful whom you marry - or rather, you must avoid it altogether."
Author: Anne Brontë
4. "But no, music lasted longer than anything it inspired. After LPs, cassettes, and CDs, when matrimony was about to decay into its component elements—alimony and acrimony—the songs startled him and regained all their previous, pre-Rachel meanings, as if they had not only conjured her but then dismissed her, as if she had been entirely their illusion. He listened to the old songs again, years later on that same dark promenade, when every CD he had ever owned sat nestled in that greatest of all human inventions, the iPod, dialed up and yielding to his fingertip's tap. The songs now offered him, in exchange for all he had lost, the sensation that there was something still to long for, still, something still approaching, and all that had gone before was merely prologue to an unimaginably profound love yet to seize him. If there was any difference now, it was only that his hunger for music had become more urgent, less a daily pleasure than a daily craving."
Author: Arthur Phillips
5. "La base de la sociedad no es la familia sino la pareja. El matrimonio es el fundamento de la humanidad. Si los cónyuges siguen divorciándose, las familias seguirán desintegrándose y la sociedad corrompiéndose..."
Author: Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez
6. "Il matrimonio e la famiglia sono un guscio vuoto e spetta a noi riempirlo di significato."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
7. "As far as my experience of matrimony goes -- I think it tends to draw you out of, and away from yourself."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
8. "It is matrimonial suicide to be jealous when you have a really good reason."
Author: Clare Boothe Luce
9. "Oh! To rationalize oneself into matrimony...Oh! To decide something so grave in life 'after mature consideration'! Choose the color of a dress after a thousand hesitations, but for God's sake, get married without reflecting on it! That's the grace I wish I wish for you. May you even be so distracted that day that you walk past the registry office without remembering to stop there."
Author: Colette
10. "No me voy a casar contigo con la esperanza de que nuestro matrimonio funcione. Cuando seas mia, va a ser una cosa para siempre."
Author: Colleen Hoover
11. "As for Women that do not think their own Safety worth their Thought, that impatient of their present State, resolve as they call it to take the first good Christian that comes, that run into Matrimony, as a Horse rushes into the Battle, I can say nothing to them, but this, that they are a Sort of Ladies that are to be pray'd for among the rest of distemper'd People..."
Author: Daniel Defoe
12. "Ed, así éramos nosotros, Al y yo. Nunca lo entendiste y yo nunca te conté realmente cómo funcionaba. La madre de Al nos comparó una vez con un viejo matrimonio y se rió cuando Al dijo:"Bueno, mamma, tú debes de saberlo"."
Author: Daniel Handler
13. "These men, as she often muttered to friend Eleanor Topping, the two of them pressed together like sisters, their friendship filling in for the matrimonial gaps. These men, romantically isolated, secretly tortured, became like lighthouses flashing their treacherous shallows. Stay away! Stay away!"
Author: David Gilbert
14. "Philip wasn't the sort of man to make a friend of a woman. He wanted devotion. I gave him that. I did, you know. But I couldn't stand being made a fool of. I couldn;t stand being put on probation, like an office-boy, to see if I was good enough to be condescended to. I quite thought he was honest when he said he didn't believe in marriage -- and then it turned out that it was a test, to see whether my devotion was abject enough. Well, it wasn't. I didn't like having matrimony offered as a bad-conduct prize."
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
15. "Still it is true that many same-sex couples want nothing more than to join society as fully integrated socially responsible family-centered taxpaying Little League-coaching nation-serving respectably married citizens. So why not welcome them in Why not recruit them by the vanload to sweep in on heroic wings and save the flagging and battered old institution of matrimony from a bunch of apathetic ne'er-do-well heterosexual deadbeats like me"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
16. "I disapprove of matrimony as a matter of principle.... Why should any independent, intelligent female choose to subject herself to the whims and tyrannies of a husband? I assure you, I have yet to meet a man as sensible as myself! (Amelia Peabody)"
Author: Elizabeth Peters
17. "Cortejo as palavras para cair na graça dos seus amores tal qual um aristocrata burguês trocando gracejos com uma dama da nobreza a fim de ascensão social por meio de matrimônio."
Author: Filipe Russo
18. "Expect nothing at all and accept as a joyful surprise whatever good you find in matrimony."
Author: Frank Leslie
19. "Así se reanudó una amistad prohibida que por lo menos una vez se pareció al amor. Hablaban hasta el amanecer, sin ilusiones ni despecho, como un viejo matrimonio condenado a la rutina. Creían ser felices, y tal vez lo eran, hasta que uno de los dos decía una palabra de más, o daba un paso de menos, y la noche se pudría en un pleito de vándalos que desmoralizaba a los mastines. Todo volvía entonces al principio, y Dulce Olivia desaparecía de la casa por largo tiempo."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
20. "O matrimónio não é a loteria. Na loteria algumas vezes ganha-se."
Author: George Bernard Shaw
21. "I see no room in holy Scripture for any sexual activity outside of matrimony."
Author: George Carey
22. "Dorothea, with all her eagerness to know the truths of life, retained very childlike ideas about marriage. She felt sure that she would have accepted the judicious Hooker, if she had been born in time to save him from that wretched mistake he made in matrimony;or John Milton when his blindness had come on; or any of the other great men whose odd habits it would have been glorious piety to endure; but an amiable handsome baronet, who said "Exactly" to her remarks even when she expressed uncertainty,--how could he affect her as a lover? The really delightful marriage must be that where your husband was a sort of father, and could teach you even Hebrew, if you wished it."
Author: George Eliot
23. "Se conocían demasiado para gozar de aquellos embelesos de la pasión que centuplican su gozo. Ella estaba tan hastiada de él como él cansado de ella. Emma volvía a encontrar en el adulterio todas las soserías del matrimonio"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
24. "--¿Crees que ellos van a casarse?--¿Dex y Lou? No creo que ellos crean en el matrimonio.--¿En verdad? ¿Porqué no?--Algunas personas no necesitan eso, ¿Sabes? Creo que sólo creen en estar juntos."
Author: Hannah Harrington
25. "Matrimony; the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented."
Author: Heinrich Heine
26. "I've never created a riot before. I did cause a brawl at the last formal. A large number of young women there actually arrived with the expectation of seducing me into matrimony, and a couple of their mothers came to blows. It was hilari—I mean, dreadful. Simply dreadful."
Author: Ilona Andrews
27. "So that ends my first experience of matrimony, which I always thought a highly over-rated performance."
Author: Isadora Duncan
28. "And such is your definition of matrimony and dancing. Taken in that light, certainly their resemblance is not striking; but I think I could place them in such a view. You will allow that in both man has the advantage of choice, woman only the power of refusal; that in both it is an engagement between man and woman, formed for the advantage of each; and that when once entered into, they belong exclusively to each other till the moment of its dissolution; that it is their duty each to endeavor to give the other no cause for wishing that he or she had bestowed themselves elsewhere, and their best interest to keep their own imaginations from wandering towards the perfections of their neighbors, or fancying that they should have been better off with any one else."
Author: Jane Austen
29. "Luck which so often defies anticipation in matrimonial affairs, giving attraction to what is moderate rather than to what is superior."
Author: Jane Austen
30. "Es más bien que estar junto a alguien consiste en buena medida en pensar en voz alta, esto es, en pensarlo todo dos veces en lugar de una, una con el pensamiento y otra con el relato, el matrimonio es una institución narrativa."
Author: Javier Marías
31. "We Greeks get married in circles, to impress upon ourselves the essential matrimonial facts: that to be happy you have to find variety in repetition; that to go forward you have to come back where you began."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
32. "A love story can never be about full possession. The happy marriage, the requited love, the desire that never dims--these are lucky eventualites but they aren't love stories. Love stories depend on disappointment, on unequal births and feuding families, on matrimonial boredom and at least one cold heart. Love stories, nearly without exception, give love a bad name.We value love not because it's stronger than death but because it's weaker. Say what you want about love: death will finish it. You will not go on loving in the grave, not in any physical way that will at all resemble love as we know it on earth. The perishable nature of love is what gives love its importance in our lives. If it were endless, if it were on tap, love wouldn't hit us the way it does.And we certainly wouldn't write about it."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
33. "Científicamente considerado, el matrimonio es un molino prehistórico en el que dos piedras ruejas se muelen a sí mismas, interminablemente, hasta la muerte"
Author: Juan José Arreola
34. "Puso su mano debajo de mi barbilla y me levantó la cara para que le mirara, estaba sonriendo con su bonita sonrisa. —Puedo esperar tanto tiempo como desees. Realmente estoy loco por ti, no se trata de sexo —dijo con ternura, haciendo que mi corazón comenzase a correr. ¿Hablaba en serio o se trataba de un truco así me rendía antes? —¿Y si te digo que no creo en lel sexo antes del matrimonio? —le pregunté, poniéndolo a prueba. Sus ojos brillaron con diversión, pero mantuvo su rostro serio. —Entonces te diría que nos casáramos tan pronto como fueras mayor de edad. Dieciocho años es la edad legal, ¿verdad? —respondió, guiñándome un ojo."
Author: Kirsty Moseley
35. "Querido, nuestro matrimonio no ha sido un fracaso, sino algo mucho más horrible: Un éxito malgastado."
Author: Mario Benedetti
36. "Men in general sooner forget the lost their matrimony than the death of their father"
Author: Mario Puzo
37. "The mortality rate of literary friendships is high. Writers tend to be bad risks as friends ~ probably for much the same reasons that they are bad matrimonial risks. They expend the best parts of themselves in their work. Moreover, literary ambition has a way of turning into literary competition; if fame is the spur, envy may be a concomitant."
Author: Matthew J. Bruccoli
38. "Love is dirty-sloppy-stupid. The problem has always been: How do we contain such a dangerous substance (love) in the confines of holy matrimony without hurting or killing someone?pg ii"
Author: Michael Ben Zehabe
39. "We do not create marriage from scratch. Instead, in the elegant language of the marriage ceremony, we 'enter into the holy estate of matrimony.'"
Author: Nancy Pearcey
40. "Oh, hombre. Incluso su nombre era demasiado... molesto. Si papá se enteraba de que iba a la escuela con un chico de apellido Diamond, iba a hacer un matrimonio por conveniencia. Su Lucy en el cielo... con Diamond."
Author: Nicole Williams
41. "Un matrimonio dovrebbe basarsi sulla reciproca incomprensione."
Author: Oscar Wilde
42. "Deseaba llamar a Sophie. Un día incluso fui hasta la oficina de correos y esperé en la cola de las llamadas al extranjero pero no llegué a llamarla. Ahora las palabras me fallaban constantemente y me entró pánico ante la idea de derrumbarme en el teléfono. ¿Qué podía decirle, después de todo? En lugar de eso, le mandé una postal de Laurel y Hardy. En la parte de atrás escribí: "Los verdadero matrimonios nunca tienen sentido. Mira la pareja del dorso. Prueba que cualquier cosa es posible, ¿no? Quizá deberíamos empezar a ponernos sombreros hongo. Por lo menos, acuérdate de vaciar el armario antes de que yo vuelva. Abrazos a Ben"
Author: Paul Auster
43. "You will reciprocally promise love, loyalty and matrimonial honesty. We only want for you this day that these words constitute the principle of your entire life and that with the help of divine grace you will observe these solemn vows that today, before God, you formulate."
Author: Pope John Paul II
44. "The corpse's hand reached up and grabbed Shaisam by the throat. He gasped, thrashing, as the corpse opened its eye."There's an odd thing about disease I once heard, Fain," Matrim Cauthon whispered. "Once you catch a disease and survive, you can't get it again."
Author: Robert Jordan
45. "In matrimony, to hesitate is sometimes to be saved."
Author: Samuel Butler
46. "Our eyes met in the math class. How were we to know that trigonometry would lead to matrimony?"
Author: Sophie Kinsella
47. "Todo buen matrimonio es un territorio secreto, un espacio necesariamente en blanco en el mapa de la sociedad. Lo que los demás no saben de él es lo que lo hace tuyo."
Author: Stephen King
48. "Take now the clockworks... The clockworks, being genuine and not much to look at, don't generate the drama of an Earth-tilt or a flying saucer, nor do they seem to offer any immediate panacea for humanity's fifty-seven varieties of heartburn. But suppose that you're one of those persons who feels trapped, to some degree, trapped matrimonially, occupationally, eductionally or geographically, or trapped in something larger than all those; trapped in a system, or what you might descrbie as an "incresingly deadening technocracy" or a "theater of paranoia and desperation" or something like that. Now, if you are one of those persons... wouldn't the very knowledge that there are clockworks ticking away behind the wallpaper of civilization, unbeknownst to leaders, organizers and managers (the President included), wouldn't that knowledge, suggesting as it does the possibility of unimaginable alternatives, wouldn't that knowledge be a bubble bath for your heart?"
Author: Tom Robbins
49. "Un día la adornarán de piedras preciosas y se casará con un joven turco, al que sólo habrá visto de lejos, al través de una celosía, y con el que cruzará la palabra por vez primera en el momento de ser su esposa. La llevarán a una casa nueva, en la que vivirá como única señora si su marido no ama las costumbres antiguas, o en la que se confundirá con otras, iguales a ella en derechos, distintas a ella en alma, como si fuese de otro planeta. Su madre se extrañará de sus lágrimas y melancolías. Así vivió ella, así vivieron sus abuelas y todas las honradas damas temerosas de Dios. Pero la madre era feliz, abroquelada en su santa ignorancia: no la habían hecho morder el fruto embriagador de la cultura occidental... Y la infeliz reclusa de las tradiciones de su pueblo, asustada ante el porvenir, y mientras llega el momento del matrimonio, se consuela con la lectura, y devora las novelas francesas que llenan los escaparates de las librerías de la gran calle de Pera."
Author: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
50. "The standard of matrimony is erected by affection and purity, and does not depend upon the height, or bulk, or color, or wealth, or poverty of individuals. Water will seek its level; nature will have free course; and heart will answer to heart."
Author: William Lloyd Garrison

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