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1. "Resep lainnya adalah tidak pernah mengizinkan diri kalian dipengaruhi oleh unsur di luar diri kalian. Oleh siapa pun, apa pun, dan suasana bagaimana pun. Artinya, jangan mau sedih, marah, kecewa, dan takut karena ada faktor luar. Kalianlah yang berkuasa terhadap diri kalian sendiri, jangan serahkan kekuasaan kepada orang lain. Orang boleh menodong senapan, tapi kalian punya pilihan, untuk takut atau tetap tegar. Kalian punya pilihan di lapisan diri kalian paling dalam, dan itu tidak ada hubungannya dengan pengaruh luar."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
2. "Mais le narrateur est plutôt tente de croire qu'en donnant trop d'importance aux belles actions, on rend finalement un hommage indirect et puissant au mal. Car on laisse supposer alors que ces belles actions n'ont tant de prix que parce qu'elles sont rares et que la méchanceté et l'indifférence sont des moteurs bien plus fréquents dans les actions des hommes. C'est la une idée que le narrateur ne partage pas. Le mal qui est dans le monde vient presque toujours de l'ignorance, et la bonne volonté peut faire autant de dégâts que la méchanceté, si elle n'est pas éclairée. Les hommes sont plutôt bons que mauvais, et en vérité ce n'est pas la question. Mais ils ignorent plus ou moins, et c'est ce qu'on appelle vertu ou vice, le vice le plus désespérant étant celui de l'ignorance qui croit tout savoir et qui autorise alors a tuer. L'ame du meurtrier est aveugle et il n'y a pas de vraie bonté ni de belle amour sans toute la clairvoyance possible."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "Il n'y a pas longtemps, c'étaient les mauvaises actions qui demandaient à être justifiées, aujourd'hui ce sont les bonnes."
Author: Albert Camus
4. "Songs don't just come out of the air. They take time, but it's good fun, too. Maurice gave me encouragement."
Author: Andy Gibb
5. "Er erlebte die Stadt wie einen Wald. Er dachte: Sie liegt nicht auf einer Insel, sie ist die Insel. Sie ist nicht in eine Landschaft gebaut, sondern ist die Landschaft. Eine Landschaft von steinerner Vegetation, die den Menschen nicht gehört, in die sie erst Schneisen schlagen und in der sie ihre Wohnungen erst begründen müssen. Die Schneisen und Wohnorte können von der Vegetation auch wieder eingeholt und überwuchert werden. Manchmal stieß er auf abgerissene Häusergevierte, Trümmergrundstücke, Fassaden mit leeren oder vermauerten Türen und Fenstern – wie vom Krieg verwüstet, und weil es keinen Krieg gegeben hatte, wie von der Natur ergriffen. diesmal nicht der wuchernden des Waldes, sondern der wütenden eines Erdbebens. Und wie wachsende Kristalle die hochstrebenden neuen Bauten."
Author: Bernhard Schlink
6. "As you wish, of course." Lucius lowered the volume on an old record player, which spun a warped vinyl disk that wailed unfamiliar music, scratchy and whiny, like cats fighting. Or a coffin with rusty hinges opening and closing over and over again in a deserted mausoleum. "Do you like Croatian folk?" heasked, seeing my interest. "It reminds me of home.""I prefer normal music.""Ah, yes, your MTV with all the bumping and grinding. Like a shot of raging adolescent hormones administered via television. I'm not averse."
Author: Beth Fantaskey
7. "Gert: Wake me when the fight scene's over. Kitty Pryde: Oy, tell me about it. Hey, I'm Kitty. You the token pacifist of your group? Gert: Not exactly. Pacifists are like vegans, I'm more of a vegetarian. I enjoy fish and occasional maulings."
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
8. "- Oh Rebecca, que vais-je faire de toi ?Il posa sa main sur mon épaule et me broya l'omoplate. La douleur était intenable. J'envoyais un flux d'énergie pour lui faire lâcher prise et le projetais contre le cheminée.- Qu'est-ce que... dit Maurane, surprise.J'entendis soudain un éclat de rire.- Tu as raison, Tyriam, cette gamine ne vas pas servir à grand chose, si ce n'est à botter les fesses de Raphaël et, entre nous, je trouve ça déjà pas mal, fit Aligarh."
Author: Cassandra O'Donnell
9. "You understand that Mauve and turquois are not food items, but that they're colors."
Author: Chad Eastham
10. "I really like Deadmau5 and Coyote Kisses. And Foo Fighters too, I like rock."
Author: Chandler Riggs
11. "Nervestwitching in the sheets --to face the sunlight again,that's clearlytrouble.I like the city better when theneon lights are going andthe nudies dance on top of thebarto the mauling music.I'm under this nerves are hampered byhistory --the most memorable concern of mankindis the guys it takes toface the sunlight begins at the meeting of twostrangers. love for the world isimpossible. I'd rather stay in bedand sleep.dizzied by the days and the streets and the yearsI pull the sheets to my neck.I turn my ass to the wall.I hate the mornings more thanany man."
Author: Charles Bukowski
12. "Oh. Momma told me not to tell you that your bed squeaks. But I think you know, 'cause I could hear it this morning. Jake dropped his fork. Tor, for the first time Jake had ever seen, turned scarlet. Maureen looked at them both and sighed. Christmas is always so interesting with you, Mark."
Author: Chris Owen
13. "It's well known by now that I had a special need to get Maureen's goat when ever the opportunity presented itself. I was a boy and she was the enemy... a girl."
Author: Christopher Knight
14. "Maura: is there anything you want to tell me?me: yeah. I want to tell you that my third nipple is lactating and my butt cheeks are threatening to unionize. what do you think I should do about it?maura: I feel you're not telling me something."
Author: David Levithan
15. "I knew you read the Symposium in the vac," he said in a low voice.Maurice felt uneasy."Then you understand - without me saying more - ""How do you mean?"Durham could not wait. People were all around them, but with eyes that had gone intensely blue he whispered, "I love you."
Author: E.M. Forster
16. "Lucy preferred gin and tonics during the summer and switched over to whiskey sours in the winter. At dinner, a sit-down affair with the family, Lucy drank whatever the Temerlins drank, including expensive French wines. "She never gets obnoxious, even when smashed to the brink of unconsciousness," wrote Maurice, revealing more about the chimp's alcoholism than perhaps he intended. At one point, he tried to wean Lucy off the good stuff and onto Boone's Farm apple wine. Assuming she would delight in the fruity swill, he purchased a case and filled her glass one night at dinner. Lucy took a sip of the apple wine, noticed her parents were drinking something else, and put her glass down. She then graabbed Maurice's glass of Chablis and polished it off. She finished Jane's next. Not another sip of Boone's farm ever touched her lips."
Author: Elizabeth Hess
17. "Les feuilles tombent, la figue sèche, remplace la figue fraîche, le raisin sec la grappe mûre, voilà selon toi des paroles de mauvaise augure ! Mais il n'y a là que la transformation d'états antérieurs en d'autres ; il n'y a pas de destruction, mais un aménagement et une disposition bien réglée. L'émigration n'est qu'un petit changement. La mort en est un plus grand, mais il ne va pas de l'être actuel au non-être, mais au non-être de l'être actuel. Alors ne serais-je plus ? Tu ne seras pas ce que tu es mais autre chose dont le monde aura alors besoin."
Author: Epictetus
18. "...I didn't know it buy You moved in the pain. I said, "let him be alive,' not believing in You, and my disbelief made no difference to You. You took it into Your love and accepted it like an offering, and tonight the rain soaked through my coat and my clothes into my skin, and I shivered with the cold, and it was for the first time as though I nearly loved You. I walked under Your windows in the rain and I wanted to wait under the all night only to show that after all I might learn to love and I wasn't afraid of the desert any longer because You were there. I came back into the house and there was Maurice with Henry. It was the second time You had given him back: the first time I had hated you for it and You'd taken my hate like You'd taken my disbelief into Your love, keeping them to show me later, so that we could both laugh..."
Author: Graham Greene
19. "Am vazut deci arzand un om pe rug, si asta mi-a inspirat dorinta de a disparea in acelasi mod. In acest fel totul dispare imediat. Omul grabeste opera lenta a naturii... Trupul e mort, spiritul a disparut. Focul ce purificca imprastie in cateva ore ce a fost candva o fiinta" Insemnarile lui Maupassant din 7 septembrie 1884"
Author: Guy De Maupassant
20. "When Atticus came home to dinner he found me crouched down aiming across the street. "What are you shooting at?" "Miss Maudie's rear end."Atticus turned and saw my generous target bending over her bushes. He pushed his hat to the back of his head and crossed the street. "Maudie," he called, "I thought I'd better warn you. You're in considerable peril."Miss Maudie straightened up and looked toward me. She said,"Atticus, you are a devil from hell."
Author: Harper Lee
21. "We need a bigger gun.""We need a shower," Raphael said."Gun first. Shower later."Ten minutes later I walked into the Order's office. A group of knights standing in the hallway turned at my approach: Mauro, the huge Samoan knight; Tobias, as usual dapper; and Gene, the seasoned former Georgia Bureau of Investigations detective. They looked at me. The conversation died.My clothes were torn and bloody. Soot stained my skin. My hair stuck out in clumps caked with dirt and blood. The reek of a dead cat emanated from me in a foul cloud.I walked past them into the armory, opened the glass case, took Boom Baby out, grabbed a box of Silver Hawk cartridges, and walked out.Nobody said a thing."
Author: Ilona Andrews
22. "Maukah kamu membuka hatimu dan belajar untuk menyukaiku?"
Author: Irin Sintriana
23. "Pak, aku mau sekolah sing pinter saja. Aku mau jadi orang pinter!" balas Bayek."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
24. "Though there had yet to be a victor in this great war that had begun almost three years ago, Maurice had written to her that they had, all of them, on all sides, lost their freedom. Freedom to think hopefully of the future."
Author: Jacqueline Winspear
25. "Aku suka menyadari betapa kerasnya buku bertahan, tidak pernah mau takluk begitu saja padaku; aku jadi terpedaya, capai, tetapi aku amat menikmati ambiguitas posisiku: "mengerti tetapi tidak mengerti"."
Author: Jean Paul Sartre
26. "We talk a bit, until Tess is sufficiently calm, and then I take her upstairs and see her snuggled back into bed with Cyclops and one of Maura's romance novels. Strange bedfellows, but both seem to comfort her, and it serves to remind me again that she is a strange mix of woman and child, carrying a burden far too heavy for her."
Author: Jessica Spotswood
27. "If he didn't want to be mauled by a sex-starved woman who hadn't gotten any skin in months, he'd better keep his hands to himself."
Author: Jody Wallace
28. "(...) o conhecimento e a comunicação com os maus elementos do nosso próprio sexo é muitas vezes tão fatal para a inocência quanto todas as seduções do outro."
Author: John Cleland
29. "She supposed she was a little cog in the big wheel of Empire. "Nothing wrong with being a cog," Maurice said, himself now a big wheel in the Home Office. "The world needs cogs."
Author: Kate Atkinson
30. "- Um dia, um marciano sábio vem à terra para ensinar umas coisinhas às pessoas - começo.- Um marciano? De que tamanho?-Oh, mais ou menos um metro e noventa.-Como é que se chama?- Marciano Luther King.(...)- Era um marciano muito simpatico, o senhor King. Era parecido connosco, nariz, boca, cabelo na cabeça, mas algumas pessoas olhavam para ele de maneira estranha e, bem às vezes acho que as pessoas eram mesmo más.(...)- Porquê Aibee? Porque eram maus para ele?- Porque ele era verde."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
31. "Antonio José Bolivar ôta son dentier, le rangea dans son mouchoir et sans cesser de maudire le gringo, responsable de la tragédie, le maire, les chercheurs d'or, tous ceux qui souillaient la virginité de son Amazonie, il coupa une grosse branche d'un coup de machette, s'y appuya, et prit la direction d'El Idilio, de sa cabane et ses romans qui parlaient d'amour avec des mots si beaux que, parfois, ils lui faisaient oublier la barbarie des hommes."
Author: Luis Sepúlveda
32. "Waktu sering kali dianiaya dengan menuduhnya 'tak ada' padahal sebenarnya ia hadir, hanya saja kita tidak mau menemuinya"
Author: M. Quraish Shihab
33. "He's magnificent!" Maureen sighed, walking to the window and watching Brevan saunter toward the barn."He is not a horse, Maury," Genieva reminded."
Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
34. "Is it a mausoleum, and I, the Egyptiab, mummified with pillows and my own flesh, through some oversight enbalmed alive? There must be some mistake."
Author: Margaret Laurence
35. "?inea la el! Ei, ?i? ?i el ?inea la ea, ?i unde scrie ca lucrul cel mai potrivit care urmau sa-l faca ei doi era sa-?i rapeasca unul altuia libertatea? Numai pentru ca dintre atî?ia barba?i ?i-a placut la un moment dat unul singur? Acest moment dat nu e numai un "moment", cum spune ?i cuvîntul, adica ceva trecator, dar mai e ?i "dat", adica impus de împrejurari. Nu e deci clar ca valoarea lui dispare îndata ce dispar împrejurarile?"
Author: Marin Preda
36. "Und doch sitzt in mir noch immer eine wahnsinnige Hoffnung. Ich kann nur nachsichtig darüber lächeln. Mit diesem verstockten Eigensinn habe ich als Kind gehofft, nie sterben zu müssen. Ich stelle mir diese Hoffnung als einen blinden Maulwurf vor, der in mir hockt und über seinem Wahn brütet. Da ich ihn nicht aus mir vertreiben kann, muss ich ihn gewähren lassen."
Author: Marlen Haushofer
37. "And I swore it to myself the night Maurice ran away," Ilyse screamed, terror and fury coursing through her veins, "and I'll swear it again; no matter what you do, you will never conquer me."
Author: Melika Dannese Lux
38. "Biarlah orang lain gugur secara heroik, kalau itu cocok buat mereka. aku hanya mau membereskan pertempuran dengan kemenangan heroik."
Author: Miyamoto Musashi
39. "By the time I make my way to the border of Mauritania, to the edge of the Sahara, I see no end to being lost. You can spend your entire life simply falling in that direction. It isn't a station you reach but just the general state of going down. Once you make it back, if you make it back, you will stand before your long-lost friends but in some essential way they will no longer know you."
Author: Nick Flynn
40. "Aku tak suka pada priayi. Gedung-gedung berdinding batu itu neraka. Neraka. Neraka tanpa perasaan. Tak ada orang mau dengarkan tangisnya. Kalau anak itu besar kelak, dia pun takkan dengarkan keluh-kesah ibunya. Dia akan perintah dan perlakukan aku seperti orang dusun, seperti abdi. Dia perlakukan aku seperti bapaknya memperlakukan aku kini dan selama ini. Tapi lindungilah dia. Dia anakku yang tak mengenal emaknya, tak kenal lagi air susu emaknya."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
41. "Sering kulihat wanita dibebani barang bawaan cukup berat, menggendong, menyunggi, masih mendukung bocah, dan suaminya enak-enak jalan dengan berjual tampang hanya membawa tombak. Ait, terlalu. Pernah kutegur seorang diantara mereka, dan suaminya memang mau membantu. Tetapi pada kesempatan lain tetap juga membiarkan istrinya menjadi kuda beban. Kau tidak boleh begitu, Putih."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
42. "Perempuan itu harta, musti turut lelaki punya mau - Siti F. Yang Ditemui Di Pulau Buru"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
43. "With Maurice suddenly going, I realised... I think I've matured. I don't take things lightly any more."
Author: Robin Gibb
44. "In the middle of the night, when you're ambiguously ethnic, like me, when you're brown, beige, mauve, siena, one of those lighter browns in the Crayola box. You have to be careful of the cops and robbers, because nobody's quite sure what you are, but everybody has assumptions."
Author: Sherman Alexie
45. "Gon be hard from here on, Handful. Since that day a year past, I'd got myself a friend in Miss Sarah and found how to read and write, but it'd been a heartless road like mauma said, and I didn't know what would come of us. We might stay here the rest of our lives with the sky slammed shut, but mauma had found the part of herself that refused to bow and scrape, and once you find that, you got trouble breathing on your neck."
Author: Sue Monk Kidd
46. "I carved out little spaces within my heart; little, lovely mausoleums where I could lock each and every one of them inside, keep the memories safe and close to me forever."
Author: T. Torrest
47. "Semua orang selalu diberikan kesempatan untuk kembali. Sebelum mau menjemput, sebelum semuanya benar-benar terlambat. Setiap manusia diberikan kesempatan mendapatkan penjelasan atas berbagai pertanyaan yang mengganjal hidupnya."
Author: Tere Liye
48. "It started to rain overhead, big sloppy droplets, but only in their immediate vicinity of about five feet. However, this being England, no one was particularly flummoxed even by such a particularly localized, extraordinarily specific example of maudlin weather."
Author: Vera Nazarian
49. "I could isolate, consciously, little. Everything seemed blurred, yellow-clouded, yielding nothing tangible. Her inept acrostics, maudlin evasions, theopathies - every recollection formed ripples of mysterious meaning. Everything seemed yellowly blurred, illusive, lost."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
50. "... how much less is the sense of obligation in thosewho receive favours than in those who grant them." Somerset Maugham"
Author: W. Somerset Maugham

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I sit heredrunk now.I am a series ofsmall victoriesand large defeatsand I am asamazedas any otherthatI have gottenfrom there toherewithout committing murderor beingmurdered;withouthaving ended up in I drink aloneagain tonightmy soul despite all the pastagonythanks all the godswho were nottherefor methen."
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