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1. "McCain likes strong defense, and he's viscerally suspicious of big companies. So he's more a Square Deal guy than a New Deal guy."
Author: Amity Shlaes
2. "What were you going to do with it?" McCain asked. "I just thought it might come in useful.""Were you planning to attack me?" "No. But that's a good idea."
Author: Anthony Horowitz
3. "McCain needs Hillary to run because that's what keeps the Republican coalition together. She helps unite the Republican base."
Author: Chuck Todd
4. "Some of the reasons John McCain lost in 2008 were his lackluster campaign, his refusal to showcase Obama's extreme liberalism and, thus, his failure to demonstrate why he would make a better president than Obama."
Author: David Limbaugh
5. "Any concerns that Romney will adopt McCain's milquetoast campaign model are quickly diminishing."
Author: David Limbaugh
6. "If both John McCain and Obama were given a sip of truth serum, both would admit they made serious mistakes in choosing running mates in 2008."
Author: Douglas Wilder
7. "He was addicted to meand now he has gone cold turkey. He used to send me fifty texts a day. And now he is ignoring me. It's like I was once his Barack Obama. And now I am John McCain, conceding defeat like a sad-face sock puppet, knowing I have sold the best of myself. He, my electorate, not only does not want me, he actively feels pity."
Author: Emma Forrest
8. "One of the last books I read was 'Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime' by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. It gives a really good behind-the-scenes look at the campaigns. I didn't ask the president how accurate it was. I wouldn't ask him that."
Author: Gary Locke
9. "The time for politics and party loyalty is over. Do your own homework. If you just take the administration's word for it (or John McCain or John Boehner or Lindsey Graham's for that matter) that it's ‘slam dunk' case, I believe you are part of the problem. Likewise, if you are against it just because I said so but you really don't know why – you are part of the problem too. You are stopping, dare I say it – progress. If we continue to allow others to dictate our thinking then we deserve what we reap. But the innocent people who will suffer in the Middle East do not."
Author: Glenn Beck
10. "I can't stand John McCain."
Author: Harry Reid
11. "In 2008, Obama won 56 percent of the women's vote to John McCain's 43 percent. It was the critical difference in the race."
Author: Juan Williams
12. "I had supported Governor George W. Bush over Senator John McCain in the 2000 Rhode Island presidential primary."
Author: Lincoln Chafee
13. "I don't know Gov. Palin. I've certainly seen her, since she came on the scene, you know, running with John McCain."
Author: Linda McMahon
14. "Romney spent the next twenty-four hours with McCain, traipsing with him from Manchester to Peterborough to Salem, agog at his inability to complete three sentences without dropping an f-bomb. (Romney employed prim substitutes for profanities: "blooming" for "fucking," "grunt" for "shit.")"
Author: Mark Halperin
15. "John McCain has become the de facto running mate of George W. Bush."
Author: Mark Shields
16. "John McCain was victimized in the South Carolina primary."
Author: Mark Shields
17. "I could have possibly beaten Senator McCain in the primary. Then I could have been the candidate who lost to Barack Obama."
Author: Mitt Romney
18. "I think that Obama is very cool. And I think he's clever, and I think he can be witty. But I don't think he's funny in either the way that Reagan was funny - or John McCain and Dick Cheney are both funny in that ruthless, kind of mean way."
Author: Mo Rocca
19. "It must kill George Bush that John McCain is the most popular and Beloved Republican in America."
Author: Paul Begala
20. "A strong economy depends on a strong middle class, but George Bush has put the middle class in a hole, and John McCain has a plan to keep digging that hole with George Bush's shovel."
Author: Rahm Emanuel
21. "In choosing Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has chosen for the future."
Author: Rudy Giuliani
22. "And I think more of a concern has been not within the campaign, the mistakes that were made, not being able to react to the circumstances that those mistakes created in a real positive and professional and helpful way for John McCain."
Author: Sarah Palin
23. "For a season, a gifted speaker can inspire with his words, but for a lifetime John McCain has inspired with his deeds."
Author: Sarah Palin
24. "Despite his consistent party-line voting record, some independents and Democrats still think of Senator McCain as the most palatable, independent-minded Republican. But this is the sort of empty compliment a friend of mine once compared to being called "the coolest Osmond."
Author: Sarah Vowell
25. "I am certain that the United States next year, under a new president - regardless whether it's Obama or McCain - will present an ambitious program promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency. Europe could quickly fall behind."
Author: Sigmar Gabriel
26. "People want change. How is Barack going to do it? I think McCain can bring change."
Author: Stephen Baldwin
27. "I like the fact of John McCain's head being severed. Like that it will fit so much more nicely up George Bush's butt!"
Author: Stephen Colbert
28. "I represent the Democratic party... I've never been nor do I ever plan to be a John McCain supporter. I support Barack Obama."
Author: Young Jeezy
29. "John McCain... looks like a fraud to me."
Author: Young Jeezy

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