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1. "Fuck a duck! The asshole has a girlfriend. Great! Just great""You hear me bitch, or we need to get your ears tested?"Yeah. Walk away Skanks McGee."
Author: Belle Aurora
2. "I love you, Tess McGee. I don't do big funny or heartfelt speeches in front of people at birthday parties, but I'm excellent in private alcoves in beer gardens." He paused. "Okay, that sounded really bad, what I mean is …"I kissed him into silence. I pressed my forehead against his with a sigh. "I love you, too, Toby. In fact, that's what I was going to tell you before we walked into the beer garden. Right before the really bad singing started."Toby chuckled. He let out a sigh of relief. "Ready to reminisce?"I whispered my final word before he closed the distance."Always."
Author: C.J. Duggan
3. "In the sense of movement a boat is a living thing.It is a companion in the night. Each boat has its own manner and character."Travis McGee, 1985"
Author: John D. MacDonald
4. "It always pisses me off when I'm calling in to some Morning Zoo radio show to promote God-only-knows what—probably this book, so get ready, I'm comin'—when the DJ actually tries to convince me that there are as many female comics as male ones. Cue hypermasculine Morning Zoo Hacky McGee voice: "So Kath, I don't know what you chicks are always complaining about." To which I respond: "Really? Why don't you call your local comedy club and ask for the Saturday night lineup? I guarantee you the male to female ratio is going to be about nine to one. You dick-wad."
Author: Kathy Griffin

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