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1. "I attack each day with a conquer and advance mentality. My ambition will not allow me to fatigue."
Author: Noel DeJesus
2. "Not only during the ascent, but also during the descent my willpower is dulled. The longer I climb the less important the goalseems to me, the more indifferent I become to myself. My attentionhas diminished, my memory is weakened. My mental fatigue is nowgreater than the bodily. It is so pleasant to sit doing nothing - and therefore so dangerous. Death through exhaustion is like deaththrough freezing - a pleasant one."
Author: Reinhold Messner
3. "It's hard to be spiritually strong and mentally alert when you are emotionally stressed or physically fatigued."
Author: Rick Warren

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Quotes About Mental Fatigue
Quotes About Mental Fatigue
Quotes About Mental Fatigue

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They had imagined too often and too much and so they had exhausted all their possibilities. When they embraced each other's phantoms, each in his separate privacy has savoured the most refined of pleasures but, connoisseurs of unreality as they were, they could not bear the crude weight, the rank smell and the ripe taste of real flesh. It is always a dangerous experiment to act out a fantasy; they had undertaken the experiment rashly and had failed…"
Author: Angela Carter

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