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1. "Being physically tough is measured by how many fights you win, but mental toughness is measured by how you react when all the chips are stacked against you, how fast you get back on track when life kicks you in the nuts. Any fool can win a fight, but it takes a person with true grit to never give up when all seems lost."
Author: Benjamin Bayani
2. "Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory."
Author: Bill Russell
3. "Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one."
Author: Bobby Knight
4. "Forgiveness takes intelligence, discipline, imagination, and persistence, as well as a special psychological strength, something athletes call mental toughness and warriors call courage."
Author: Edward M. Hallowell
5. "Just as mental toughness and physical energy are the primary traits of an army, they also mark God's beautiful woman."
Author: Elizabeth George
6. "Ruthlessness, charm, focus, mental toughness, fearlessness, mindfulness (living in the moment), and action. Who wouldn't, at certain points in their lives, benefit from kicking one or two of them up a notch? What was important was being able to turn them back down."
Author: Kevin Dutton
7. "Tennis is all about mental toughness, and you have to keep your head in the game. I make time to relax away from competition pressures, travel and intense training schedules to make sure I'm looking after myself. Taking time out with family and friends helps to maintain the work-life balance everyone needs."
Author: Samantha Stosur
8. "To me, football is so much about mental toughness, it's digging deep, it's doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms."
Author: Tom Brady
9. "Lust of ease and comfort absolutely destroys mental toughness and begins to slowly erode ones character."
Author: William James Moore
10. "I speak often of character and mental toughness because I know the ignorant will have their day when the average are weak."
Author: William James Moore
11. "Put character and mental toughness before execution and you will get consistent execution."
Author: William James Moore

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Quotes About Mental Toughness
Quotes About Mental Toughness
Quotes About Mental Toughness

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