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1. "Michael understood. "Not really. My gear is mostly blindfolds, feathers, and shit I got from the pet store. All the good stuff is expensive." There were online catalogs full of it. Leather and metal. Gags and hoods and cuffs and rope. That's what you really needed when the zombies came."
Author: Amelia Beamer
2. "Incredible," said Constable Dawes. "Impossible," said Sergeant Michaels. "Elementary," said my professor with a grin."
Author: Angela Misri
3. "While I do agree in part, you cannot say the same with Michael and Elvis--as their careers had seen decline and they had not died at the height of their careers and had been around for years-Elvis had been doing his thing for 20+ years, and Michael 40+ years. And death can immortalize someone, but we have to have a reason to music but Tupac gave music more than reason."
Author: Auliq Ice
4. "Musically, I actually grew up listening to country music as a kid, like George Strait, Alan Jackson... all those guys. So it was kind of weird crossing over from that to pop and R&B, but you know, I love Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Usher, R. Kelly, Drake, Boyz II Men."
Author: Austin Mahone
5. "So…why is your brother mean to girls?""Because," said Michael from the doorway, "I have three younger brothers who think it's hilarious to parade jailbait through here on a daily basis."His tone was enough to make her glad she'd worn the pullover into the house. "No one told me there was a parade," she said acidly. "And here I forgot my banner."
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
6. "Nick's eyes were like ice. "Maybe we should talk about what happened in third period today. I didn't even ask if you were okay."What a bastard. "Shut up.""What happened?" said Michael"Nothing," said Chris. He glared at Nick across the tableGood little brother."
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
7. "When I was 4 years old, I thought that I wanted to be a dancer like Michael Jackson."
Author: Charice Pempengco
8. "He should've let her drown.Tally Cruise had the most God-awful voice Michael had ever heard, and he'd heard some doozies in Asian karaoke bars. Fortunately the violence of the storm, and the thunder of the waves, drowned out most of it."
Author: Cherry Adair
9. "It might sound odd, but I want to thank Michael Bay because he's been saying how important it is to show 3D with the right luminescence. And that's very important for this film, a lot of which was shot at night or with very low illumination."
Author: David Heyman
10. "I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson. I'd love to be able to have my life exactly the way it is, but with his dance moves."
Author: Donny Osmond
11. "I like Michael Buble."
Author: Doris Day
12. "[Amy Carmichael's] great longing was to have a "single eye" for the glory of God. Whatever might blur the vision God had give her of His work, whatever could distract or deceive or tempt other to seek anything but the Lord Jesus Himself she tried to eliminate."
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
13. "Heaven's heard us down here, cackling at our piss-takes and chortling at our quips; I've seen the looks, the suspicion that they're missing out on it, this laughing malarkey. But they always turn away, Gabriel to horn practice, Michael to the weights. Truth is they're timid. If there was a safe way down--a fire escape (boom-boom)--there'd be more than a handful of deserters tiptoeing down to my door. Abandon hope all ye who enter here, yes--but get ready for a rart ol' giggle, dearie."
Author: Glen Duncan
14. "If we don't get gun-control laws in this country, we are full of beans. To have the National Rifle Association rule the United States is pathetic. And I agree with Mayor Michael Bloomberg: It's time to put up or shut up about gun control for both parties."
Author: Harvey Weinstein
15. "Mrs. Darling: There are many different kinds of bravery. There's the bravery of thinking of others before one's self. Now, your father has never brandished a sword nor fired a pistol, thank heavens. But he has made many sacrifices for his family, and put away many dreams. Michael: Where did he put them? Mrs. Darling: He put them in a drawer. And sometimes, late at night, we take them out and admire them. But it gets harder and harder to close the drawer... He does. And that is why he is brave."
Author: J.M. Barrie
16. "Michael had learned the hard way that nothing good came from interfering in the affairs of the afterlife."
Author: Jacqueline E. Smith
17. "And I have to say, for the record, my favorite line from 'Without A Clue' is after Michael Caine pokes a dead body with a stick and announces to everyone, 'It is my opinion that this man is dead.'"
Author: James Roday
18. "Josie examined the booklet, candelabra on the cover, a program. Brahms, and then Psalm 16, Psalm 32, Bach. A prayer, the Mourner's Kaddish, in the flamelike Hebrew, followed by an English pronunciation, a translation. At least she would not clap in the wrong part. She remembered that night at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Michael so handsome in his iridescent thrift-store suit and green silk tie, she in her Lana Turner black lace and spike heels. How they peered down from their seats in the top balcony at the horseshoe of musicians with their stands and instruments. When the music stopped, Michael caught hold of her hand. Lacing his fingers in hers, he tenderly bit her knuckles. She would have been the only one applauding."
Author: Janet Fitch
19. "I'm not like the next Michael Jordan, but I'm also not what everyone saw me as before I started playing in the NBA, either."
Author: Jeremy Lin
20. "Michael Coleman, now that was a boy that taught me some stuff too."
Author: Jimmy Smith
21. "Michael: "Thing is, I'd like to go out with you. What are you doing on Saturday?"Siobhan: "Committing suicide."Michael: "Alright then, what are you doing on Friday?"(from Stormling, 2014)"
Author: John Hennessy
22. "He was crazy, Michael thought, but he appeared to be nice-crazy, and not I'll-kill-you-I'll-kill-you crazy."
Author: John Stephens
23. "Every week, Michael went to Dean and DeLuca to buy your pears." She shook her head, remembering. "He waas going to school, and he had no money, so he stretched every penny like this -" She made a motion as if she were pulling on rubber band. "But he wanted you to have the best pears. For you, only the best would do."
Author: Judith McNaught
24. "I leave the hip thrusts to Michael Jackson."
Author: Justin Bieber
25. "The big man shrugged, "I don't know. You're pretty good with the cards. Tell me what the odds are."[She] shifted her gaze to Michael, then back at Hollis. "This isn't a question of odds. Of all the men in the world, that woman chose you. If she's still out there, she's waiting for you. Staying alive any way she can until you find her. That's all that matters."Everybody waited for what Hollis would next say. "You're a real ball-buster, you know that? ...Let me pack a few things."
Author: Justin Cronin
26. "As brilliant an individual that Michael Jordan was, he was not successful until he got with a good team unit."
Author: Kareem Abdul Jabbar
27. "You ever hear about how when you stab somebody, it's really personal? ~ Chris Carmichael"
Author: Lance Armstrong
28. "He will be beginning a brand new chapter in the Michael Jackson legend."
Author: LaToya Jackson
29. "I stepped free of Isambard and shoved Michael in the chest. I caught him off guard. He tumbled to the dock, and rolled into the water with a splash. "I hope there are zombie sharks in there and they bite you and you die!" I screamed."
Author: Lia Habel
30. "I phoned Joe Roth, who was head of the studio at the time, and told him how beautiful the film was, and that I was fully ready to support it, that Michael's work was wonderful and I imagined that Daniel would feel the same. He listened quietly and read between the lines."
Author: Madeleine Stowe
31. "Michael," he heard her say, her voice soft. "Please look at me and let me show you what love is."
Author: Madeline Sheehan
32. "Shouldn't he at least be waiting to see if it works with you or not before he dates the next guy?""It doesn't work like that.""I think it should," she told me."This isn't a Disney movie," Michael told her.She smacked him hard. "I know all about how gay men hook up. My Aunt Susan has Queer As Folk on DVD."
Author: Mary Calmes
33. "I take every role seriously. Personally, I never look at any role as Michael White. I've done that my entire life."
Author: Michael Jai White
34. "This book started like this.My son, who is called Michael or Mike these days, but was Mikey back then, was angry at me. I'd said one of those things that parents say, like «isn't it time you were in bed», and he had looked up at me, furious, and said, «I wish I didn't have a dad! I wish I had...» and then stopped and thought, trying to think of what one could have instead of a father. Finally he said «I wish I had goldfish!»"
Author: Neil Gaiman
35. "I very rarely saw Tom Kite around. I've talked to Tom about it. I don't think Michael Jordan needed to be on the captain's cart with Kite; he needed to be walking in the gallery, supporting them from outside the ropes."
Author: Payne Stewart
36. "Anybody else think that was weird?" Shane asked as they got into the car. Eve sent him an exasperated glance; the three of them were, of course, in the backseat. Amelie had the front, with Michael."Ya think? In general, or in particular?""Weird that we got through the entire thing, and I didn't have to hit anybody."There was a moment of silence. Michael said, as he started the car, "You're right, Shane. That is strange."
Author: Rachel Caine
37. "I – talked to her. She understands. She won't do anything stupid." He didn't look at Claire when he said that, and she wondered what kind of talking that might have been.Her mother had always said, when in doubt, ask."Was it the kind of talk where you gave her something to live for? Like maybe, um, you?""Did I – what the hell are you talking about?""I just thought maybe you and her–""Claire, Jesus!" Michael said. She'd actually made him flinch. Wow. That was new. "You think banging me is going to make her forget about charging out to commit cold-blooded vampire slaying? I don't know what kind of standards you have on sex, but those are pretty high. Besides, whatever's between me and Eve – well, it's between me and Eve." Until she tells me about it later, Claire thought."
Author: Rachel Caine
38. "Michael: 'Hey, remember when I almost didn't let you into the house that first day you came?'Claire: 'Yep'Michael: 'Well, I was dead wrong. Maybe I never said that out loud before, but I mean it, Claire. All that's happened since... we wouldn't have made it. Not me, not Shane, not Eve. Not without you.'Claire: 'It's not me. It's not! It's us, that's all. We're just better together. We... take care of each other.'Shane: 'Stop vamping up my girl, man. She needs coffee.'Michael: 'Don't we all. Vamping up your girl? Dude. That's low.'Shane: 'Digging for China. Come on."
Author: Rachel Caine
Author: Rachel Caine
40. "What's with the disco lights?" Michael said, rolling down the window between the driver's compartment and the back.Eve turned around, and her face brightened. "You like it? I thought it looked really cool. I saw it in a movie, you know, in a limo.""It's cool," Michael said, and smiled at her. She smiled back. "Can't wait to lie here and watch it with you."Claire said, "You don't have to wait; it's working now. Look--Oh. Never mind." She blushed, feeling stupid that she hadn't gotten that one in the first second. Eve winked at her."
Author: Rachel Caine
41. "Everything that Michael Fassbender touches is elevated."
Author: Reid Scott
42. "I'm ashamed to say this, but I watched every episode of 'Starsky and Hutch' as a kid. I loved that show, but now I think it's stupid - they'd have a car chase for no reason, then Paul Michael Glaser would shoot the car and it would blow up."
Author: Shane Black
43. "Michael and Alex, I love you. And we're going to have the biggest celebration when you get home."
Author: Susan Smith
44. "My children, Michael and Alex, are with our Heavenly Father now, and I know that they will never be hurt again. As a mom, that means more than words could ever say."
Author: Susan Smith
45. "Thomas was my true name but everyone knew me as Mick, except my mother, who knew me as definitely Michael."
Author: Thomas Keneally
46. "It wasn't Glen's jealousy that surprised him. "You owe Roy money?""Yep. Borrowed it to get my truck painted.""Roy's a loan shark, too?""You ever see JAWS?" Snakebite asked.Glen said he had."How 'bout THE GODFATHER?""Yeah.""Well, if Michael Corleone waded out in the ocean and fucked that shark, then you'd have old Roy."from the Tom Franklin short story "Grit" (page 31) from POACHERS:STORIES"
Author: Tom Franklin
47. "Michael spoke slowly and sternly, as if scolding an obstinate child. "Kate, let me be very clear about this. You will not continue this murder investigation, under any circumstances. I forbid it." Michael's words were unequivocal, not to be challenged. He was man. He was in charge. He expected no argument. He was an idiot."
Author: Tracy Weber
48. "Internet services at Apple, Jobs's wingman in dealing with content companies. ANDREA "ANDY" CUNNINGHAM. Publicist at Regis McKenna's firm who handled Apple in the early Macintosh years. MICHAEL EISNER. Hard-driving Disney CEO who made the Pixar deal, then clashed with Jobs. LARRY ELLISON. CEO of Oracle and personal friend of Jobs."
Author: Walter Isaacson
49. "Who handled Apple in the early Macintosh years. MICHAEL EISNER. Hard-driving Disney CEO who made the"
Author: Walter Isaacson
50. "Michael Scofield is someone everyone can relate to, but nobody would want to be in his shoes."
Author: Wentworth Miller

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