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1. "Packard wrestles off his jacket and shirt. He ignores me, leaning far over to the side, reaching down into the rocks. He comes back with a handful of slime, which he swipes across his chest, smearing it over the solid planes of his muscles. "What the hell are you doing?""Interfering with his concentration. Vulnerability and a lack of logic will disturb him. And the bricks exert a pull…""Hold up!" he calls out. "I have to tell you something! Midcity is purchasing the Great Wall of China!" What? Has he gone insane? "Midcity is importing the wall, brick by brick, right now!"He strides, totally unprotected, toward where the Brick Slinger hides. "They're bringing it here on a boat, in its raw brick form, to be deposited in the Maverick's stadium!"
Author: Carolyn Crane

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Televizija, draugs Daniel, ir antikrists, un es jums saku, ka pietiks ar trim vai cetram paaudzem, lai cilveki paši neprastu pat nopirsties, un cilveciska butne agriezisies ala, viduslaiku tumsoniba, un taja mulkibas stavokli, ko kailgliemezis parvareja jau pleistocena laikmeta. Ši pasaule neies boja no autombumbas, ka raksta laikrakstos, ta nomirs no smiekliem, no banalitates, visu parveršot par joku, un turklat sliktu joku."
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