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1. "...a pretty little as rain, blue as heaven..."
Author: Alice Hoffman
2. "He wants you and Rayna both to stay away until he announces the ceremony. I told him you had plenty to keep you occupied until then.""What do you mean?""Are you brainless as a reef, minnow? You can have Emma now. Why you're wasting your time here in Eggland-Galen? Galen, wait for me!"
Author: Anna Banks
3. "Toraf nudges him from his thoughts. "You know whose advice I need?" He nods toward the gigantic house behind them. "Rachel's.""Actually, you don't," Galen says, standing. He reaches a hand down to help his friend."Why's that?""Rachel's expertise lies more along the lines of communication. You won't need to worry about communication when Rayna finds out you're already mated.""We're what?" They both turn to Rayna who has stopped mid-stride in the sand. The emotions on her face change from surprise to full-blown murderous rage."You're gonna pay a special price for that, minnow!" Toraf calls before he hits the water.Galen grins as Rayna slices through the waves in blood-thirsty pursuit. Then he heads for the house to talk to Rachel."
Author: Anna Banks
4. "Punt returns will kill you quicker than a minnow can swim a dipper."
Author: Darrell Royal
5. "It would not be fair to say that the fire stole my faith, since in truth it has been slipping away from me all my life, flipping between my fingers like a shiny little minnow--such a far cry from the trophy salmon that dangled from my father's fist."
Author: Elissa Janine Hoole
6. "Lullaby For the CatMinnow, go to sleep and dream,Close your great big eyes;Round your bed Events prepareThe pleasantest surprise.Darling Minnow, drop that frown,Just cooperate,Not a kitten shall be drownedIn the Marxist State.Joy and Love will both be yours,Minnow, don't be glum.Happy days are coming soon --Sleep, and let them come..."
Author: Elizabeth Bishop
7. "I darted like a minnow through passers-by, in a most ungraceful fashion, constantly giving way to generals. officers of the Horse Guards and the Hussars, and fine ladies; at those moments I felt a spasmodic pain in my heart and hot flushes down my spine at the thought of the wretched inadequacy of my costume and the mean vulgarity of my small figure darting about."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
8. "I'm solitary as a pulled tooth,Lonely as an unwelcome truth, Lost as a minnow out of school, A genius in a crop of fools."
Author: Gail Carson Levine
9. "Lili lili birdbathsitting on a dirtpathminnow sat on the rim and drankslipped and in the water she sank"
Author: Khaled Hosseini
10. "I stayed under the moon too long.I am silvered with lust.Dreams flick like minnows through my eyes.My voice is trees tossing in the wind.I loose myself like a flock of blackbirdsstorming into your face.My lightest touch leaves blue prints,bruises on your mind.Desire sandpapers your skinso thin I read the veins and arteriesmaps of routes I will traveltill I lodge in your spine.The night is our fur.We curl inside it licking."
Author: Marge Piercy
11. "[Slipped beneath the minnow Pea front door]NolloptonMonty No-way 6Insane woman named Ella:Retreat is what we want. Go away. Let we alone.Anonymess"
Author: Mark Dunn
12. "You are a bit like that painting, Minnow. Remember how lovingly and carefully formed you are. Your thoughts, your talents, your memories, your mistakes.... they all make the complete canvas of you. Even though others may mistake your worth, you must never value yourself any less."
Author: Michelle Marcos
13. "Each Whining Thing (1929)When stripèd snakes shall creep upon usAnd the nervous screams of birdsMake silent all the fountains and the orchards and when theseHave caught upon the wing each wingThat flutters from the skyThen shall I and then shall IRip out the smiles from garden walksTransform the minnows into hawksTarantulas and beesThen shall I and then shall IUnmake each whining thing."
Author: Paul Bowles
14. "May I ask you if you've noticed,May I ask you if you've seen.My minnow MinnieWho was swimmin'In you Ovaltine?For you've gone and drunk it up, dear,And she isn't in the cup, dear.And she's nowhere to be found, dear.Do you think that she has drowned, dear?"
Author: Shel Silverstein
15. "A stimulus is a stimulus. The body doesn't give a damn about the meaning of the stimulus. Whether minnows or communion, the sebaceous glands stand up erect."
Author: Thomas Mann

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